Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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This summer I am participating in Living Yoga’s Yogathon. It is a fundraising drive through the months of July and August where each participant pledges to attend a certain number of classes and raise money from family and friends.

I originally pledged to raise $200, but I already almost reached that goal so now I have increased my goal to $500! This organization is very important and I do hope to raise as much money as possible for them.

You all know how important yoga is in my life, and what a positive impact it has had. Through my yoga practice I have dealt with many tough times and I am so grateful for that. Living Yoga is an organization that brings yoga to those who really need it the most- men and women in rehab centers, prisons, domestic violence shelters, and more.

Emily has been volunteering with Living Yoga for a few months now and was an important part of getting the Yogathon off the ground. She is committed to the group and was the one who let me know about the fundraiser. I am now interested in volunteering too and am excited about this new opportunity! They seem like a great group of people and I know they really appreciate any donations you can contribute.

Please visit my fundraising site below. Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. I sincerely appreciate anything you can contribute, even a few dollars! I know as runners and triathletes we sometimes have a lot of charity fundraisers going on and I know you can’t contribute to all of them, so no pressure. This is my first time doing this so it’s interesting to see the other side of it.

I will probably post a reminder before the end of August when the Yogathon ends, but if you can donate now, please do! :)

Here are the links:

Donate here: http://www.firstgiving.com/jbarnesyoga

Learn more about Living Yoga here: http://living-yoga.org/content/about-us

Thanks so much for your time!!

Here are a few more of the yoga photos from the coast trip on 4th of July. So fun. Thanks again! :)

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Alisa said...

Yay for yoga!

I love your yoga pics, that experience looked amazing!!!!!

I'm really excited for Emily to do another yoga session at her place.

Thanks for being an inspiration.

Jo Lynn said...

I do love yoga too. I only get to do it once or twice a week but I always enjoy it. It kicks my butt sometimes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your pics are absolutely gorgeous and so peaceful looking!

Amy said...

Those pictures are awesome! At first I didn't think it was you. So, so cool! Good luck w/ the Yogathon!

Emily said...

Go Yogathon! Thanks for posting this to your blog...let me know if it brings upon any great donations. I can't wait to see where this thing goes. So happy to have your support!

skierz said...

those are awesome photos! Yoga rocks, it is my physical and mental rock as part of my training!