Sunday, November 23, 2008

MT Pictures

I arrived in MT on Thursday night and am having a very fun time with my family. It's very cold here but beautiful. On my run on Friday it was super windy, like 20+ with gusts of who knows what. Saturday's long run was chilly but calm. Helena is at just over 4000 feet elevation and I can notice it just a little. My pace is a little slower, but it's also hilly everywhere, freezing cold and my legs are tired.

It snowed big huge flakes for a little bit on Thursday night. I was so excited I ran outside without a coat:

I saw a sign at the local gym about a Turkey Trot so I went inside and signed me and Zach up. It's only $8 per person and truly a "fun run" - no numbers, no results. I signed us up for the 5k but I have no idea what the course is like (hilly I'm sure). The gym doesn't even have a website which is why I couldn't find anything about it before I came. But all that is fine with me because I doubt I'll be running that fast a time! Also it's supposed to be like 28 degrees. It will be a fun way to start the holiday. :)

Here's a quick summary of my runs and some pictures:

Thursday before I left OR
3.0 miles/30:00/10:00 average pace

6.0 miles/51:14/8:33 average pace

Heading out the door of my parent's house:
Running path with Mount Helena in background:

Check out my forward lean into the wind:

16.0 miles/2:26:15/9:09 average pace

First headed west of town for a couple miles:

Then through town:Little break in front of the Cathedral at about 6 miles:

Heading south out of town:and heading back:

Me and my dad after we finished the run:

total miles for the week: 33 (about 10 less than scheduled, but my legs feel good and that is more important)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Check out Zach's blog to see what's happening back home this weekend. He did his first ever really long run by himself! I can't wait for him to get here on Wednesday. :)


Blog My said...

Great pics Jen I love that Cathedral shot...Enjoy Thanksgiving with the fam.

Gooble Gooble

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. It looks cold. I think it is awesome your dad went with you on your runs. Enjoy the rest of the week!

lilrunner N.D. said...

aww this looks pretty!!! :) Enjoy!

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, big sky and big snow :-)

Cool that your dad rode his bike alongside you!

*aron* said...

wow its sooo pretty there!! how fun :)

awesome job on your runs!! enjoy the rest of your time with the family!

Cindy said...

Brrrr! 20 is pretty farging's nice to have company on your runs, especially if they are willing to take pics too! :-D

Zach said...

It's going to be a cold one for that 5k! At least it doesn't start till 10 so we won't be sleepy and cold - since they aren't timing it or handing out awards we should just run through the finish and head right towards your parent's house to get in the hot tub.

Arcane said...

You're braver them I am. I'm too afraid to run outside and it's not even that cold yet.

Emily said...

I love the docu-pics. I need to do that when I'm home over xmas...will help me stay motivated to actually run and not sit immobile in front of the roaring fire. I am jealous that you are home now!

I am still secretly debating a turkey day 5k in Portland but I hate being measured so I probably won't do it. I suck.

Have fun!

Ewen said...

The cold is oozing out of those photos! Your dad is wearing a mean set of gloves!

Have fun in the 5k - at least you'll be acclimatised to the altitude.

Marathon Maritza said...

I love the dad-bikes-Jen-runs pics...they are always my fave!

I looks coldddddd!!!!! But gorgeous! Enjoy the family time!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

That looks like a beautiful path to run on. If your legs are feeling good at this point before the marathon, that is all that matters. Better to have too few miles during your taper than too many.

Petraruns said...

That looks so gorgeous and big and open out there - bet it feels fabulous for your running. ANd how great is that, running while your father bikes... Have a great thanksgiving..

Chris said...

First off, if you're excited to see snow, you've been in California/Oregon wwwwaaayyyy too long! Second off, I'd be more than happy with 28 degrees at my turkey trot 5K tomorrow!! :)

I'll be heading through that area in a little less than a month. My mom and stepdad live just over the pass (I forget which one) from Helena in Lincoln. Actually, the first long run of my Boston training will be in Lincoln. Should be interesting....

Good luck at the 5K tomorrow! Ours is the same deal: no official times, no awards, just for fun, but they do raffle off over 300 pies afterwards, so that's the real motivation for going!

KK said...

wow, stunning pix-looks beautiful but I could feel that cold just reading it. brrrr.

have fun tomorrow and happy tday!

16 days and counting... Inga said...

I love that to get in the length of run you are used to - you have to cover the entire town and surrounding area! That means YOU ROCK!! Looks freakin' cold!! It's actually raining here - only rains on T-day once every 10 years or something weird like that!

Have fun trotting before turkey!

Burger said...

UGH - jealous!