Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Zach!

Happy Happy Birthday to Zach. He was born 29 years ago today and I'm so glad he was. :) I've celebrated many birthdays with him since we've been together- I remember when he turned 19.

Well this is the oldest pic I have on my computer- it's from April 2002, so he had just turned 23- this was taken on Mt. Jumbo in Missoula, Montana. And just because these pics are cool there's one of me too:

Yes, I am sure glad he was born. He's the best that that could have ever happened to me. I love you babe!!!!

Ok enough mushy stuff- back to training:

Monday 6.0 miles/49:24/8:14 average pace

I was supposed to run easy on Monday but I was just feeling it, so I ran fast. Zach kept up with me pretty much (hehe) even on a big hill and a couple smaller ones. We ran the last mile in 7:35 and it did not even feel hard! We were talking the whole time.

Tuesday bike 14.0 miles/1:02:36/13.8 MPH

Zach encouraged me to ride with him on the roads instead of just sticking to the trail (or the couch, as I would have preferred). It was pretty scary, I have only rode on the roads a couple of times but I know I need to get used to it. There were bike lanes for most of it and the drivers were courteous when there were no bike lanes. The first part was very windy and a little hilly, but the second part was flat/downhill and fast. We hit 22 MPH at one point! I think I will fly when I get a new racing bike... riding the "beast" (hybrid bike) is like swinging with two bats. It was a very tough ride but I'm glad I did it. I know it will get less scary the more experience I get, like all things.

Wednesday 7.0 miles/1:02:53/8:59 average pace

Hmm, in almost the exact same amount of time about 12 hours later I covered exactly half the distance. Interesting! The birthday boy was doing a brick workout (his first Tri of the season is only 2 1/2 weeks away) so I got up as he was finishing his bike ride on the trainer and we headed out together. We ran 2 miles together, then he turned back to the house and I finished my run. I listened to Steve Runner's 2008 State of the Course which is an annual preview of the Boston Marathon course and festivities. Of course it got me really excited.

Tonight we'll be having some drinks with friends after work then having dinner. Zach already got a nice present from our San Jose Sharks last night- they scored the game winning goal with only 7 seconds to go. :) Series is now tied 2-2 (vs. Calgary Flames (boooo)).

Next post will be Boston goals and thoughts. And probably more San Jose Sharks coverage. :P


KK said...

Happy Birthday to Zach! Glad you guys will celebrate in style (i.e. DRINKING)! (P.S. we do have a lot in common; my husband's birthday is this Friday-too funny!)

Corral 14 is the first corral of wave two I think so I will be one corral behind you. But maybe we'll run into each other in athlete's village? I'd be so fun to meet you, too! Too bad you'll probably have a hat on so I won't be able to recognize that stylish new haircut. :)

Good luck, I'm geting anxious now!

Petraruns said...

Happy birthday Zach! What an exciting couple of days you have ahead - enjoy every moment of it! And then we'll see each other next week! It seems very far away from cold, wet, rural England - how tempting..

The 311 Boys Mom said...

Happy Bday to Zach!!!

I know you're a Sharks fan, but once the RED WINGS beat ready for Detoit to kick your San Jose Sharks ASS..... lol you know what they say about people from Detroit, right??? ;O)

I've been reading a TON about Boston (marathon). this is such a big deal.....

you must be sooooo stoked! I am just reading about it! I'll never get therr, unless its to cheer....but......its jsut a HUGE deal!

and you're totally gonna rock it!!!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Happy Birthday to Zach. You guys are going to have to stop by when you come into Phoenix one of these times so we can go for a run.

Looks like you are perfectly ready for Boston. Good luck!

BTW, how the hell did the Sharks blow a 3 to 0 lead in that game the other night?

Zach said...

I remember when those pictures were taken (the pics on Jumbo - the other ones I will never forget :) )

I had fun running with you this week - you seem much less sore and much more determined going into Boston this year - looking forward to cheering you on!

Judi said...

Happy Bday Zach! You guys are so cute. Jen, good luck in Boston. You are going to rock it. Riding in the road is fun! Way more fun than a trail. You'll get used to it. Go to SanFran and ride. It's too fun.

Ewen said...

Yes, enough of the mushy stuff! Happy birthday Zach - you've done well for putting up with her for that long ;)

I like that second photo - very atmospheric.

Goals. Yes!

Steve Stenzel said...

Awww....sweet mushy stuff.

Enjoy the taper. And the butterflies in the tummy!...

Gotta Run said...

Sounds like Zach is pretty lucky himself. you two are just sweet!!!

Boston is so close. Can't wait to see these goals... you will hit them for sure!! you are a machine girl.

jahowie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Zach!! Good luck on Monday!!!

*aron* said...

GOOD LUCK monday and have fun in boston!!! you are going to do great!!!