Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy Bee

Pretty solid week for me! I’m no where near Alisa’s level of training (I should hope not, she is training for a half-ironman!) but if you read her blog, this may sound a little bit familiar. We buddied up for several workouts this week including 70 miles of cycling in two rides. Let’s get to the recap and then there are a few pictures:

Monday: rest/Vinyasa yoga

4.0 miles/34:29/8:37 average pace
Track with Alisa and Amy. I only did 3 x 800m repeats because my stomach was acting up. Let’s just say thank God there is a bathroom at the track. My times were 3:23, 3:28, and 3:31. Average 3:27=6:55 pace. Not bad for my first track workout since the Eugene marathon a month ago!

+ Yin yoga with Amy and Alisa

7.0 miles/1:02:52/8:59 average pace
Thankfully no tummy issues. I ran really easy by myself out on the waterfront trail, I was about 9:20ish pace. Then I ran into Zach doing his recovery run and we finished up together. My last mile came in at a very non-recovery 7:25.

Thursday: bike
21.2 miles/1:34:39/13.4 MPH
Great ride with Alisa out on the Springwater trail. We were just cruising along talking and the miles flew by. Zach had walked down to the trail with the camera and got some fun pictures of us toward the end of our ride (see below).

6.0 miles/48:01/8:00 average pace
Forest Park Friday. YAY! It was cold and rainy and super muddy, and I loved it. I ran the first 3 miles at an 8:46 pace and the last 3 miles at a 7:14 pace. I was flying. Unfortunately, the stomach issues from earlier in the week made a reappearance near the end. I think my stomach doesn’t like running fast this week. This time, there was no bathroom. Enough said.

Saturday: bike
47.7 miles/3:32:10/13.4 MPH
Another ride with Alisa, but this one was huge. Considering Thursday’s 21 miler was my longest (and only, um 4th?) bike ride in over 6th months, this long ride was going to be a leap of faith. I assumed that even though it’d been a while, I had some residual bike endurance from last year’s Ironman, and my running fitness would fill in the gaps. Thankfully, it turned out great!! It helped that this was one of my go-to rides last year and I did it at least 4 or 5 times so I know the hills and the route in general well. We had a great time riding through the country side and I loved every minute of it (ok, maybe not every minute…). Alisa is getting to be a really strong cyclist and I love riding with her!

13.0 miles/1:56:20/8:57 average pace
Saturday night we all went to Amy’s for a big party for her husband’s birthday. She put together a great party with snacks, desserts, mojitos, beer, and even a piñata. It was a  blast! I mention this because all of this (specifically the mojitos and beer) had a significant impact on my long run. At first, it almost didn’t happen at all. We slept in and debated and complained and finally talked ourselves into it sometime after noon. Zach ran with me (his marathon is next weekend!) and I’m so glad- I don’t think I could have done it alone. I was feeling the late night and the long bike ride and also I didn’t have enough to eat before hand. It was brutal! But, I did it.

We spent the rest of the day working at our friends’ new house doing yard work so it was a completely exhausting day overall. I was very glad it was a holiday weekend and I made the most of the extra day off by sleeping in, taking a nap, and generally being lazy. I did accomplish one big thing- we booked our flights and hotel for our trip to Paris this September! Weeee!

total miles for the week: 30!

Plus 68.9 miles bike :)


Thursday bike ride with Alisa:





Saturday bike ride with Alisa:

  North Plains Ride5 5 29 10

North Plains Ride 5 29 10North Plains Ride6 5 29 10


Party at Amy’s Saturday night:


IMG_2763  IMG_2768 IMG_2793IMG_2808 

We’re heading down to Newport next weekend for Zach’s big goal marathon. He’s going to kick ass! Check out his blog for a great recap of his training, and then check back for a race report next weekend. :)

Thanks for reading! Happy Memorial Day.


Billy said...

Solid week of training + debauchery Jen - well done!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics! Nice mileage all around! :)

Beth said...

I love the work hard/play hard! What's the use in always working hard if you don't have some fun too!

Alisa said...

Yay fun times. I have to say I like my bike computer better than yours =).

Thanks so much for being my buddy last week!

Marya said...

Great job last week! Thanks for the advice on the Marathon! I think I will put it off until next spring; I can work on building mileage until then! ;)

I'm also thinking of trying out a class at Yoga Pearl this weekend, and really starting to incorporate more yoga after the half. I think it's a great compliment to running, and I'm loving what little bit I've experienced so far!

Ewen said...

Good luck to Zach on the weekend. I remember Newport and the bridge. You can go running on the beach :)

Nice 13 miler Sunday. And that's so right about that particular advantage of the track!

Petraruns said...

You have been a busy bee - nice mileage amazing biking! Good going on packing it all into the weekend..

kristen said...

Wow you are such a good friend! going along for bike rides and helping out with yardwork - you must have great karma!

P.O.M. said...

Looks like fun :) I got really excited when I saw "Newport" but then realized you didn't mean CALIFORNIA :(

aron said...

sounds like LOTS of fun stuff going on :)

Marathon Maritza said...

Awesome week, buddy!!!


Hahahaha, love and miss you!

KK said...

First things first, I love your current haircut! Love.

The pix on FB of Zach celebrating lead me to believe he had a good race-hope you guys had a fun trip.

Paris=awesome! I will be expecting lots of fun pictures and updates.

Amy said...

Such a fun and busy week. I always love your pictures too.

Congrats on your trip to Paris! That will be SOOOOOO fun! I'm jealous. That's around the time I'll either be as big as a house or covered in baby drool/spit up. :)

ShirleyPerly said...

YAY for all the biking!!!

I can't wait to do the same. Hope Zach's race went well. You look TERRIFIC in the photos, BTW. So happy!