Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coming up for air

So much to say, so little time or energy. I can’t even compose a complete sentence (see previous sentence). This calls for bullet points!

- Metaphors/Phrases I would use in sentences about how busy I am, if I could compose a complete sentence: A lot on my  plate, Juggling, Spinning Plates (you know, like the circus thing? This lookss really weird written down), Busy Bee, Over-extended, Spread thin, Etc..

- My life is now officially centered around the new house and the 1,000 things that need to be done. We are about 75% done with painting – we are painting the entire interior. Literally every single non-floor surface in the house. It’s a lot of work but it looks amazing. Once that is done the other 999 projects can begin. Like moving. A more complete house update with lots of pictures will eventually be posted.

- Things I would not have committed to if I had known we were buying a house/if I knew how much work it would be: Book Club, Yogathon, (plea for donations will eventually be posted), Marathon Training, Softball League

- Yoga and climbing are both officially on the back burner. Instead of feeling bad about it, I just decided to take a few weeks off so I can take care of these initial big house projects and moving.

- I’m training for a marathon! I may shelve yoga and climbing, but no one puts running in a corner. It takes a lot of energy to run 16 miles and then paint for 8 hours but I’m doing it (so is Zach). This is the first time my marathon training is not my primary focus in life. We’ll see how that affects the outcome. I’m getting my miles in and it’s actually going pretty great.

- Some highlights from last week’s training:

---- My first speed work in like a year! 6 x 0.5 mile intervals at something like a 7:15 pace average. Not bad!

---- Long run of 16 miles with 10 at 8:24 pace. They were supposed to be “Goal Pace” but I don’t really have a goal yet. So I just went for it! Felt great and just cruised along.

---- Total miles for last week: 45! The next three weeks are 50+ and then I taper. Yikes.

- We DNS a trail race we were signed up for on Saturday (see all previous posts about being over-extended, having an entire house to paint, etc). It was 2+ hours away and we just didn’t have the time to spare. We got our miles in near home and then got back to work. It was a cheap entry fee so that’s fine. Moving on.

- Going with the flow! Taking it day by day! Trying to enjoy the process and remember this is a GOOD thing and quit complaining! ETC!

- Well I think that’s it for now. Sorry no photos! There will be plenty soon. Thanks for reading!


Susan - Nurse on the Run said...

Sounds like you're busy with lots of amazing things...can't beat that! :) Good luck with the house AND marathon training. I can barely take care of myself...ha.

Lotusphx said...

...nobody puts running in the corner... cue music... "Iiiii haaaad the tiiime of myyyyyy liiiife..."

Hmm, that makes me think, maybe you can combine karoake and painting!!

Keep up the great work - you are not just doing chores and tasks, you are creating a home, your sanctuary, the place where you will return after a hard days work, where you will rest and restore safely and wake up to feel refreshed for a new day ahead, where friends and families will gather and share laughs and loves. This is a labor of love!!

Alisa said...

Well, you're learning how to balance and what stays and what goes =).

I definitely understand feeling overcommitted which is why I'm choosing to be a bit wishy washy lately.

Jo Lynn said...

"Nobody puts running in a corner." My favorite movie line EVER! Well, you know, the real one. :)

Ewen said...

So what are you doing in your spare time?

Impressed you're both getting the marathon training done - hope you have time for a pre and post-race report ;)

KK said...

LOL about "nobody puts running in a corner." Hilarious.

When we moved in 2008 it sent me into a downward spiral of prolonged illness for half a year. Moving sucks. Make sure to self medicate with lots of wine.