Sunday, May 23, 2010


 Marine Dr2 5 23 10

The skies have been crazy lately. It's very “active” weather around here that has included lots of rain, wind, hail, thunderstorms, and low temps. Yuck. I’m watching the news right now and it looks like more of the same this week. I’m over it!

Luckily I don’t mind running in the rain, so I got out there several times. I’m feeling good and I’m glad to be recovered from the marathon and ramping back up. I also practiced yoga several times so it was a good week overall despite the weather.

Here is the recap from where we left off:

8.0 miles/1:10:27/8:49 average pace
Long-ish run at Banks Vernonia Trail last weekend while Zach was doing his 21 miler. Great weather- last of it for a while!

Total miles for that week: 17.5

Rest, Skype yoga with Mom ♥ , Yoga with Zach at home

3.0 miles/29:13/9:45
Started off with Deana, and then caught up with Alisa and Amy about a mile in. Fun group run in Northwest.

Tuesday: Yin Yoga with Alisa and Amy 

Rest. Wine and cheese and girl talk night with Emily.

4.5 miles/38:45/8:37
Solo run along the waterfront in the rain and hail. Running in the rain can be fun. Even tiny hail, or brief hail is kind of cute. But pea-sized hail for 20+ minutes is kind of scary. And all of this happening while the sun is somehow shining brightly is just plain weird.

Thursday: Self Defense class with Amy. We graduated, yay! Don’t mess with us.

Thursday bonus story: On my lunch break I was surprised to see a large group of people down on the waterfront, and figured out they were there filming an episode of the Biggest Loser! I love that show and so I was very excited. I was especially surprised and excited to see Bob standing just a few feet away from me signing autographs! I got a couple pictures of him but didn’t meet him. I gathered that this will be the first episode of next season. As far as this season goes, I am rooting for Ashley!

7.0 miles/59:58/8:34 average pace
Waterfront/Springwater run with Zach. I don’t get to run with him very often, but now that he’s tapering for Newport we could work it out. It was great. We saw a very, very cool thing- a hawk caught a small mole and killed it and ate it right off the trail and we stood there watching the whole thing. We were stopped and watching the bird because it was so close to the trail, then he dove and caught the rodent. It was amazing to watch him catch and consume it right before our eyes. It was obviously unusual for him do that so close to the trail, not sure why he did. But it was awesome.

Friday: Skype yoga with Mom ♥

Vinyasa Yoga. I was going to go for a bike ride, but I was very tired after yoga and decided I needed a rest day. This week I was feeling really run down and it kind of caught up to me. Also the weather was crap. I took a 2 hour nap and watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

11.0 miles/1:33:29/8:30 average pace
Long run up on Marine Drive. I was going to go out to Hagg Lake and watch Alisa and Amy and Kristen do the Open Water Swim race, but I was still feeling pretty tired and knew I wouldn’t be able to get up that early. So about 10:30 we finally made it up to the trail for the long run. Zach did 15 and I did 11. It was rainy at times and pretty chilly but it was a great run. I enjoyed the scenery and felt strong. I was running 8:30-8:50 pace and then ran a 7:40 last mile. I did a long stretching and yoga session next to the trail while I waited for Zach to finish.

Sunday: Yin Yoga with Alisa. She’s actually on her way over right now so this hasn’t happened yet but is about to!

Total miles for this week: 25.5

I’m getting the mileage back up there and feeling great!

OH- and I signed up for a race! The Helvetia Half Marathon on June 12th. It’s a hilly course but I’m going to do my best!

Picture time!

Zach halfway through his 21 miler on the Banks Vernonia Trail: 

BV Trail 5 16 10

Trainer and super cutie Bob Harper at a filming of Biggest Loser in downtown Portland:

Bob 5

Marine Drive run today (Sunday):

 Marine Dr3 5 23 10

I was standing up on a cement block stretching so I got a pic of Zach from above:

Marine Dr 5 23 10


Lisa Eirene said...

I saw the group of people on the waterfront but didn't find out until later it was for the Biggest Loser!

Dragonfly on the Water said...

You are lookin good Jen! Zach looks like his arms & neck are burnt in the last pic.

Jo Lynn said...

That's a lot of yoga!!!
I love seeing your smile. just love it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Solid week! Love the ironman gear. You definitely need to wear it proud.

Kelly said...

Another half? You rockstar. Your week sounds good. Sounds like you needed a litte rest. And you still got 11miles in. Way to go.

kristen said...

Super jelous of that half! I want to do that one. maybe next year?

I'm sorry we didnt' get to hook up this weekend. I totally understand when you get that run down feeling. Good call.

After the last episode of the BL I lost the love for bob and jillian after giving Daris a hard time for not loosing any weight after a FOUR HOUR AND SIX MINUTE marahton. WTF? So disapointed in them. Kinda cool they were in your neck of the woods though.

So MAD at Portland weather! Grrrr.

aron said...

looks like training is going great!!! you are turning into the yoga queen :)

Alisa said...

I'm over the weather too.

Great job with all the running, you definitely ran way more miles than I did last week =).

Yay for yoga.

Kim said...

wow, total solid week Jen!!!!! you are nailing all your training :) hope the weather turns around for you guys soon - boston has been beautiful and im sure that's not going to last!

Marathon Maritza said...

Whooo you are going strong, girl! Glad you are loving that yoga so much, it shows in your consistency.

Keep it up, yo!

Marya said...

Yay Helvetia Half!

Looks like you got some great runs in this week (and some really great yoga!) despite the weather. Here's hoping the weather reports are wrong!

Amy said...

I heard about your wine and cheese night with Emily from Emily (on FB). I wish we all lived closer. Or that I could drink wine in my currest state. :)

Sounds like you did A LOT especially considering you felt run-down. Great job!

ShirleyPerly said...

It seems hardly anyone is happy with the weather they're having. Although your weather just made mine seem a little better ;-)

Good job getting out there in the rain. I really should get into yoga someday!

Ewen said...

That last photo... So that would be the viewpoint Zach usually has of you when you're running together? ;) Figure I can mess with you from this far away.

I'm learning from your training... Must try and incorporate a wine, cheese and girl talk night into my routine.