Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy first (second, whatever) day of Summer! We went to a fun Summer Solstice party at Amy's last night and it was great to see all the girls and meet some new people. Wine, food, friends, pushups (Amy and I went head-to-head prison yard style on her front sidewalk before I left), what more can you ask for?

And Happy Father's day too! I love you Dad!

This picture cracks me up- it's Zach and my dad being goofy at a restaurant in Boston. My folks came out to watch me run the marathon that year and we all had a blast:

My favorite guys!

Ok, I guess I'll talk about training. It was a great week overall and I'm feeling good.

I feel like my body is getting stronger and I am having a lot of fun. I think being leaner is a big benefit. I'm actually eating way more than I was the last few weeks - especially on the long weekend rides, and I can tell my body works better with a full tank. I've actually lost another pound or two so I'm going to increase my food even more. I'm going to add healthy snacks instead of going back to eating junk. Garbage in, garbage out, right?

The weather was pretty blah this week. It started off ok but this weekend was a soaker and our ride was affected to say the least. We got it all done though!

Anyway, I have a whole lotta training to report so let me get to it.

Monday: ST
weights with Zach at the gym

Tuesday: Run
5.5 miles/52:16/9:30 average pace
I ran the first 3.3 with Deana at just over a 10:00 pace then got in a couple of more miles on my own.

Tuesday: Swim
1500 yards/1:00Masters.

It was ALL DRILLS. Not only kicking drills, but one-legged kicking drills. At one point he was having me only focus on one direction of the kick. So that's a one-direction, one-legged kicking drill. Needless to say, my laps were taking about 6 minutes each. Ha! He had good advice for me though so I didn't mind.

Wednesday: Bike
Spin class 1:00

With Alisa. The teacher was awful and her choice of music was atrocious. A good workout though.

Wednesday: Run
2.0 miles/15:13/7:37 average pace
I ran my brick run outside after spin class and I really enjoyed it. I hate the treadmill and felt much faster outside.

Wednesday: Swim
1200 yards approx/24:34
Open Water Swim with the Gecko Tri Club at Klineline Pond in Vancouver. Two laps around the pond. Fun!

Thursday: Bike
29.0 miles/1:54:35/15.1 MPH
River Road loop with Zach after work.

Friday: Run
7.0 miles/55:53/7:59 average pace
RAINY RAINY solo waterfront run. Squishy feet and all that. Kind of fun.

Friday: ST
Weights with Zach at the gym again.

Saturday: Bike
42.0 miles/3:07:18/13.3 MPH

4 laps around Hagg Lake, which is the site of our Oly tri in 3 weeks. Includes a few pretty serious hills, one of which I dubbed the "Mother Shitter." Zach knew exactly which one I meant and appreciated this immensely. I was slow but steady on the climbs and bombed down the downhills. There was hardly any traffic since the weather was crap. I rode the last lap several minutes faster than the first 3 which was awesome. Zach and I rode separately so he did more like 50 miles in the same exact time as me (3:07:xx). We got absolutely soaked once again. The conditions varied between drizzle and downpour. And it was cold too, only 59 degrees when we finished. Pretty crazy and sickly fun.

Sunday: Run
11.0 miles/1:17:35/8:52 average pace

Zach once again ran seperately at his own pace and he covered 12 miles in the EXACT same time as me- to the second! What?!?! Check it out:

We thought that was pretty cool, especially after yesterday's similar times. I zoned out to some podcasts and ran an easy pace until the last mile. My legs were a little tired but nothing serious.

So, in summary, a soggy and fun week of training. Here are the totals:

Swim: 1:30 (2700 yards)

Bike: 6:00 (71 miles road and 1 spin class)

Run: 3:30 (25.5 miles)

total: 11:00

(plus 2 strength training sessions of about 45 minutes each)

A little ahead of what the schedule called for but I feel good.

This coming week will be a little different... I'm switching a few things around because MARITZA IS COMING TO VISIT!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty excited, as you can tell. I'm going to get most of my swimming and biking out of the way before she arrives Wednesday night, and then she and I will run run run together which is my favorite thing in the world!! :) Zach is going out of town for a weekend of golf with his buddies from MT so she and I are on our own. Watch out! It's gonna be Chick-a-Palooza. Or Drunken Sap Fest 2009. Or The Bestie Festie. Take your pick. I can't freaking wait. :)


kelsalynn said...


