Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Fun

Just a quick update with cell phone pics from all our outs-and-abouts.

I’ve been running quite a bit- nothing of significant speed or distance but keeping up 4 times a week or so with weekly mileage in the mid-20s. A lot of those runs have been on the trails with Zach- more on that below. With my new flexy schedule I’ve had tons of time to do other stuff too!

Biking- just got done with a hilly and awesome 32 mile ride with Zach and Alisa. Here is a pic Zach took of me coming up the last hill:

  terwiliger bike 7 15 2010

Trail running- Zach and I have been out exploring the trails around Portland. We’ve gone 4 times in the last couple of weeks. Twice we ran from Washington Park up to Council Crest, which is a killer climb but what a view. One day we ran up on the Wildwood in Forest Park (pic below) and then yesterday we ran from the Lower Maclay Trail. That is the run that brought me to tears last year but this time it was the least difficult trail run I’ve done in a while! I love running in the woods. It’s super hard, really quiet and really scenic. Perfect.

  trail run 7 11 2010

Mountain biking- Zach and I have logged a bunch of miles up on the Leif Erikson trail in Forest Park. It’s not so hilly really but super shady and cool, a great way to beat the summer heat. I love it!

forest pk bike 7 8 10

In non-athletic happenings, last weekend we attended the Mississippi Street Fair for the second year with Deana, Dana, and our friends Taylor and Josh that live in the neighborhood. We listened to music, shopped at the art booths, and Zach played a game of giant Jenga:

mississippi street fair2 7 11 2010mississippi street fair 7 11 2010

The next day we went over to Amy’s to make mozzarella cheese. She is a domestic goddess, to say the least, and is teaching us all the many things we can make from scratch in our own kitchens. Last time we made jam from local fresh berries and this time we tried our hands at cheese. It was a huge success. She is amazing! Along with Amy and her husband, Deana and Dana were there, and also Alisa and Justin, and our friends Lisa and Andrew. Then we all hung out in the yard with the newlywed neighbors. Lovely group of people!

cheesemaking party2 july 11 2010

cheesemaking party july 11 2010

So those are some of the ways I’ve been passing the hot July days. I am loving the summer. This weekend Zach’s parents are in town from San Diego and that’s going to be great. They are so nice and they are big foodies so we’ll be doing lots of cooking and dining out. Yummo. Next weekend Zach and I are going backpacking up near Mt. St. Helens. Plus lots more yoga, biking, running, etc. Life is good.


Thanks so much to everyone who has donated to the Yogathon! I will be putting a link on the sidebar in case you want to come back and donate later. You guys are awesome.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


Alisa said...

Yay for life being good.

Thanks for the awesome ride yesterday. I can't wait to be on a flexy schedule so I can try out trail running and get back to yoga-ing!

Beth said...

I love when people make the most of summer! Sounds like you are. I also love running on the trails. It is harder for sure though!

Amy said...

Love the pics - summer has been good to you. :)

teacherwoman said...

Great pics! Looks like good times!

Ewen said...

The Wildwood trail looks perfect for summer - glad you're enjoying the long warm days.

You might find some good recipe ideas on MasterChef - the Gateau Opera is to die for (if you like coffee).

Marya said...

Looks like you are taking full advantage of the summer! Keep having fun!

Petraruns said...

How much fun can you have Jen? That all looks wonderful!