Thursday, October 16, 2008

whatever week it is wrap-up and HM goals

Another big week for me and it's going great. Legs are feeling great. 28 miles so far in three runs as follows:

5.0 miles/43:23/8:40 average pace
Easy solo run. I rode my bike along with Zach that evening for his 5 miler too.

12.0 miles/1:46:20/8:52 average pace
Long run. Felt pretty good and I kept a really consistent pace. Zoned out to a little Yo Yo Ma.

rest. weird.

11.0 miles/1:33:13/8:28 average pace
Ugh. I was not looking forward to this run, as usual. I always get really anxious about speedwork. I guess I just can't stop thinking about how hard it's going to be even though it's not that bad. And it wasn't. Here's the breakdown:
2 miles warm up at 9:46 average pace (it might be 10:00 am but I've still got sleep in my eyes)
6 miles Tempo Pace at 7:42 average. Fastest mile was 7:21. I had a nice rap playlist going and was flying along, especially to these songs:

Stronger (see also:

Out here Grindin

Both of which I pretty much listened to over and over for an hour

Cool down 3 miles easy (not doing the math right now)

Now I'm sitting at the computer freezing my toes off in an ice bucket.

So, this weekend I'm running the Run Like Hell Half Marathon. We drove the course last night and yikes. It's flat for 4-5 miles, then gradually uphill with a couple steeper climbs for the next 4-5 miles (repeat: uphill for 5 miles) then some sweet downhills for the last few miles. I would love to PR (1:43:40, 7;55 average pace) but we'll see. The hills are going to slow me down, it's just a question of how much. Also a question of how fast I can destroy those downhills.

Elated: pr
Satisfied: 1:47 or better
Whatever, call it a training run: 1:50 or better

My in-laws are getting into town in a few hours so I got to get some chores done. I will post a race report as soon as possible.

Good luck Maritza this weekend- she's running her 4th marathon total and her second running of the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco on Sunday. I would do anything to be there to cheer her on and be the first to congratulate her at the finish. Good luck and have fun Maritza!! I'm so proud of you for all the work you've put into your training. You're amazing. :) :) :)


the gazelle said...

I'm doing the Run Like Hell 5K (my first race post knee-hab).

I did the Shamrock 15K last April, and we ran up Terwilliger to OHSU & then back down Barbur. It wasn't too bad (although I was a hill-lover).

Good luck to you!

*aron* said...

good luck this weekend!!! you will do AWESOME!

amazing job as always on the runs... this is a tough week! 2 hours and i will be attempting the 11 w/6 LT... should be a blast as always :(

i will scream extra loud for maritza from you too!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Good luck at the race this weekend!

Emily said...

Just remember that gravity is you friend on the downhills. All you have to do is move your legs to keep up.

I'm not going to be able to be on the course cheering you guys on - I have to go to a baptism at the crack of Sunday in the Couv. I will be thinking speedy thoughts and want the full report!

D10 said...

You are going to have an awesome race. Good luck. Great job on the runs this week.

kelsalynn said...

Holy crapola- you are soooo fast! 7:55/mile for 13.1 miles! DAMN! I know I say that like every other comment I leave, but it really just amazes me that you can run that fast. I'm curious- have you always been fast? Did you start out slow? I'm just curious b/c I can't imagine ever being THAT fast. I plan to get faster, but probably won't ever be as speedy as you. Just wondering if it's something you work at or if it comes naturally.


Kelly H. said...

So can I just say it's awesome that you posted the link to Steve's grim reaper dance. That made me laugh. Okay my speedwork was for one mile you do tempo for 6? I think you're ready for a pr. GOOD LUCK! Have fun with the inlaws.

Judi said...

Cinti also has a Run Like Hell 5k. Have a good race, I am sure you will rock it. Esp on the downhills. I am running a 50k trail run Sunday. I think I have lost my freaking mind. Have a good weekend!

Steve Stenzel said...

OMG. I can't believe you linked my video. Too funny!

Nice runs! Great pace!!

Marathon Maritza said...

Good luck at the half!!! Work those downhills!!

And thanks for the good luck message, you totally made me tear up. *sniff* I miss you!!!

Petraruns said...

I'm with Kelsalynn - you are just SO speedy woman! Greatest of luck but don't kill yourself on those hills - save some in the box there...

And watch that downhill at the end - it can be hell on your knees and quads after a long run..

Ewen said...

Good luck Jen. You're running well - something between 'elated' and 'satisfied' is my prediction.

Just imagine the Grim Reaper is on your tail running up that (5 mile!) hill. Hey, his moves are up there with Christopher Walken's!

kelsalynn said...

Have fun in your half-mary! You're going to do great! I can't wait to see the race report.

Your mentality toward speed work is IDENTICAL to what goes through my head before a speed run. I always tell myelf I'm going to hate it but it ends up being okay.