Sunday, October 04, 2009

Putting in the work

7 weeks to Ironman Arizona and this is maybe the first week that I've started to really feel prepared. This was my highest volume week yet and included my longest ride ever and my longest run in the training cycle so far. I'm SORE in a way I haven't felt in a while, "good" sore I guess. I know I need to be careful not to overdo it and I'm definitely right at that line, but as of this moment I feel great.

I had a big snag thrown into my training this week and if I had posted a few days ago it would have been a real Jen-level FREAK OUT. But everything is going to be ok and I'm dealing with it. What happened is this: Zach's bike is broken. Something with a connecting piece in the rear dropout is bent and he had to send it into the manufacturer to be re-bonded to the frame. It's under warranty and apparently Trek is really great about stuff like this so it should all be fine. It's not major damage, and he's not even sure how it happened, but they told him it isn't safe to ride until it gets fixed. He dropped it off Friday and it will be back in 3-4 weeks. 3-4 weeks! Crap.

So obviously, Zach is bummed because he enjoys riding his bike. I'm bummed (to put it mildly) because I was really counting on him to join me on my remaining long rides. We had all kinds of plans for our upcoming 5-6 hour rides and were going to check out some cool new routes. Now, I don't really know what I'm going to do. I'm taking it week-by-week. This week we went up to Sauvie Island where I feel comfortable riding alone, and next week I am doing a Century ride with Anne so that's covered. After that I think I'm going to pick some routes that are loops and Zach can ride some of it with me on his mountain bike (which we found out he can ride as fast as I can ride my road bike. How embarrassing for me!) Emily and Alisa also volunteered to accompany me and I know I can ride on my own as well. I might check out a group ride or something too. It will be fine! It will be fine. (repeat as needed)

Anyway, the ride this weekend was a success. In fact it was Awesome! I rode 80 freaking miles. :O And then I ran 3 miles. I was very very sore later in the day and wasn't sure how I was going to get my long run in today. But I set my alarm and got out the door by 7:00 and got it done. It wasn't fast, and it didn't feel great, but it's done. I'm still sore this evening but not any worse than yesterday. Hopefully my rest day tomorrow will help but I have a feeling I won't feel fresh and rested until I taper! Which isn't that far away. Yikes.

I finished my run and took a quick shower and Zach and I went downtown and watched Emily finish the Portland Marathon. It was amazing. She is one FAST girl and she completely nailed her strategy and pacing and nutrition and put up an incredible time. Wow. Check out her blog for the race report soon! There are several pictures below. Zach took his bike out on the course and got several pictures and then we saw her at the finish. After the race we went out for lunch and beers and had a great time. I was completely wiped out when we got home and I took a looooong nap. I got up to write this blog and eat some dinner and now I'm going to bed.

I'll stop complaining now since I know several people that ran marathons today are waaaaaay more tired and sore than me! Congratulations to Emily, Aron, Tara, Amy, and everyone else who raced this weekend. Can't wait to read all the reports. :)

Well here is the summary of the week's workouts. Lots of good stuff!

Monday: Rest
I haven't made it to the gym to lift in weeks!

Tuesday: Run
7.0 miles/1:02:18/8:54 average pace
Easy solo run

Tuesday: Swim
2200 yards/1:00

Wednesday: Bike
Alisa wasn't able to make it to spin so I just did a trainer ride at home.

Wednesday: Run
4.0 miles/35:42/8:56 average pace
Brick run after the trainer ride

Wednesday: Swim
3100 yards/1:20
Masters + 20 minute extra swim after class

Thursday: Bike
19.3 miles on the Springwater trail at 14.6 MPH average
+ 45 minutes on the trainer

Friday: Run
9.0 miles/1:15:17/8:22 average pace
Felt great!

Saturday: Bike
80.0 miles/5:04:15/15.7 MPH
Sauvie Island ride- 30 miles with Zach and 50 miles solo. It was really cold when we started- I wore my North Face running jacket since I don't really have any cold-weather cycling gear. My feet were freezing and pretty numb after a couple of hours. Thankfully the sun came out at some point and warmed me up a little and at least I got the feeling back in my feet. I need to get some shoe covers and other things to get me through the fall season. Other than that I felt good the whole time although obviously a little tired toward the end. I was happy with my pacing- I definitely held back knowing I had to run after. I did a good job on my nutrition (2 power bars and a bottle of perpeteum, plus a few bottles of water) and I think my posture/form was good because my upper body wasn't very sore at the end. Great ride overall.

Saturday: Run
3.0 miles/25:17/8:46 average pace
Brick run after my longest ride ever

Sunday: Run
15.0 miles/2:18:16/9:13 average pace
Super sore, super slow run out on the Springwater while the rest of Portland was running the marathon!


swim: 2:20 (5300 yards)
bike: 8:10 (99.3 miles on road + 1:45 on trainer)
run: 5:35 (38 miles)

total training time: 16:05

Holy crap!

