Thursday, September 11, 2008

Portland Photos

The Move:

We left Dublin about 4:45 am on Friday morning.

The kitty rode on my lap in the car:
Zach drove the Uhaul.

Here we are heading toward Mt. Shasta in northern California:

We arrived in Portland about 5:00 pm. Here is the blank slate:

Unloaded all our stuff. A lot of unpacking to do, but in reality this is really rather close to the end of the whole process. As anyone who has moved can attest, packing is the biggest pain. And then you still have to load the truck, make it safely to your new home, and then unload the truck. UGH.
We spent about three days unpacking and organizing. The place is small but nice. We got a storage unit for all the overflow crap. Here's the kitty taking a break from all the hard work:

Finally, a home!!

After all the work was completed, we finally got out to explore our new city. The weather has been warm and sunny and the area is beautiful.

We went for a hike called Angles Rest in the Columbia Gorge:

We came across a snake on the way back and of course Zach had to pick it up:

Thursday night Farmer's Market by our house:

Zoomed in view of Mt. Hood

We drove out to the coast one day

Cannon Beach:

A moonlight bike ride on the riverfront:

Shopping in northwest:
Streetcar in the Pearl:
Park by our house:
Rooftop hot tub:

Birthday Half Marathon at Banks Vernonia State Trail:

Getting ready for birthday dinner:

I will have more to say in my next post including the stats on the 3rd Annual Happy Birthday Half Marathon (spoiler, it was great!). Have a great weekend everyone!


RoadBunner said...

Congratulations on the big move! Your cat is gorgeous!

kelsalynn said...

I don't know where to begin. First, congrats on the move. 2- your place looks FABULOUS! Great decor and it looks like a home already. 3- I think you're in denial... you don't have a "kitty" you have a cat, and a big one at that (at least she looks big from the pics).

4- Great job on the half-mary, can't wait to hear the details.

Finally- that is a hella sexy picture of you!! That tank top has the perfect form b/c it shows off your shoulders and tone arms!

Kelly H. said...

LOVE the pictures!!! I don't think you know this but I got married out there two years ago. We honeymooned in a b&b near Cannon beach. Last year we spent our anniversary at the Columbia Gorge Hotel. Your pictures brought back some memories. You are going to have SO much fun out there. I'm kinda jealous.

TJ said...

Wow. Great pics. Looks like an awesome place to live.

Petraruns said...

Thank you for sharing those! Wonderful to see where you're living / biking /running /hottubbing and generally looking fabulous. Happy birthday!

D10 said...

Great pictures. I love the living room setup! Looks like you are taking full advantage of this experience. Can't wait to hear about the half.

21stCenturyMom said...

Great pics and nice digs! Portland is such a great town. Don't forget to go to the Saturday Market but leave your wallet at home - it can be dangerous.

Happy Birthday!

Erica Ortiz said...

Wow! Such beautiful pics!

The move alone would've been enough to tire me out for a good month, forget running a half on top of it!

And I love your place! What a view!

Bob Gentile said...

kitty rode on my lap in the car:

ummm Kitty??? ummm that is a fatty :-) I mean a HEALTHY Cat -lol

Looks awesome Jen, such fantastic views... Enjoy!

*aron* said...

amazing pics jen!!!! looks like SUCH an awesome place and you guys are having a blast exploring together!

awesome job on the birthday half - cant wait for the details :)

looove your kitty :)

Judi said...

WOW! You are very lucky to have been able to just pick up and move like that. PDX is the best city for us athletes. Lucky guys!

P.S. Is the cat a little heavy?

Debbie said...

The pictures are great! That's so cool you have a farmer's market so close! I'm jealous.

Ewen said...

The move in photos was a great move Jen :) Looks idyllic.

After all that hard work, how come you didn't let the kitty join you in the hot tub?

Eed said...

Great seeing you and Z last night, although you did leave before the rock climbing got serious.

KK said...

OMG I totally forgot to wish you happy birthday last time. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!

Those pictures are stunning. You guys are so lucky. I love your shirt in your birthday pic and the random beer off to the side in the "after" photo.

I will get in touch about meeting up, can't wait!

Eric said...

Rooftop hot tub = Awesome!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh, I remember some of those sights from the Portland Marathon. So glad you guys are all settled in. Looks like you're having fun!

P.O.M. said...

That looks incredible.
Happy late birthday.

I will post when we figure out what to do in Portland. Probably drinks the Thursday before the marathon if you want to meet up. That will give us time to recoup before the big run!