Sunday, April 17, 2011

running stories

A quick note- I changed the title of my blog back to "running stories." My mind was wandering as I was out for a run this week, and I was thinking about my most recent blog post and the blog in general. I decided that I really like the name "running stories" and that it should keep that original title. I had that name for so long, and just changed it to "creating space" last June, but I was ready to change it back.

When I first posted about going in a New Direction,  I was in a place where I really needed a change in my life. I wanted to take my focus away from training hard and racing, and spend more time looking inward and figuring out what really drives me. I knew running was important to me, but I felt like it was covering up a deeper need for validation. I specifically felt like I was reaching out for validation from my readers hoping that your words would fill something inside of me. I renamed the blog because needed "permission" from myself to stop posting the stats of every single run. I hoped that would help me take the emphasis and importance off of my running performance, and force me to find that satisfaction from other sources.

Not sure I figured it out just yet, but I do think I made some progress. I do think that changing the name allowed me to open up quite a bit about my feelings and my life, and I am happy with that change. I also like not posting as much about my running, because that always felt like such an obligation.

That said, I have also realized that running IS important to me. I have started expanding my horizons with yoga, climbing, etc.. but the truth is I am a runner through and through. As things change in my life, running is the thread that follows through it all. I do still think that I need to find satisfaction in a broader range of activities, but I still want to run, train, and race. I love posting my race reports and occasionally posting about specific runs. And darnit, this is my blog and I'll do what I want!

So that's the update. It's "running stories" again. I will continue creating space in my life for other pursuits and loves, and I will keep trying to find room in my life for the present. I haven't lost sight of that goal. But in seeking that balance, I decided I do want to tip the scales back towards running just a little.

Thanks for reading. :)


Ewen said...

Nothing wrong with admitting you're a runner. Thanks for thanking me for reading ;)

Anonymous said...

welcome back

Mom in montana

Aron said...

I love that you changed your name back :) I for one LOVE your running stories and running is such a big part of you. Yay!

Petraruns said...

Love how you're constantly working on this - that's what keeps life interesting and keeps us reading. Big big hug, lots of love, me