Wednesday, April 09, 2008

boston boston boston boston

Monday 6.0 miles/51:55/8:39 average pace

I ran after work with Zach on the Iron Horse Trail. Thankfully, not as many bugs. The run was fun and felt easy. We were talking the whole time (which is a good indicator of a comfortable effort) including the last mile which took 8:11.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I did nothing. It was nice! Actually I couldn't really swim, bike, or do weights because Monday I went to the doctor for a physical and got my every-10-years (there's got to be a word for that but I'm not looking it up... Tennual?) Tetanus shot. Ouch! My shoulder was so sore I could hardly lift my arm. I also got blood drawn and all that. I already got my results online (isn't that cool) and everything looks good! I figured, but it's good to know for sure. Also, turns out I have a deviated septum.

You'd think I would have realized all those times I stuck my finger in my nose that it was uneven! hehe. I did notice, I just assumed it was normal. Anyway, I don't have any of the problems that can come with it (snoring, sleep apnea, sinus infections) but I"m going to blame it on the following things: I need a nose plug when I swim, I breathe loud, and I spit a lot (actually the doctor confirmed this, something about my sinuses not draining down my nose properly). Sorry, this was a really gross and boring topic. :D Moving on!

Oh, first: I did go swimming this morning. 750 m (250 kicking, 500 crawl). My shoulder was kinda sore but not too bad.


I can't stop thinking about BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooo excited and a little nervous. The trip itself is going to be awesome of course. We're staying right downtown so we'll get to see all kinds of cool historic stuff. Plus there are so many good restaurants and bars to visit. Also, my best friend since 5th grade is flying out from Portland to cheer me on! YAY!!! She's never seen me run or really been to a big marathon I think, so this will be really cool for her. She is staying with a friend but will hang out with us the night before and then after the race.

The race itself will be incredible too- I think I'll be able to absorb a little more of it this time since it's my second time. Last year it was just so overwhelming! I can't wait to see the girls at Wellesely and the guys at Boston College, and the crowds all along the way. The other runners all have so much energy and enthusiasm it's unreal. Then after conquering the hills of Newton and cruising into Boston, making that turn onto Boylston... Aaaaaah! I'm so excited.

I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself about a certain finishing time, but I am a little nervous/anxious just as always before a big race. I feel that I"m in great shape to run a BQ time (3:40) or maybe even PR (3:36:47) but (BIG BUT) it's Boston... it's a tough course. Those hills, they are doozies. I'm allright but hills are not my strength. Who knows what kind of time I can run. I'd like to BQ ("Re-Q")- that's my "A" goal. But I don't want to psyche myself out. I want to be happy with whatever I can do that day. For the next week and a half (EEEE!) I am going to think positive.

I've also started checking the extended forecast but I know that's really pointless. The weather can change in an instant. I don't even really care- last year was fine and it was the worst storm possible! We'll just get what we get I suppose. I'll be ready for anything!


Donald said...

Boston's unique - it's a tough course, but it can be a very fast one if you run it right. It's all about planning and strategy.

Have a great time - I'm very jealous!

P.O.M. said...

I can honestly feel the excitement thru reading your blog! Yeah. You're going to do great and have an amazing weekend to boot (I hate when people say 'to boot.')

aron said...

i am soooo excited for you!!! what number marathon will this be? i bet the energy there is amazing! GOOD LUCK and i cant wait to read all about it!

jen said...

Aron, this will be marathon #6 for me. Crazy!!

Zach said...

(To the music of Batman)
Buh Buh Buh Buh, Buh Buh Buh Buh, Buh Buh Buh Buh, Buh Buh Buh Buh, Boston! Boston! Boston!

Can't wait to cheer you on then celebrate after!

Good job getting to the pool today w/ the sore shoulder too.

Judi said...

You are going to rock that course girlie. Can't wait to hear your time. I'd be willing to bet bucks you PR.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Just stick to the way you trained and you will do awesome at Boston. Your training has been great and you are ready. I'll bet you will surprise yourself with this performance.

Danielle said...

I'm excited for BOSTON for you!!! I wish I was running the BM...

Ewen said...

Using that many exclamation marks, you must be excited!

You'll run well - your training has been near perfect. Re-do the BQ and run a PB.

The 311 Boys Mom said...

I'm soooo excited for you!!!! I wish I could just even see it!!

I can almost see how excited you are!!!

I"m excited sitting here thinking about it!!! I was just in Boston for work.

My boss wouldn't let us schedule it for marathon time......maybe next year; I can go with out him!!!