Now enjoy a few photos from the weekend:

Pictures from my looooong Saturday ride and run:

Taking a quick break during a windy stretch:

A few miles to go:

80 miles done!

Finishing up my 3 mile brick run:

Portland Marathon Photos:

Zach rode along the course and got these photos with his phone:

And here she is rounding the second-to-last corner with less than a mile to go:

I'm so proud:

Talking marathons (future and past) with Sarah and others at Goose Hollow:

Thanks for reading! Have a great week everyone.


aron said...

AWESOME training week girl!!! you are doing amazing, just keep it up :) I am sure you will do great too on your own on the bike, it will be good mental training for the IM?

isnt it funny how during peak training those weight sessions, even the short ones, are just SO hard to get in? I always kick myself for missing them but the rest is always welcomed :)

Emily is so amazing... cant wait for her race report!!

Ewen said...

You're on fire Jen! Don't turn the heat up too much or someone will have to put you out.

Not good about Zach's bike. Tell him to put some road tyres on the MTB so he can keep you honest in the remaining long rides.

I like those phone photos - esp the one with the yellow lines - feet blurred, body sharp - looks fast. Go Emily! There's a certain immediacy about those shots.

Have a good week, and keep the heat adjusted 'just right'!

Anonymous said...

Huge week. I feel like I keep saying this each time you post. But, wow, you are doing great. Sounds like you have a plan in place for the next few long rides. No need to panic, you have it all under control.

Stay tough! You are awesome.

Kim said...

way to get the volume in jen! awesome job this past week! i have a small suggestion... when you have a long run the day scheduled after your long brick, do your run as late in the day as possible. that way your legs get some more R&R :) i know you had plans, but just wanted to throw that suggestion your way. you are doing great and are certainly on your way to kicking butt at AZ!

kelsalynn said...

Crap! I'm sorry to hear about Zach's bike. Crummy timing for sure, but sunds like you're making it work ok.

Great week! I can't believe it's 7 weeks away. You're on fire girl!

Kelly said...

Wow. 80 miles?! And THEN A RUN! You are doing awesome. Congrats on the great week.

I'll have to check out Emily's race report, I love race reports...

Susan said...

I think I sound like a broken record, but your workouts are amazing! I can't even imagine an 80 mile bike ride. You're doing so awesome and it's so inspiring. :)

the gazelle said...

what a great week! you are going to be so ready for the IM! :)

I bet if you need a riding partner, Brad would go out with you, too. I'd volunteer myself as well, but I'm not sure I could keep up with you!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

I am freaking out about Zach's bike. Not good!!!

Keep the positive focus up. it will pay off :)

Jo Lynn said...

Good girl. Your training is going great. ;)
Sad about your honey's bike. You have to step it up by yourself now and see what you're really made of. :)

Petraruns said...

You look FABULOUS on such hard training - it's working for you girl.

Don't get too hung up on Zach not being able to cycle on his racing bike with you - it sounds like your plans b, c, d and e are covered and anyway - embrace the changes and the unexpected - they have a way of crawling up on you and knowing you can handle them makes life (and racing) easier.

Now it's getting closer I just can't believe you're going to do IM. My god you're amazing!

Anonymous said...

Great pics!

ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry to hear about Zach's bike. But sounds like a great opportunity to work on your mental toughness. Having to push yourself to keep going when you want to quit, fixing a flat or dropped chain in the middle of nowhere, finding things to keep your mind occupied for hours when riding solo will do wonders for your ironman cycling confidence.

Great job overall this week!

John said...

Keep it up, Jen, you're doing great!

kristen said...

That blows about Zach's bike. Sounds like you'll work it out though. Nothin`s gonna stop you now!

Great week of workouts. Your body's responding so well. Glad you gave yourself that rest time.

Mir said...

I continue to be completely awed by your training!! You are going to rock that IM!

Anonymous said...

What a great training week! Even though getting in those longer rides solo isn't ideal I am sure it will help mentally come race day. I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of your training as the big day gets closer. You're going to do awesome!

Thanks for the congrats :)

Amy said...

Jen-level freak out, I love it. I am sure mine are worse than yours. SURE OF IT. :) Great workouts this week! I can't believe it's only 7 weeks away. SO FUN!

I'm off to OR in two days - can't wait. What's the weather like? Cold?

Sarah said...

You seemed very calm about the bike situation on Friday. You're processing well!!

Also - SO good to see you guys so much this last week! YEAH!

Alisa said...

Holy cow lady! That is one AMAZING week.

I'm glad you're feeling a little better about the bike situation, it WILL be fine =). I'm all about drafting off you, haha =).

Can't wait to see you next week!

Marathon Maritza said...

Sweet jesus, that's a lot of hours!!! I can't even begin to tell you how continuously proud I am of you, not just because of the amazing training plan you are keeping up, but on your attitude, positivity and strength. I think those will serve to get you to the Ironman finish line as much as your training. I'm so fucking proud of you.

Keep it up, dude!!!