Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Week Running

I can't believe it is STILL snowing here in Portland. It started on Sunday the 14th and has pretty much continued since. There have been a few breaks, and there was some freezing rain in there somewhere too, but mostly snow. I do love it, it's very pretty and very Christmassy! However, I am bummed that I can't run outside!

I don't know how people who live in very snowy climates train during the winter. I suppose it doesn't help that people here don't even own snow shovels, let alone use them. I've been out walking every single day and I personally think it would be impossible to run. The snow is deep and crusty and where it is clear it's very slick. Those of you who do it: I admire you. Also, you're crazy.

I'll post some new snow photos below, but first let me report my recent workouts. Yes, I have worked out! Go me!!

Friday: bike
30 minutes on the trainer
Strength Training in apt.

Monday: run!
3.0 miles/30:00/10:00 average pace
Easy run on the treadmill. Legs felt great!!
Strength Training in weight room.

Over the weekend Zach and I walked all around in the snow for a couple of hours each day. It's a pretty good workout I have to say! Much like walking in the sand. But not loggable, imo.

My goal for the coming week is to alternate treadmill running and trainer rides and do strength training at least a few times too. It is supposed to warm up enough to melt the snow later this week so hopefully I'll get outdoors to run soon!

Here's pictures from Saturday morning:

And Sunday morning, after a layer of freezing rain capped off the snow (and made it very tough to walk in):

Ice covered the cars:

This is where I wish I was running:

Some ice along the banks of the river:

Awww, shoot! We really wanted ice cream:

Have a very merry Christmas Week everyone! Stay warm!


Burger said...

ice cream?! on days like that? Yikes, I'm cold just looking at those pics..

Alisa said...

Cute pics. Good job getting the workouts in! Treadmill might be easier on the legs anyway =).

I'm glad we got out when we did! Enjoy the safe.

Cindy said...

this weather is crazy! joh and i hiked down to the grocery store yesterday with our dogs--lots of fun! i'm glad we have this kind of weather once in a while---but i am ready for it to melt now. lovely pics!

*aron* said...

WOW that is some crazy weather!! sooo pretty though :) you can come down here and get some outside runs in with us :)

great job on the workouts!

Emily said...

I am really sad that I'm missing Portland in this condition. However, glad that I made it out before things really got bad. You guys look like you're having fun.

Go team!

the gazelle said...

I am just DYING not getting to run outside! Brad & I walked to the grocery store today, and there is no way that I'd be able to run. Not sure if I'll even get to work tomorrow - there are no buses running in North Portland at all right now.

I've yoga-ed at home, ellipticalled at home, but I can't even get to the gym for a treadmill! (Also, we do not own a snow shovel, so have been attempting to shovel with a garden spade....that's some good exercise.)

D10 said...

I like your hat. There is a difference between areas that always get snow and areas that don't. Here in NC if we get an inch all shuts down. However growing up we could get over a foot of snow and we would still have school.

kelsalynn said...

Oh, it looks so pretty though... I definitely miss the snow here in AZ for my first Christmas without it. It just doesn't feel right...

Love the pictures!

Good luck with your treadmill runs and bike rides and strengthening this week!

Petraruns said...

Wow the weather! And I'm sure someone has told you about YakTrax by now - it seems you need some...

Merry merry Christmas to you - may the new year bring you and Zach all you wish for!

melinda said...

ack! It looks SO cold! The pics are great. Good job working out! Keep up the good work.

TJ said...

Merry Christmas!

Nitmos said...

I don't want to sound mean but I'm glad other folks are getting hammered with snow. Living in Michigan, snow cuts the quality running year down to 9 months for me which is very annoying.

But it is nice to look at.

Happy Holidays!

Amy said...

Merry Christmas Jen. Your pictures look cold but also really fun. Enjoy the snow!

Donald said...

It's a big change from S.F, huh? Have a great Christmas!

KK said...

wow I shivered just looking at those pictures-yikes! Good job getting the workouts in. Merry Christmas!

Ewen said...

Great photos Jen - I like Union Station, the street and the one of you and Zach - the snowy background is such a contrast.

Now... I want you to try this - perfect for icy runs down by the river.

All the best to you both for Christmas and the new year!

Marathon Maritza said...

Brrrr! I love the pic of the ice shards on the water! It looks cold but seriously, very pretty and winter wonderland-y.

I miss you! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! *jazz hands*

Julianne said...

I can't believe it snows that much in Portland! You and Zach are soooo cute!! Merry Christmas!

carrie said...

Your pictures are wonderful. I love the one of the train station!