Sunday, June 28, 2009

Training and Bestie Festie Recap and (lots of) Photos

I'm going to keep the text of this post short and let the awesomness of the photos speak for themselves. First, here is a brief recap of the training. I switched up my usual schedule so that I didn't have to go swimming at all while Maritza was here and so that we could run together almost every day of her visit:

Monday: swim
1200 yards/30:00
Went to masters but the coach didn't show up. We waited until regular lap swim started and did a long straight set. I did 1000 in 19:30 without any breaks. That's very good for me! Then we did some intervals and cooled down.

Tuesday: bike
17.9 miles/1:05:24/16.4 MPH
Out and back on the Springwater with Zach.

Tuesday: swim
2200 yards/1:00
How nice of the coach to show up this time!

Wednesday: bike
spin class/1:10
I got there 10 minutes early and started spinning since usually she cuts the workout short and does some stretching at the end. This time we rode hard for the whole hour so I ended up with extra time in the saddle.

Wednesday: run
2.0 miles/14:37/7:19 average pace
Brick run outside after spin class. Fueled in large part by Maritza's impending arrival!!

Wednesday: swim
1200 yards/28:30
OWS at Klineline Pond. We were going to swim longer but had to get to the airport to pick up Maritza!

Thursday: run
8.0 miles/1:15:34/9:27 average pace

Friday: run
7.0 miles/1:07:50/9:41 average pace
Showed Maritza more sights on foot! Shortened Waterfront loop, then up through Northwest and into the West Hills. Quick 2-hour stop at the Laurelwood pub and then jogged home.

Saturday: bike
43.5 miles/2:49:22/15.4 MPH
Springwater trail. Like, literally, the whole thing. Out and back. Felt great!

Sunday: run
6.0 miles/55:38/9:16 average pace
Forest Park with Maritza (and Zach, but he ran on his own and did 8 miles in that same amount of time- wowza!)

totals for the week:
swim: 2:00 (4600 yards)
bike: 5:05 (61.4 miles + spin class)
run: 3:30 (23 miles)
total: 10:35
(zero strength training besides pushups)

Allright, now on to the good stuff!

I had such a wonderful time with Maritza. It was great to spend time talking and laughing and eating and drinking and running. Zach was on a golf trip with his buddies from Thursday to Saturday so we had the house to ourselves for the most part which was good so we could be as silly and loud as we wanted.

The pictures below are such a small sample of what took place but they are pretty great. Most of the pictures are from two of the runs (Friday and Sunday) but there's some other shots too. She took a lot of good ones that really show Portland at its finest so I'm stealing some from when I wasn't even actually there. I love the ones from our runs because I never think to bring a camera when I run and this is a good representation of what it's like!

I'm not going to caption them but here are some key words that you can apply where you feel they might fit: Pearl, downtown, farmer's market, Park Blocks, Powells, Waterfront, Maritza bitches but secretly loves hills, sampler mix, Bo Knows Jen is Drunk, more beer, ice cream, senior photos, Forest Park, best friends forever.



Billy Burger said...

You guys are too cute. Those are some awesome photos - especially on the trails..

Great times!

Susan said...

Picture overload!! Hope the weekend was as awesome as it looks!

kelsalynn said...

I thought about you today b/c I read an article in my magazine that said Portland was in the Top 5 cities for "best places to live" based on low pollution, overall air quality, and stress-free living.

The pictures are amazing! It looks like you had an awesome few days! You didn't disappoin w/ your training at all either- you still had a very productive week!

I can tell that you're much leaner these days.

Jo Lynn said...

Love, Love, LOVE all the pictures!! Thanks for sharing those. You take very nice shots. ;)

the gazelle said...

sounds like an awesome visit! so glad you got to do so much running/drinking/cupcaking! :)

Amy said...

Absolutely LOVE the photo montage of your weekend. That is awesome, and looks like you both have a fabulous time, running, eating out and being active. Very cool. I also like the four-way drinking fountains, too, lol.

Anonymous said...

First, holy swimming! Great job. Fun pictures. Did you guys go up all those stairs??? Glda you had a great time.

Ewen said...

Sorry Jen, for the first time I glossed over the training and went straight to the good stuff.

First stop the beers... then the cupcakes. I know Powells! And the waterfront - ran along there. The Bestie is having too much fun - you should have worked her harder ;)

Girl on Top said...

What a great route!

KK said...

Quick 2-hour stop at the Laurelwood pub and then jogged home.

LOL. Yay for Bestie Festie, you guys look like a LOT of fun was had. And Portland is gorgeous right now-I love all the flowers. Great pix and recap and I'm sorry she's gone :(

aron said...

great job on the training as usual :)

looooove all the pics! i want to go to portland!!! you have some amazing places to run and i love all the water :) so glad you guys had such a great time!! no your turn to come visit her so we can all hang out with you!

Anonymous said...

SUCH cute photos!! There's nothing like the norhtwest when the sun is shining!!

Beth said...

You guys are so cute together! Looks like a great weekend and great training too.

Alisa said...

Lots of training and lots of fun that's how every week should be! Glad you two were able to enjoy the beautiful weekend.

kristen said...

Great pics. Portland rocks!! You guys look great. I like how you called it a "quick 2hr stop at the pub"

Nice workouts!

ShirleyPerly said...

So FUN to see all those photos!!

I especially love the ones of you two together, the waterfront and that one of the quadruple head water fountain ( love to see a lot more of those around, that's for sure).

Glad you had a great time with Maritza!

Grippo said...

Awww! Adorable photos of the cute girls. And I fall deeper and deeper in love with PDX everday. Well, everyday of the summer, that is. ;)

John said...

Damn, now I really want a cupcake. Or three. Great pics!

Petraruns said...

What a great visit maritza had - now I want cupcakes and beer and a run with my bestie as well - I'm going to call her now!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

so you pretty much ran for beer and ice cream? :))))

looks like you had such a FUN time together.

Paul said...

Lots of running and beer! Looks like a good time.

Glorybelle said...

I love those pictures. I really love Portland and need to go back for a visit. It's been a couple of years now. Glad you and Maritza got to hang out!

Sarah said...

such great photos!!! I'm glad you guys had a great time together

Marathon Maritza said...

oh my gosh, I almost fell over laughing when I read 'Bo knows Jen is drunk!' LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the MOST FUN WEEKEND EVER!! I miss you so much already, bestie!!!!