Monday, July 23, 2007

Tagged: Rockin Girl Bloggers

I was tagged by Miss Petite America as a Rockin Girl Blogger (awwww!) and now I shall tag these lovely ladies whose blogs I obsess over, I mean, read.

Maritza, of course, because she's a sweeheart and a devoted runner and even has a cooking-show thing going on on her blog right now. Can't beat that!

JKRunning if she hasn't been tagged already. She is very smart and inspiring.

Michele is a super rockin' triathlete blogger.

Jessica has a great website for her trail running group in Southern California- I need to get down there and meet her!

GB (aka Silly Lillie) is an incredible runner who has run several of the same races as me (boston and CIM) and I hope to meet her someday too!

Ladies, you all rock. :)


Jessica Deline said...

Thanks Jen! Hmm.. now who should I tag...

TJ said...

all you gals are rockin!!!

GB said...

Just so you know, I'm tagging you back right now!

You're rockin' Jen! I do hope we get to meet at least at the CIM. Even just for a quick exchange of "Kick some butt!" :-)

Marathon Maritza said...

Awww thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :cheese: