Sunday, July 05, 2009

Weekly recap and trail run pictures

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend (and if you are not in the US, a wonderful regular weekend)! Ours involved a lot of tough biking and running, 90+ degree temps, and booze. It was awesome. We spend the 4th down at the Waterfront Blues Festival with apparently the entire population of Oregon! It was neat. The whole week was a success training-wise too. Here is the summary:
Monday: ST
weights at the gym with Zach
Tuesday: Run
7.0 miles/1:02:23/8:55 average pace
Warm, windy run along the waterfront.
Tuesday: Swim
2050 yards/1:00
Masters. Included a long set of stroke work- I did 700 straight yards of breast stroke!
Wednesday: Bike
1:00 spin class
Wednesday: Run
3.0 miles/24:49/8:16 average pace
Brick run outside right after spin. This is a bump up from the 2 miles I've been doing and it was tough. The route I mapped out from the gym includes some hills, plus this was the first day it was over 90 degrees.
Wednesday: Swim
1200 yards/27:08
OWS at Klineline Pond
Thursday: Bike
20.9 miles/1:26:10/14.6 MPH
Springwater trail with Emily. It was HOT and windy, but we had fun catching up. We even saw a nutria.
Thursday: Swim
2300 yards/1:00
Masters. I did several laps of butterfly as part of our IM sets. I think I'm getting a little better at it but it is still very hard!
Friday: Run
11.75 miles/1:55:06/9:48 average pace
Trail run at Timothy Lake near Mt. Hood. We're doing a half marathon up there in September so we thought we'd go run it for fun once. It was tough!! There isn't much elevation change but the trail is pretty technical in places and I'm so not used to that. Plus, keeping with the theme, it was 90 degrees. It was quite an adventure though and a ton of fun. We had to pump our own water at a campground and we helped a lost mountain biker by giving him directions and some of our water. We saw a few campers, some horseback riders, and a great view of Mt. Hood. Check out the pictures below, it was gorgeous!! We had lunch in Government Camp and then made the 75 mile trip back to Portland.
Saturday: Bike
47.9 miles/3:09:12/15.1 MPH
North Plains loop. My legs were dead tired from the run and I was probably a little dehydrated, so the ride started off pretty rough. Luckily I kind of "woke up" on the first few little climbs and ended up having a great time and a really strong finish. There are a few big downhills and I reached a max speed of 38.7 MPH! Weeee!
Sunday: Run
5.0 miles/40:59/8:10 average pace
Since we did a long run Friday, this run only had to be a shorty. We ran out in Beaverton on the Fanno Creek Trail and once again struggled in the warm temps. I even took off my singlet and ran in my sports bra, which I never do. I felt pretty heavy but Zach pushed the pace and I followed. My last 3 miles were all sub-8 and I could feel it. Luckily the cloud cover has already started to move in and it's supposed to be dramatically cooler this week. Yay!
totals for the week:
swim: 2:00 (5,550 yards)
bike: 5:40 (68.8 miles road and 1 spin class)
run: 4:00 (26.75 miles)
total: 12:10
(plus one ST session)
I'm right where I"m supposed to be at this point in my training and feeling good! Next week is a little different- same weekday schedule but the weekend is reserved for a RACE, the Hagg Lake Olympic Triathlon. It's going to be a tough one! The course is really hilly and I think it's going to get warm again by next weekend. Also, I've never actually done an Oly tri, just sprints and a half-iron, so this will be interesting. Emily and Zach will also be racing so I know it will be a fun day. Then the following week is a bit of a cut-back week which I am looking forward to. I'm feeling strong but there are a couple hot spots (shin, shoulders, foot) that will probably appreciate the rest.
Diet-wise things are good.. I've stopped tracking my food on the Daily Plate and am trying to improvise and still eat healthy. I'm back up a couple pounds but that isn't too surprising (my total weight loss was 12 lbs and currently I'm 10 lbs less than I started). I am fine with this as long as I stay at this point. I'm going to avoid all the crap food and excessive alcohol and hope that does the trick. If the weight drifts back up I will start tracking my intake again to get it under control. I'm really hungry lately so I bought tons of fruits and veggies at the grocery store so there is always something healthy to snack on.
Well that about wraps it up! Here are some pictures of our run at Timothy Lake on Friday the 3rd. There are also a couple cell phone pics from the 4th. Thanks so much for reading!! Have a great week everyone.


kelsalynn said...