You are so incredible- I can't believe your training each week.

It's exciting to see how strong you're becoming a little each week.

Enjoy your GIRLS WEEK!

ShirleyPerly said...

1-legged kick drills? Yikes!! (I hope my coach doesn't read your blog :-)

Glad to hear your energy levels are up and you're kicking butt on your workouts. Have fun with Maritza!!

Anonymous said...

You had a solid and hard week of training. Way to fit it all in. Sounds like you are going to be on tough chick in the water with all the drills you have been doing.

You must be so excited for Maritza! You ladies are going to have a blast.

kristen said...

I love these pictures.

Training is rocking! I can't imagine doing 1-leg kicks. It's hard enough to use both legs after 25m. Good work girl.

I am glad your nutrition is working out so well too.

Alisa said...

You had a great week of training! Start eatin' lady look at all those miles on the bike, on your feet and in the pool. Hagg Lake is pretty killer.

The last pic of you and Maritza is super cute! You'll have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great training week! Sounds like you are getting ready to take on the tri world like no one's business! Eat up and enjoy girlie time!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

You are right on track.. Leaner will play a large benefit in all of the trainng and come race day. Smart girl.

Enjoy having your friend in town.

Cool with the watches.

Anonymous said...

look at you kicking major work out a$$!!!! have a wonderful time with Maritza!! I will miss her while she is away, but am glad you two will be having drunken sap fest 2009!!!! lol love the pic :)

Marathon Maritza said...

OMG what pic is that??? I want it! How come I don't have it?? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

You better get the tissues ready because just that picture made me get all teary. BESTIE FESTIE!! CAN'T WAIT!

P.S. DUDE. Excellent job working out this week! You are seriously earning your Iron(wo)man title! Your rock!

aron said...

you are freaking rocking the workouts!!! you are going to be one serious ironwoman machine come november :)

have a great time with maritza this weekend!!! cannot wait to see pics and hear the stories :)

KK said...

Bestie Festie, for sure.

yay that she is coming-can't wait to see pix. Nothing like running with your BFF-awesome.

Great workouts this week. I know EXACTLY which hill you are talking about at Hagg Lake. It totally blows. But what doesn't kill ya.

That all-drill swim practice sounded miserable. Otherwise a solid, solid week for ya-nice!

Ewen said...

I vote for "Chick-a-Palooza". Can't wait for the pillow-fight photos ;)

Great training week. Wednesday was big, and the Friday run was speedy. The new lean you is going very well indeed. By the way, Zach won - he had 1:37:35.61 to your .85!

Amy said...

I like Bestie Festie. Can't wait to
hear all about the weekend!

Great workouts! I love that I know your bike route around Hagg Lake. Its so pretty but man is it hilly. You're in some serious shape! :)

Amy said...

OMG, just saw that KK and I picked the same (Bestie Festie)- too funny. I didn't even look at the comments before I posted.

Susan said...

Awesome week of workouts! That's crazy that you and Zach had the same time for your runs.

Have a fun time with Maritza!

Amy said...

3rd comment's a charm? I just read your comment on KK's blog about me punching you. LOL, so funny.

Chloe said...

I'm digging on the drunken sap fest 2009 - I don't know why, but it has a very good ring to it!!

Congrats on the great week of training! A whole masters practice of drills? I would have died!

Have fun with your bestie in town!!

Petraruns said...

Wow is all I can say. Great workouts - you sound very together on it all. Have a GREAT time with Maritza this week - take photos and have a drink (or 10) on me!

Nitmos said...

Unbelievable dueling Garmin times!

Another great week of training. Keep it up.

Billy Burger said...

ok, A - that's just scary. To the second?? How bizarre...

and B - awesome about running with maritza! You 2 will have a blast, no doubt.

Natalie D said...

wow you are doing great!! that is crazy you guys did the same time! And cool you both have the garmins! : ) nice job with everything!