Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Week 3 update

My right shin has been a little sore lately, so I skipped my recovery run on Tuesday. It's not bad, just persistent and annoying. I pretty much have this every training cycle so I'm familiar with the process. Ice, complain, repeat. The runs I didn't skip were great.

8.0 miles/1:15:18/9:25
Waterfront solo. It was pretty warm out and I didn't like that one bit. In California I ran in 90+ degrees most days of the year (ok, not really, but it felt like it) and now I'm a whiny softie about 85 degrees. Whatever. I think the other Portlanders would agree- at least half the guys I saw were carrying their shirts in their hands and there were lots of girls in bra tops. Hubba hubba.

Monday night I rode my bike with Zach as he did his 5 miler. Also did weights.

recovery day

11.0 miles/1:48:20/9:51 average pace
Forest park. This was a difficult hilly run but so beautiful. Forest Park is a crazy lush fantasy forest and it's amazing to run through. I took a different route (Wildwood Trail) than I have before and it was pretty intense. I gained about 350 feet of elevation in the first .75 of a mile, and then the trail continued to climb pretty seriously until about mile four, peaking about 950 feet elevation. After that it was rolling hills until mile 6. Then I took a cutoff trail (Fireroad 3) back down to the main path (Leif Erickson Drive). From there it was pretty flat for a couple miles, then slight downhill for the last mile. It's crazy to me that people run these kind of trails exclusively. I honestly don't like running uphill, so I have a lot of respect for trail and ultra runners. I saw a few people out just trottin along like it ain't no thing.

Just for fun, here's my splits:












Love that four minute differerential between mile 1 and 11.

Here's some pictures (did I mention I took a lot of breaks?):

I stopped on my way home and bought a new 5-gallon bucket at Ace Hardware. We somehow got rid of the old one in the move. I really need it for some lower-leg ice bucketing since my shins are sore. So, I made some coffee, iced, and then made an omelette. Nevermind that it was 2pm. This is where unemployment has lead me- late afternoon Omletteville. Remember the snl skit??

Seriously, unemployment is beginning to super suck. I am trying to enjoy it, but I find myself bored for at least a few hours of the day while Zach is at work. Plus, I feel guilty about not contributing financially. My severance has ended, and although I'm still getting unemployment insurance from CA, it's practically nothing. I am actively looking for work and am trying to stay positive, but it's frustrating. Just a little vent, I know things could be worse. In the grand scheme of things I'm happy and grateful. I'm sure once I get a job I'll miss omeletteville.

New topic: This weekend is the Portland Marathon! Of course I am not running it, but I will be out there cheering on the runners and handing out gummy bears and water, or something. I know a couple people who are running it, like POM and Emily's bf. Next year I will definitely run it, and Maritza, Katie, Emily, Aron, and lots of other bloggers will join me... right?? ;)


*aron* said...

yummm i wish i was in omletteville :)

great job on all the runs! when i first moved to the bay area i didnt have a job either and it was hard for your same reasons... bored and money - and not wanting to keep myself busy by spending the money. enjoy the time while you have it and something will come along!

those are some beautiful places you have to run!

have a great time this weekend. portland is def on my list of potential marathons next year :)

Marathon Maritza said...

Unless you bail on me, Portland is 100% my Fall marathon for 2009.

Great pictures!

I know it's frustrating and boring, as you say, but try to enjoy'll miss these days when they are gone!


N.D. said...

Yea, definitely try to enjoy your free time since life is all mostly work work work! Nice job on that run and negative splits! Have fun at Portland!

kelsalynn said...

WOW! Your times are insane. You are so quick!

The trails you find to run are amazing- thanks for sharing the pictures.

Petraruns said...

Hey chin up Jen - you sound like it's going okay but the boredom etc. does get to you. Is there any merit in doing a short-term part-time job in a bike / running / tri store just to get you out and meeting people? One thing often leads to another and you know what a nice bunch us athletes are - once they find out Superjen is looking and what you're about they're just going to have to create a job for you! It just kind of hooks you in and gets you out of the house..

As for next year's Portland marathon - hmmm now there's a good idea! I might just come over for it if it's a goodie!

Ewen said...

So there were girls carrying their shirts in their hands too? :)

Those trail hills will make you strong and fast - just kick back and enjoy the scenery - don't worry that the speed is slower than a road run.

Have fun cheering - yell out a few "you're so good lookin'"s for me.

ncrunner12 said...

Forest Park look amazing, great pictures.

I work from home so I know all about being bored while others are out with real jobs, it's hard but stay positive. Once you get a job you'll probably be thinking you didn't take full advantage of your time off. Stay positive.

Awesome runs, keep it up

D10 said...

Keep taking advantage of your time out of work. I am sure something is going to pop up soon!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

"Ice, complain, repeat."
LOL! Isn't that the life of a distance runner in a nutshell? I love it! It should be tough to complain with all those beautiful trails to run on though.

It's a tough job market right now. We just had a bunch of layoffs yesterday. Fortunately, I went unnoticed.

Nitmos said...

Pretty cool splits. Going dooowwwwnn. Always good.

Judi said...

Hey Jen! PDX is so pretty, I am just GREEN with all your beautiful places to run. Your runs sound so awesome. I am doing a 50k trail run on the 19th and have taken to doing long runs in the woods. Technical trails with rocks and huge tree roots. It's still better than running around the dirty streets where I live.

Glad Zach got a job. That's good news. I hope you find something soon too. I am sure you will. In the meantime, why don't you go volunteer at the local animal shelter or something?

the gazelle said...

It was great meeting you last night! I love running in Forest Park - and can't wait to get back on the trails.

Blog My said...

I honestly don't like running uphill
Don't worry we don't like them either that is why we power walk them :-) actually you should power walk them also, you will have a better quality run.

Love the pics and glad your settling in nice in OR...I will be out there next year for the first annual OR100 miler.

Have a great weekend

Eed said...

Yay for Portland! Picked up his packet today and now he's watching jealously as I drink beer during the Michigan game. Light mist outside and hoping for good cool weather tomorrow. Let's try to meet up at the finish!

kelsalynn said...

Hey, Jen, what exactly is a recovery run? Is it just at a slower pace than a regular run or is there something else that makes it different?

I was just curious and I thought I would ask an expert (that's you!).


Sorry about your shin but great job on two nice runs.


Michael said...

Way to go, Jen! Great times. Talk about a reverse split...just about every mile was faster than the previous! You rock...and I LOVE to hear that you're enjoying Portland...

KK said...

I'm all over Portland '09. And I expect and omeltte/mimosa party at your pad afterwards (you make the omelette, I'll make the mimosas).

Way to keep your positive attitude re the job front. I have faith that you'll find something soon. If not, you could always temporarily work at Niketown to get MAJOR discounts on runningwear.

Nice training week, hope the shin pain subsides.