WOW! On Wednesday, you did spin for an hour, ran 3 miles AND swam??? You are one tough cookie! I don't know how you do it.

Your body is looking killer- you on the bridge, you legs look so strong. the pic of you on the 4th- your waist is super skinny! The scenery you get to see is breath-taking.

You are so lean right now and it's obvious! Keep up the great work!

GOOD LUCK THIS COMING WEEKEND! Wish I could be there to cheer you on!

the gazelle said...

It was so fun to run into you today! Glad you caught me eating cupcakes :)

Great pics, and a great week. I may have to come spectate your triathlon this weekend - we'll see if I can make it work out.

I know you'll be fantastic!

Billy Burger said...

now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Nothing like a good ol' trail run to clear the mind and soul. and on the famous PCT no less. Nice pics - thanks for sharing.

Jo Lynn said...

Oh my God. You guys are TOO CUTE! Love the pictures. ;)

Susan said...

I really can't imagine biking for three hours! I get tired just reading about everything you do.

Your pictures are gorgeous...such amazing scenery around you.

Good luck next weekend!! I'll be waiting for the race report!

Anonymous said...

Another solid week. Way to mix some fun in there with all the workouts. Beautiful pictures.

M. Brooks said...

Wow! Oregon looks like such a fun and beautiful place - so many trails, forests, mountains, lakes, etc.! All of the Kentucky tourism commercials claim that we have that kind of scenery, but I haven't seen it yet! That's funny that you saw a nutria rat - back home in Louisiana people eat them! It's pretty horrifying to think about. Great job on your training - cant wait to read your oly tri race report!

Anonymous said...

Mt. Hood looks amazing right now! What a fun weekend-- good luck at your tri this weekend. Sounds like things are looking good for a great race. Hopefully it cools off a bit.

Alisa said...

Great job with all the workouts! I'll be there on Wednesday this week, yay!

OMG, 700 yards of breast stroke--I would Die! I hate breast stroke.

You look great-fit, lean and mean (mean, in a very nice way since you're not mean at all).

aron said...

BEAUTIFUL pics!!!! another awesome week girl, you are doing great!!

Kelly said...

Okay, I love the picture of you silouetted (is that how you spell it?). Very cool. Sounds like you had a great week. YAY.

Amy said...

You live in a georgous state. Loved the pics! Sounds like your workouts are going well too....happy summer!

Sarah said...

Cute pictures! You guys are busy and amazing.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice week!! I mean, really!! Nice!!

And good luck at the Oly this weekend!!

kristen said...

I love the PNW. So beautiful!! Great pics!

Your looking good too. Smokin hot. You can tell you've amp'd up the trining. Great week. 700m breast stroke, that tough.

Good luck in the race this weekend. I'm excited to see how much ass you will kick.

Ewen said...

I love Mt Hood - although the last time we were near there it was obscured by bushfire smoke! The trail half is going to be fun - get Zach to drag you out for some 'technical' trails practise.

Good luck on the weekend, and congrats in advance for your Olympic Tri PB.

Nitmos said...

Cool pics!

ShirleyPerly said...

90 degrees there? NOOO!!!

Well, hopefully not as humid as FL or HI. Great job on your workouts. You look great -- very lean and fit in the photos. That first one with the mtn in the background and Garmins in the foreground made me smile.

Hope we're able to get together next month. I'll send you details on when we'll be in the Portland area via email.

ShirleyPerly said...

PS - Good luck at your oly tri!

Anonymous said...

wow is all I can say!!! amazing job on all your workouts and in the heat no less!! Good luck at your tri this weekend :)

Judi said...

IM training WILL make you EAT. ALOT. I have put on 7lbs, easily. but the coach says IM training is not the time to try and lose weight. it's time to eat well and sleep lots. good luck racing.

KK said...

Wow I could feel how hot it was from those pictures. You continue to hammer out some quality workouts-well done! Good luck at the tri this weekend-I'll be thinking of you and wishing you all speedy, enjoyable races!