Sunday, October 11, 2009


As always, I'm typing this up Sunday night before bed and I'm exhausted and I'm not going to do myself justice with this recap. This is once again my biggest week of training ever. I rode 107 miles yesterday and eliminated any remaining doubt that I can do the 112 mile ride in the Ironman. I had a couple spectacular runs and one awful one. I didn't swim much but that's ok. I'm really feeling good and while I'm maybe getting a little sick of all this training, I am feeling confident. It's not that much longer, I can get through this.

Here is the quickie summary and then a few pictures.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: Run
10.0 miles/1:20:01/8:06 average pace
Fantastic run in Forest Park. The first 5 miles were 8:42 average pace and the last 5 were 7:18 average pace. It was effortless, even on the hills. Definitely one of those runs that reminds me why I do this shit.

Wednesday: Bike
Spin class, no Alisa since she was in Hawaii!

Wednesday: Run
4.5 miles/44:55/9:59 average pace
Easy run with Deana. She ran the 4.5 PLUS she had already run from her house which is about a mile away. That's maybe one of her longest runs so far? Awesome.

Wednesday: Swim
2700 yards/1:10
Class started late so even 10 minutes extra was actually like 20 minutes after. That was as long as I could make it because I was starving.

Thursday: Bike
22.5 miles/1:33:45/14.4 MPH
Really annoying ride. The Springwater trail had a detour set up right in the middle of where I like to do my repeats, so I had to come up with a different route which didn't work out, and I ended up riding around the parks and trail segments and through traffic that all resulted in a super slow ride. It was very frustrating.

Thursday: Swim
2000 yards/1:00
Zach finally came to Masters! We did a lot of drills and non-freestyle stuff but whatever. It's all beneficial I think.

Friday: Run
9.0 miles/1:18:17/8:42 average pace
Marine Drive after work. I made a point not to look at my watch the whole time and was just running by feel. I felt great! It was really neat to look at my splits after because I ran the middle five miles at exactly 8:40-8:42 pace. Talk about consistent!

Saturday: Bike
107 miles/7:12:45/14.8 MPH
Harvest Century
I was pretty nervous for the century ride since Zach wasn't going to be riding with me and Anne decided to skip it too. The distance was intimidating and I was just not into it. I got up about 5:15 and ate my usual breakfast and Zach drove me out to Hillsboro. It was COLD at the start- 40 degrees. Thankfully I had purchased some shoe covers and a warm head band the day before and that completely saved me! I stopped at all the rest stops and ate and called Zach to check in. I took it really easy and the first 40 miles were like nothing. It sort of warmed up and I continued to feel good for the middle miles. At mile 70 or so, a bee flew down my shirt and stung me on the boob. I found and killed the bee at the nearest rest stop and just didn't think about it until after. It wasn't that bad actually, but really weird! We stopped at the final rest stop at mile 82 and I was still feeling good. Pushed hard to the end and then ended up missing the final turn and rode a couple extra miles at the very end. I was feeling really good and thought it was kind of cool, the more the merrier! Zach was waiting at the finish and hung out with me while I ate my burger and chugged my beer. All in all, this ride was not that hard. That's good!! We went out to dinner with some friends and I didn't get to bed until about midnight.

Sunday: Run
14.0 miles/2:11:15/9:23 average pace
I was pretty sore this morning of course, so I decided to take Kim's advice and delay my long run for a few hours. I think this was good for my legs but it was hard to get motivated later in the day. I'm definitely a morning person for this kind of stuff. I finally drove up to Lacamas Lake and started my run about 2:00 pm. The run was pretty brutal- I was tired, bored, and just not that into it. It was slow going but I got it done. Headed over to Emily's after for fireside cocktails and Halloween crafts.

totals for the week:

swim: 2:10 (4700 yards)
bike: 9:45 (129.8 miles)
run: 5:35 (37.5 miles)

total training volume: 17:30


6 weeks to Ironman Arizona. Hang in there.


Harvest Century Ride

Before the start: Do I look excited? Cause I'm not. I'm nervous and freezing cold.

Off I go:

First rest stop at 16.5 miles:

Lunch stop at mile 41 at an elementary school:

Taking the Canby Ferry across the Willamette at mile 70:
Finally finishing. Check out the guy behind me with a finger gun to the head. He wasn't as OK with the extra mileage as I was:


Dead Guy Ale:

Banjo and band in background:
One last item is that I found out this week that Maritza, Deana, and her girlfriend Dana are all flying down to support me in Phoenix for the Ironman. My other best friend Inga lives there and will be housing the whole gang and there will be lots of family in town too. I feel extremely grateful and blessed for the support of my wonderful friends and I know it will really help me to have a great race. It really really really (x 100) means a lot to me to have them there. :)
Thanks for reading. Have a great week!


D10 said...

Nice week! Your runs were great and way to hammer out 107 miles!!! Very cool and sweet that Maritza and your friends will be in Arizona to support you.

kelsalynn said...

