Friday, July 10, 2009

quickie pre-race post

I wanted to get the week's training down here before I have a race report to type up, but this will be super brief. My belly is full of pasta, my nails are did, there are just a few things left to throw together for tomorrow morning then I'm going to bed. So here we go:

Monday: ST
weights at the gym with Zach

Tuesday: Run
5.5 miles/53:36/9:45 average pace
Got a couple of miles in and then met Deana for 3 more miles. Fun!

Tuesday: Swim
2150 yards/1:00

Wednesday: Bike
1:00/spin class

Wednesday: Run
4.35 miles/34:41/7:58 average pace
Brick run after spin. The distance is getting long enough that I could run down to the river and do the bridges loop rather than run in the (hilly) NW district!

Thursday: Bike
22.0 miles/1:42:46/12.9 MPH
Super easy spin on the Springwater with Zach

(skipped Masters on Thursday night, just NOT feeling it, went for beers instead)

Friday: Run
5.0 miles/44:26/8:53 average pace
Easy run with Zach on the river.

Well I better go finish getting my stuff ready for the race tomorrow!! Will post a race report up as soon as I can. Have a great weekend everyone! :)


Ewen said...

Lucky you got those nails done ;)

Have a quickie Oly Jensie. Go for it! Race like Emma Carney!

kristen said...

Good luck girl. I know your gonna kill it!! Can't wait to hear the details.

Alisa said...

I love that you got "your nails did."

Another great training week for you. I love our wednesday routine. I'm not quite ready to brave the outdoor brick after spin yet but I'm bumping my time up to 20 min next week =).

I know you're going to kill it today!

P.S. I also love that you are still a fun person who will go out for beers and happy hour even though you are in training mode. YAY!!

kelsalynn said...

GOOD LUCK! I can't wait for the race report.