Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crazy legs!

You never know what the taper is going to bring. I usually go from feeling really excited to really worried; my legs vary between feeling bouncy and feeling like dead weight. So, take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt. I know it can (and probably will) swing the other way at any moment.

I have had the BEST runs the last two days! I'm feeling rested and positive and my legs are just itching to run fast. Yesterday I had a "General Aerobic" run on the schedule, which I took the liberty of running more like a tempo run. And today's track workout was a huge success. Yay! I only have two more runs this week and I really need to back off and run them nice and easy. I really want to feel this good on May 2nd and am going to do everything in my power to do that. I'm getting really excited for the marathon. Especially after tracking my runner friends in Boston- Emily, Susan, Sarah, Miranda, and others. They all did so great. I would really love to run Boston again next year so I'm going to give it my best in Eugene!

Here's the recap of my two awesome runs:

7.0 miles/54:36/7:48 average pace
I started off with Zach and ran the first two miles with him around 8:10 pace. Then I picked it up and ran the next four miles around 7:45. I challenged myself to push it to the end and ran my last mile in 7:03!! Full disclosure- I got to stop at two street crossings in that last mile but still.

8.0 miles/1:04:55/8:07 average pace
Today was my last track workout before the race and I nailed it! I had 3 one-mile repeats so I was hoping I hadn't blown all my speed in that last run. Zach was doing his own track workout so we headed down to the Duniway track together. We started off together for the warm up and then split up. I just did my whole run on the track and left the Terwilliger hills out of it. So, the workout looked like this:

2 mile warm up @ 8:31 pace
3 x 1 mile intervals in 6:54, 6:59, 6:50 (6:54 average) with 800 m recoveries
2 mile cool down @ 9:02 pace

I am really happy with these two runs, and I'm definitely feeling confident about the marathon. But I'm going to take the next week and a half VERY easy and make sure I'm 100% rested and ready. My few remaining runs will be nice and easy. Also, I'm going to do a lot of yoga, lots of stretching, get plenty of sleep, and eat super good. My main goal will be to stay relaxed, stress-free, and positive.. that's been the main focus of my life the last couple months and the next couple of weeks will be no different.

So that's the latest taper update, I guess we'll see just have to see what the next few days bring..


Jo Lynn said...

Go Jen GO! A good attitude is key. ;)

Petraruns said...

Jen you sound like adrenalin is coursing through you - keep it in the can though!

Can't wait for you to let it out though - provide us with plenty of notice to sign up to follow you etc.

Petraruns said...

Haha - word verification is semen..

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow fast lady!! You are rocking it out..

I will email you my phone number just in case you want to try to meet up in Eugene...if not no worries :)

Amy said...

LOL at Pertatuns 2nd comment. I think you're going to have the race of your life. Sounds like all systems are a go!

Marathon Maritza said...

Whoo!!! Way to go! Awesome runs! I struggle to keep 8:30's on those mile repeats, so you INSPIRE ME!

Seriously you are going to have a blast! You'll have to make sure to text me after the race (duh, you always do) because I'll be trying not to die on the 199mile relay. Gah.

TAKE EUGENE BY THE *insert place where Petra's word verif comes from here* !!!!!

aron said...

i am so so so excited for your race!!! now take some of that adrenaline you have going on right now and bottle it up so you can let it out on may 2nd!

and can i be on the text list too??? i will be in the other van from M and will be DYING to know how it goes :)

Beth said...

It sounds like you are ready mentally and physically! Good luck!

Dragonfly on the Water said...

Great goals for the next week, in fact for the rest of your life. considered as the sound of the existence. it is believed that the whole universe, in its fundamental form, is made up of vibrating, pulsating energy. Om is considered as the humming sound of this cosmic energy. Jen, I think you have this rhythm.

Marya said...

Great runs this week! Looks like you have a great plan for your pre-marathon week and are gearing up for a great marathon. Can't wait to see how you do! :)

Ewen said...

You're right to be excited after those two runs. The 3 x 1 mile in sub-7s was excellent. Should be a great marathon on May 2 - at least another Boston qualifier.

I hope next week goes well - especially the rest/sleep side of things.

Kelly said...

Those sound like some amazing runs to me! Can't wait to hear about Eugene on may 2nd! Stay relaxed!

KK said...

Those are some speedy runs, Miss Jenn. Your mental and running goals sound right on for getting you to the starting line in a position to kick some major a$$. Sending good vibes your way-Boston '11 calls, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Solid and speedy runs! You are ready to run fast!!!!