And I live there too and will help in anyway I can! Please keep me in mind if you guys need anything- place to sleep, etc. Sounds like you got it all covered, but for realsies- whatever you need!

I can't believe you biked for 7 hours straight! On Saturday, I sat on the couch for 7 hours straight.

You totally amaze me and your week of training was awesome!



kristen said...

Man jen, you are such and inspriation. You really killing this training. Even your not so stellar workouts are being taken in stride which is exactly how they should be. Your confindence will pay off big time. Hang in there girl. your so close!!!

Susan said...

Only six weeks to go? You've totally got this. I'm in awe week after week in your training. I can't wait to hear about the big day!

Bob - said...

Awesome Focus week Jen, keep up the good work!

Yes, u got this!

the gazelle said...

you are doing so well! Your dedication to the training & the time/mileage you're putting in is so inspirational.

It's awesome that Maritza, Dana & Deana are all going to be there to support you in Arizona!

aron said...

weeeee 17+ hours of training! you are a machine girl :) love it!!! its getting close... just keep working hard and keep that focus going, it will be here before you know it!!

i wish i was going to AZ to cheer you on!!!! so awesome all your friends will be there :)

Sarah said...

I would totally be the guy behind you with the finger gun. UGH!! You are amazing though, and deserve the entourage!

Lotusphx said...

You better believe we will be their supporting you! Good job on your bike ride this weekend! And also on not letting the bee sting totally freak you out! I would have been crying on the side of the road - I'm sure! LOL!

From the Yoga Sutras - "Sthira Sukham Asanum" translates to mean a posture is to be stable, steady and firm, yet also relaxed, comfortable and delightful!! You are doing such a good job training and "keeping the balance"!

Almost there... See you soon!!!

Chloe said...

AWESOME week!! And I can totally relate to the bee thing - I seem to hit several random bugs (including bees!) when I'm riding!!

KK said...

Awesome volume and efforts, you are soooo almost in the home stretch.

Very impressive century ride! That is crazy about the bee though. That happened to my friend once when we were riding and she barely made a peep about it. I would have fallen off my bike and cried bloody murder if it had happened to me. You are hard core!

That is so great that your friends will be there to support you in AZ and all hang out in the same house together. It will make all the difference!

Almost there, girl, keep on truckin!

Jo Lynn said...

Six weeks? It seems like you are doing SO MUCH training now and you still have six weeks? Boy oh boy. You are really going to be prepared girl. ;)

kelsalynn said...

hey girl, my email is:
kelsa underscore lynn at yahoo dot com

Email me your addy so we can stop leaving long crazy stalker-ish comments on each other's blogs! LOL

Yes, we're planning to be there for the race, probably multiple times throughout the day. Zach should have a list of phone #'s that he just text messages where you're at all day! Although they do the online tracker too right?

And a beer and meeting you in person sound like a fabulous combination!!! I can't wait!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on completing that century on your own, Jen!!

I'm glad you got toe covers and that hat. The only thing worse, to me, than being sweltering hot during a ride is being freezing cold. And a bee stung my husband too on our ride. I must be lucky not to have any get down my shirt but I usually have it zipped up pretty high on my neck so there's not much room to sneak in.

Great to hear all those folks will be at IMAZ to cheer you on!!

Beth said...

Congrats on a great week! How awesome that you will have so many friends and family to support you at the race!

Alisa said...

Wish I could go to AZ too =(. I'll be supporting you from afar.

You CAN do this! Your training week was just amazing. 17.5 hours is like a part time job!

I love that you could only stay 10 minute after swimming b/c you were too hungry...LOVE IT.

I'm a morning person with running too. I think Amy and Sarah want to meet later now that it's fall. I'd rather get up and go. I think I mentioned it but Tryon Creek Park by my house was gorgeous last weekend, we should go there sometime. It's a paved bike trail too so I could ride while you run =).

You're doing great 6 weeks to go!!!!!!

Dragonfly on the Water said...

Great week. Almost there. We can't make it to Phoenix but we'll be supporting you by sending you positive energy through the air-waves.

Ewen said...

That's a huge week Jen, and you're doing a great job of hanging in there. Be careful not to burn the toast between now and race day ;)

Yes, that top photo does look like a gritted teeth sort of smile. It'll be warmer in Arizona :)

Amy said...

I actually think it's great you did the 107 mile ride by yourself. Helps come race day when Zach won't be there riding with you, if you know what I mean. Congrats on an awesome week and job well done. I thought about you a lot Saturday, wondering where in the state of OR you were riding. :)

Amy said...

PS- I am so happy to hear that friends are going down to support you. That is awesome.

Judi said...

jen! you are SO close! wow! love looking at the mileage and remembering oh so well those long weeks of training. keep up the good work!

runsally said...

Hey Jen! Long time no "see"! :) I was just thinking of you randomly the other day and thought I'd check out your blog...and my goodness you are getting close to that Ironman!!!!! It looks like your training is going great. I am excited to see how you do. I am in awe of all this running-swimming-biking. Go get 'em!