Friday, April 04, 2008


Thursday after work I did another bike ride: 9.0 miles/36:57/14.6 MPH

I rode up the Iron Horse and back which is always pretty windy in the afternoons. I noted that the first 4.5 miles took me 21:10 which is 12.8 MPH average, but the return trip only took 15:47 which is 17.5 MPH! It's amazing how much the wind affects you on the bike. It wasn't THAT windy - I wouldn't have even noticed it if I were running.

There were also a lot of bugs. The trail goes along a canal and there are tons of those tiny little bugs. I rode through several swarms and could feel them pelting my face and arms. Several landed in my mouth- ew! I was surprised that when I got home and looked in the mirror I didn't have a bug beard. In fact, there weren't any stuck to me. Oh not so fast biker girl! When I unzipped my jersey there were a dozen or so in my cleavage. :O Some were still alive and flew out. Ya. That is your mental image for today. You're welcome! Please share your bug stories, I can't be the only one with bugs in weird places.. can I???

Anyway, after I de-bugged I did some strength training for a while. I used my 12 lb dumbbells and did some curls, shoulder presses, rows, and tricep extensions (one dumbbell held with both hands). I also did a bunch of crunches and leg raises and stuff.

Finally some running:

Friday 10.0 miles/1:25:56/8:36 average pace

I was up and out the door shortly after 6:00 a.m. and was surprised to see the sky was already light! I ran on the trail and listened to a couple podcasts about Boston history. I was sort of supposed to do a goal pace run but I just wasn't really feeling it. I put in a solid effort though and felt great, so I'm ok with that. It's not like I tried and couldn't hit my pace, I just didn't feel like trying! haha.

I ran into a runner friend Mark Ramierez on the trail and we ran several miles together. I always seem to see him before a race and he is always so encouraging. He has run multiple sub-3 marathons even after age 50, so I really respect his opinion. He told me I looked really fit and strong and after running together a while he said I "sound great" with good breathing and a good rhythm. He always boosts my confidence! He has all kinds of great running sayings too like "without the drills you get no thrills!" and "if you keep doing what you've always done, you're going to get what you've always got" and so forth. He just peppers them in conversation, it's hilarious. He also says "Make it a great day!" when we part ways which is also great. Oh, and he knows EVERYONE we pass on the trail and gives me a little synopsis "Hi Lynn!" "She ran CIM last year too." He's awesome.


P.O.M. said...

Thanks for the bug visual. Ick. At least you didn't "eat" any. Or did you????

jen said...

"Thanks for the bug visual. Ick. At least you didn't "eat" any. Or did you????"

After they flew out of my bosom? No. lol.. But I did eat some while biking.

21stCenturyMom said...

I ran the Ironhorse last night and felt like I was running through airBug soup. It was like pre-dinner bugatizers. I don't believe I had any in my cleavage, though - you're just special that way!

*aron* said...

ekk i ran the iron horse last night in wc and they were all over too :( gross. some in my mouth and one in my eye!

Marathon Maritza said...

I miss my trail!!! :'-( I would even take it, bugs and all!

And the sky is light at 6? I gotta start getting up early!

Ewen said...

Mark sounds like a great guy - I like "without the drills you get no thrills"!

Thanks for the bonus mental image ;) I can't think of any 'running bug' stories, except for having the running bug. I remember riding my motorcycle through a swarm of grasshoppers once - now that was messy! I doubt if any would have survived a cleavage confrontation (if I had one).

Good luck with surviving what remains of the "taper paranoia" (I like that!) - you're doing well.

Bob Gentile said...

bugs in weird places...--LOL

Isn't that a song --haha

Nice run on the trails and Mark does sound like a great person.

In FL i had my share of running through Nats after a rain storm, but thank goodness none got in between my cleavage :-)

Taperrrrrrrrrr Time a Coming!!

Danielle said...

I don't think I've ever found em in my bra before!?!

kelsalynn said...

I ran into an old friend while running the Detroit Marathon at mile 22~!! I hadn't seen him in YEARS and I look to my right and there is he is! Can you believe it?? I love that! I'm glad he boosted your confidence but I think you already knew how great, fit, and healthy you are! It is always nice to hear it though.

Willis said...

Looking real strong there, Jen. Your last 20 miler sounded pretty kick-a$$!

I'd love to get a road bike soon myself. Although I think tris are going to eat way too much of my time...

Looking forward to hearing about your next dual/trisport race as well!

GB said...

Hey Jen, just wanted to let you know I got your message w/ your email address. I'll be touching base about boston soon. I'd love to meet up!

A bunch of us are meeting Saturday night at Boston Beerworks at 7 p.m. on the 2nd level. If we don't meet at the expo, I hope you stop at the Beerworks for a brew!

jahowie said...

Bugs aren't as dumb as I thought!! :-) I had a battle with the wind yesterday too. Nice job on the ride.

Mir said...

Bugs in cleavage = HAHAHA!

Thanks for the laugh. :) I've had that happen a time or two just from running, so I can only imagine what would happen from a windy ride.