Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Running Update (and more pictures)

I haven't been talking about my running lately, what with all the moving and exploring and whathaveyous. So here it is, a running post! Although there will be a lot of non-running-related photos at the end too. But I will at least start with running as a topic.

I ran a lot of miles last week in preparation for marathon training, which officially began yesterday. I feel like I have been in mediocre running shape all summer, a negative side effect of triathlon training. Sure, I stayed in good shape overall, but I didn't do much running and it is obvious. So I whooped myself into shape by running a bunch and I think it worked. I already feel better. My pace is faster and it's feeling easier. Of course it helps that Zach is running with me, pushing me to run faster and distracting me from the discomfort. Occasionally, I've been insisting on a slow and easy pace, and he has been accommodating.

So here is the summary from last week:

4.0 miles/34:51/8:43 average pace
Waterfront with Zach
13.1 miles/1:56:07/8:52 average pace
Happy Birthday Half Marathon!
It was so beautiful and very fun. I was a little sluggish and breathing hard at first, but then I realized it's because we were gaining quite a bit of elevation. Which made it real fun on the way down! Our last few miles were fast: 8:18, 8:03, 7:59



10.0 miles/1:30:11/9:01 average pace

Spontaneous longish run. We were just going out for 4 miles, then 6, then what the hell, let's do 10. This resulted in us being very thirsty with no water in sight, but we finished. It was nice because it freed up the weekend for some easy short runs.


3.0 miles/26:45/8:56 average pace

Terwilliger Rd. with Zach. This is a nice long rolling road that I heard about from a random dude on the streetcar the night before. It was nice and has the opportunity for long runs. Thanks, random streetcar friend! And good luck at the Portland Marathon. :)


3.0 miles/31:06/10:22 average pace

Waterfront loop with Deana. Deana is my friend from Way Back who lives in Portland (and about 79% of the reason I moved here in the first place). We used to run together back in high school (for fun, not like for the track team). Anyway, she is an occasional runner and in great shape. She knows it is inevitable that I will suck her into my twisted world of running, and she's not fighting it. Yay Deana! Portland Marathon 2009 here we come!! (hee hee)

total miles for the week: 33.1

So, my Marathon Training has officially begun! It is 12 weeks until my 3rd consecutive running of the California International Marathon and boy howdy do I have my work cut out for me. I am optimistic though. I also have a kick-ass runner for a husband who is training with me, which will be a huge help. It is Zach's first time training for a marathon, and my 7th, so I figure with my experience and his superior strength and speed we will balance each other out. Should be fun.

I started off the first day of my first week of training by skipping a run. Ha! But for good reason! Seeeeeee?

The pictures are from a 7.5 mile hike called "Trail of Ten Falls" where we saw, you guessed it, 10 falls! It was gorgeous!! I was pretty tired at the end though. 7.5 miles isn't a big deal on a run but that's a damn long time to walk. It took about 3 1/2 hours. We drove over to the campground and set up our tent and camped overnight. We made s'mores and the whole thing. Then, this morning we got up and headed home. We stopped to do our make-up run at a place just southwest of Portland called Champoeg State park. Here's the stats and a couple pics. It was a tough run but I got it done.


8.0/1:10:28/8:49 average pace

I'd say the training is off to a good start! Thanks for reading. :)


Anonymous said...

Great pics & great week of training.
Looks like Portland "fits" you two.
Dragonfly on the Water...

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh, I've been there! Silver State Falls Park, right? That place is soooo cool. I spent a summer at OSU in Corvallis and just loved Oregon.

Great pictures and glad you're back to running. There's a chance I might be in the Portland area next year for a family reunion.

Petraruns said...

How beautiful is it there? Keep those photos coming.. I'm going to head to Portland for my next race I think..

Great to see you out there keeping it up!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Nice job on all the runs. I think it is very cool that you and Zach will be able to train for the marathon together.

leslie said...

Gorgeous pictures. I know what you mean about a hike being WAY harder than the same distance of a run. And when I run with my husband, I always get faster too. You two will balance each other out really well.

Guess I'd better start officially training for CIM too, right?!

*aron* said...

wow that hike looks amazing!!!

love all the pics and GREAT job on the runs! CIM here we come! it will be so fun to have zach train with you too this time :)

kelsalynn said...

I'm so jealous of all the cool places you have to run around you! Wow, they're magnificent. I'm excited to read about your marathon training more than ever since you'll be 2 weeks ahead of me (mine officially starts in 2 weeks).

P.O.M. said...

That looks gorgeous. YOu guys have such a fun looking lifestyle. Tres envious over here.

Donald said...

Holy cow - those pics are beautiful. You picked a nice spot to relocate, for sure.

Judi said...

Gorgeous! Jen you must be having a blast!

Arcane said...

Glad to see you handled the move okay. Great pics! Good luck witht he marathon training.

KK said...

Ummm this place of which you speak seems magical. Honestly, I expected to see a unicorn in one of those pix, they were so extraordinary. Can't wait to meet/hang with you this weekend!!! Will call/text from Henry's- good plan.

Man, you guys are livin'. Soooo great!

Ewen said...

Silver Falls State Park?! If so, I've been there too - twice. The walks under the waterfalls are amazing - and the noise!

Glad you're running is kicking along. Pretty handy time for the HBHM :)

TJ said...

Geez. It must be really tough getting out the door to train with all that blah scenery you have there... :)

N.D. said...

wow!! lots of running!! Great job on the 1/2! good luck as you begin your training!

Ibingiba said...

Awesome pictures of Portland and the falls!! Sounds like you have done some great runs! Good Job - Is the altitude a lot diff??

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice runs!! And great photos! - makes me want to be there! Can I come visit?...

Eric said...

Those waterfalls look like the ones from the movie Blue Lagoon :-)