Saturday, July 14, 2007

A couple easy workouts and Race Goals

Thursday after work we drove down to the lake again to go swimming. As I said before, it's basically "open water" swimming lane, which follows the outside boundary of the designated swimming area. The lane is approximately 140 yards long, and actually really wide- about 15-20 feet at the widest- so you have to sight and watch for other swimmers. Thursday we saw some of the real open water swimmers going across the lake- you have to be a paying member of this group and can only swim at certain times- we might consider joining. But for now we're getting used to swimming in the lake without stopping. We did about 900 yards total. It took me about 23 minutes.

Friday 5.0 miles/45:14/9:04 average pace

Easy run before work, I made a point to not even look at my watch and just run at a relaxed pace. It was nice and cool out, only about 60. That will hopefully be the case tomorrow morning for the race (plus, God willing, some fog!).

SO, my goals for the Wine Country Half Marathon!

A Goal: PR (sub 1:44:54) I think I can beat my PR by over a minute, which will require me to run an average pace of about 7:55. Although beating my PR by even a second would bring me great joy also. That's anything under an 8:00 pace.

B Goal: Come in near by PR (like 1:47 or better- under 8:10 pace).

C Goal: Run my best and finish strong (under 1:50 is certainly doable).

Pie in the sky/secret dream goal: Huge PR -let's say sub 1:43 (7:52 pace).

Wheels fall off/not my day backup goal: suck it up and finish

I am feeling really confident and excited for the race! It is going to be really beautiful course and my two best friends will be out there running it too- what more could I ask for. Can't wait to post my race report, plus of course we'll hear about Zach's day too- his first long distance road race! I'll have some pictures too, although not many since my photographer will be busy running. :)

Thanks for the well wishes everyone as always!

Whoo hoo!


Maddy said...

Good luck with the race tomorrow! I'm sure you will PR!

Run Strong!

GB said...

Hi Jen, I'm sure you blasted through the Half Marathon and did GREAT. I can't wait to read your report. You're a huge inspiration to me!

jahowie said...

I hope that you had a great race!! I'm looking forward to reading the report.

Marathon Maritza said...

"my two best friends"

*tear* :D

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sounds like good goals to me. I hope you did well.