Sunday, November 30, 2008

One Week To Go!

I'm home back in Portland after a wonderful time with my family in MT. I hope you all had a nice holiday and break. :)

My last day in Helena (Friday) kind of sucked because I got really sick. It must have been a 24 hour flu or something because I was sick all day and had a slight fever. I thought I just ate too much at dinner Thursday, which I did, but it was more than that. Blech. Luckily I felt a lot better Saturday and was well enough to make the 10 1/2 hour drive home. And today I was even better and managed to do my 12 mile run. I didn't have a ton of energy considering I hardly ate anything for two days (and threw up everything I ate on Thursday, sorry tmi), but I did it. Zach was nice enough to run with me even though the pace was slow.

The good news is my legs feel awesome. Last year at this time I was hobbling around on super sore shins and calves but this time I feel great.

Here's the stats on today's run:

12.0 miles/1:51:24/9:17 average pace
Riverfront path/Springwater Corridor with Zach

total miles for the week: 22

I'm really excited for next weekend! I'm feeling really positive and ready for the race, it's a good feeling. :)

I have a few easy runs this week and I'll post my goals later too. I also will have a few pictures from our 5k run.


ShirleyPerly said...

Welcome home!

Sorry to hear you got sick on your trip. But hopefully that'll mean you'll be 100% for your race. Rest up and get ready to rock!!

Petraruns said...

With all the race superstition a person has to go through the fact that you've now done the illness means that's not going to happen to you now.. And great about the legs - what do you think did it?

TJ said...

12 miles a couple days after a major stomach bug.... WOW!
Glad your feeling better.

D10 said...

Good to hear the sickness was only a 24 hour things. Even better to hear your legs are feeling rested.

Just a few more days!!

Kelly said...

Sorry you were sick. Hang in there, you're goind to be awesome.

*aron* said...

EK that sucks you got sick but YAY for feeling better now!!!

great job on all your runs!! sounds like you are doing this taper thing perfectly :)

6 days to go!!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sorry to hear about you getting sick, but at least it was this weekend and not next weekend. It sounds like your training has been spot-on. You are going to rock that marathon for sure!

Gotta Run said...

looking forward to seeing your goals. Love it when the legs feel good.

Emily said...

Well, I think it is safe to tell you now that "your thighs are off the richter!"

Way to go!

KK said...

I have a good feeling about next weekend for you-I definitely sense a PR and a GREAT race. Good luck!

Ewen said...

Lucky you didn't get sick half way home or you might have been stuck in somewhere like, oh, Idaho.

Enjoy this week Jen. I'm sure your set for a fantastic marathon. Don't let Zach slow you down!