Saturday, April 17, 2010

pre-race post and Zach’s Birthday pics

I figured I better quickly post my workouts from this week so that my next post will be just the race report!

My week has gone great- it’s officially the taper but this week was pretty tough and didn’t feel very restful at all. I also moved the runs around quite a bit to fit my schedule so it was kind of different in general. But it all worked out and I’m feeling great heading into the race. 

So, about this race- I am running the Bridge to Brews 10k tomorrow. My goal is a PR (47:04) but as long as I give it my best shot I’ll be happy. I feel like my last two races I was left wondering if I could have pushed a little harder from the beginning, so tomorrow my goal is to really go for it from mile one. I will still listen to my body’s signals and hopefully not completely over-do it and fall apart before the end! We’ll see though, it could happen. I do really want to do well though because I’m hoping this will be a good “predictor” race and a nice confidence boost for the marathon. But, I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself! The good news is there is beer at the end and then a waffle party back at my house so it will have a happy ending no matter what. :)

Here is the summary of my runs so far this week and then a few pictures from yesterday- it was Zach’s 31st birthday and we both took the day off work and went running, out for brunch, and then went out and celebrated with friends in the evening. It was a perfect day! Happy Birthday sweetums! :P

First, the running stuff:

Monday: rest
(no yoga either, just completely rested)

4.0 miles/36:40/9:10 average pace
I reeeeally didn’t want to do this run, but Zach talked me into it and we ran together. It was so nice to run together and it ended up feeling great.
(Yin Yoga class)

8.0 miles/1:11:30/8:56 average pace
This was a workout that got adjusted due to scheduling conflicts. We were going to go to the track to do the intervals but we didn’t end up having time. We had tickets to go see the Cirque du Soleil show that is in town (which was AMAZING!) so we had to do the run straight after work on the Springwater trail. I realize now how much better doing intervals on the track is!! I got it done though. Here is the breakdown:

2.5 mile warm up @ 9:17 pace
4 x 800 m (went with 1/2 mile on the garmin) @ 3:26 average (6:52 pace) with 1/4 mile recoveries
2.75 mile cool down @ 9:48 pace – I chatted with a guy on the trail who had an Ironman tattoo and ran with him for a mile or so nice and slow. Love meeting random runners!

Thursday: rest
(Yoga Basics class)

16.0 miles/2:16:54/8:33 average pace
Awesome long run on Marine Drive/I-205 bike path. Zach did a 10 mile goal pace run and I did my long run. Which ended up being more goal pace-y than I could have predicted!

First 8 miles @ 8:45 pace
Last 8 miles @ 8:22 pace

Sweet! Felt great. I did get a little warm though and had to have Zach meet me with a water refill. Also I got a big of a sunburn. D’oh!

The rest of the day was very fun birthday stuff, and today I was slightly tired. Ok, hungover. I skipped my short recovery run and went to yoga instead (Yoga Basics class). Now we’re just putting on a movie and eating spaghetti and getting our running stuff together for the morning. Zach has his first 20 miler and I have the race. Big day for both of us! :)

Here are the pictures from yesterday’s birthday extravaganza..

Zach working a 7:00 ish pace:


Marine Drive in the sunshine:

Marine Drive 

A stretch of the I-205 bike path that goes through the beautiful neighborhood of Maywood Park:

Maywood Pk

First drink of the day- a bloody mary at Besaw’s:

Bloody Mary at Besaws

Happy hour with friends- there are Sarah and Michael:

 Sarah and Michael 

And Amy and Brad:

Amy and Brad

Deana and Dana:


Me and my birthday boy:


Last drink of the night. Cheers!


Back with a race report asap. Thanks for reading!


Lisa Eirene said...

Cool! Good luck tomorrow. Was Marine Drive really windy?

Jo Lynn said...

Happy birthday hubby! ;)
Good luck in your race!

Petraruns said...

That looks like another really good week - topped off by a great day with your husband. Nice work!

Hope the 10K goes okay but don't let all the juice out of the box - we need you to BQ in 2 weeks. No pressure...

Ewen said...

Zach looks a tad bleary-eyed in that last photo ;) Wish him a happy belated bidet from me.

Have a great B2B. Sounds like the perfect tune-up race. I agree with getting out hard and going for the PB - your marathon endurance should come to the fore in the second half, no matter how fast the start. Good luck!

Cate said...

Every single time I read your blog I get so homesick! It looks like you're totally ready for your marathon!

kristen said...

Good luck tomorow. errr. I mean today.

Happy birthday to Zach!

Kelly said...

Yay for the 10K. Can't wait to hear about it! Happy Belated Birthday Zach. And, I heart Besaw's!

kelsalynn said...

GOOD LUCK this morning (you're probably already done :) ) I can still say good luck anyway!

Happy Birthday Zach!

aron said...

killer long run girl!!! you are so ready :) now get those legs nice and fresh and ready to race... 2 weeks to go!

Marathon Maritza said...

Yay! Looks like an awesome bday along with awesome runs!!

How did you like Cirque?!

Alisa said...

Great week of workouts and an awesome 16 miler---you're ready for Eugene.

Sad we missed the bday party but getting out of town was exactly what I needed.

Amy said...

LOVED the pics! Especially the b-day ones. He seems more mature than 31. I'm 31 and he seems way more put together than me. :)