Monday, July 02, 2007

Long Run and Weekly Summary


Friday 6.0 miles/54:xx/9:xx average pace

Easy run in the morning on Friday, felt really good.


Saturday 15.0 miles/2:12:08/8:49 average pace

Zach and I went for a long run looping through Golden Gate Park, with couple hilly miles on the streets of the city, then up the big hill past the Cliff House. Zach finished at 12.5 miles and I continued out and back on a path along the Great Highway (the road that parallels the beach) for a total of 15 miles. It was a really exciting run- I forgot how much can happen when you are out on these long running adventures. In the park we saw turtles and a waterfall (oh, and don't forget the buffalo), then we climbed up a long hill to a gorgeous view of the coast and the city, and then I ran along a busy beach path with tons of other runners, some were cheering for each other (training groups are common there, and they cheer and yell for all runners!). We were consistent with our pace, even on the hills. There were lots of street crossings and other obstacles, which made it hard to get into a groove, but oh well. There was so much going on around us, the run flew by. :)

I went for a short, easy bike ride yesterday - about 6 miles including one stop at the library and another at the park. Otherwise, took the day off.

TOTAL miles for the week: 40!! This was my goal so I'm very happy. I've never hit 40 miles a week when not in Marathon training. Cool.

PLUS: 2000 meters swimming, and just 6 miles on the bike. (I know, I know).

Here's my plan for this week:

Monday: 7 miles

Tuesday: swim, 3 miles easy

Wednesday: 5k Race!

Thursday: swim

Friday: 5 miles

Saturday: 11 miles

Sunday: swim, bike

The 5k race should be fun. I did the 10k event in 2005 and placed 2nd in my age group! My PR for the 5k is pretty fast for me- 22:08, so I don't know if I'll beat it. But if anything it's replacing my speedwork this week. I don't think it's too close to my half to cause any problems. Weeee!


Milotis said...

Good work - 40 miles! Good luck in the 5k this week - first place in age division this year???

GB said...

Congrats on hitting the big 40/ week! I haven't done that since Boston training either, but I'll hit it next week! Have a great 5K race. Kick booty. I know you will!

Happy 4th!

Michele said...

40 miles, great job.

Good luck at the 5K

miss petite america said...

i have to get my ass out there and run that! holy wow!

Lance Notstrong said...

I think 22:08 is pretty fast for anyone!!!

SpeedLeopard said...

Great job this week and way to go on that OWS. It's hard getting used to and then I think they're fun!

Fran said...

Good luck with the 5k.

Bob Gentile said...

Have a fun 5k Jen, If halfway you need to stop and get ur feet re-taped that's fine :-) and maybe a leg message-haha

Looks like ur training is going great as usual and love the Dorky pic too!

Happy 4th to U and Zach.