Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NYE Randomness

Happy New Year's Eve kids! Here's some of what is going on in my head today.

- I am still unemployed and actually going to apply for an unemployment extension. I'm really grateful for the money but I could be making so much more if I was working. Most importantly I"m booooooooooored. I think I've applied for about 100000 jobs. Not many interviews. sigh.

- I have an opinion on every single commercial and remember the actors. An example of my insight is that the other day I picked out the voice of Steve Buscemi in two different animated roles in like the span of one hour (well one was the simpsons but still). This of course shows that I watch a lot of tv.

- It's like everybody's birthday around here. Maritza Dec 27th, my dad on the 30th, my friend Alee today the 31st, Zach's Grandad Tomorrow the 1st, my friend Inga's is the 5th. I kind of suck at birthdays around holidays... sorry gang!

- I am going to start cycling 2-3 times a week as sort of a build up to my Spring training. I rode my Mtn bike yesterday down along the river rather than ride my road bike on the trainer. Really I could have taken my road bike out, the streets were dry and it wasn't raining, but I'm not quite ready for that (It's been a WHILE). I pushed pretty hard and actually averaged 13 MPH which wasn't bad on my heavy ass mtn bike! I figure I will do most of the riding on the trainer but I'll try to get out when the weather is clear. Tuesday: bike 10.0 miles/46:12/13.0 mph average

- I ran 5 miles today and bumped into Emily on the river trail, so I joined her on the route over to Anne's house. They went to yoga and I ran home. Wednesday: run 5.0 miles/44:56/8:59 average pace

- Today is my friend from Missoula Alee's birthday. She's a grad student and super smart and funny and easily one of my favorite people. She came to visit us a couple of years ago for New Year's Eve/birthday and we all went out in North Beach in SF and got real intoxicated. It was one of the funnest nights ever. Observe some pics of that historical event with estimated timeline (as if I was at all aware that night). This takes place at a few different bars:

9:00 pm -
10:00 pm-

11:00 pm-

11:30 pm-

possibly after midnight-

12:30 am (Zach and waitress)-

1:00 am-

1:30 am-

2:00 am impromptu party on Bart

2:30 am- (passed out on Bart)

Happy Birthday Alee, love!! Happy New Year to everyone else. Be sane. :)


the gazelle said...

That is quite the progression over the hours! :)

I hope you have a great time tonight. Happy New Year's!

N.D. said...

Great pics!!! Hahha.
I bet you are super bored, I hope something comes up soon. I remember how bored I was in the summer (I'm a teacher) but now I wonder why I was so bored and didn't just enjoy it more! It's hard!! Good luck and happy new year!

Emily said...

Great pics! Given that I have a super horrendous track workout tomorrow, the drinking cannot happen like this tonight!

That, or I'll just move the hard workout to Friday. I'm soooo sneaky!

Gotta Run said...

The timeline of pictures is SOOO funny!!! I loved it.

The pull up bar it worth the money. Not sure about the Shamwows... I would say no one those.

Suckage about the job search. It has now been 5 weeks for Scott but he took this week off to spend with me. Will be hitting it hard on Monday again. Thankful for our savings but even that only last so long.

Petraruns said...

Love the photos. Hope you had a good time this year.

Don't give up on the job front - there will be something for you out there. Keep at it - you will succeed!

Happy new 2009!

Alisa said...

Wow look at that NYE! Were you in SF? We were in the Bay Area too.

I hear you on the bored thing. When we moved to Oregon it took my almost 2 months to find a job and I went nuts. BUT think of it as time you can use to train for that Ironman or learn a new hobby. I learned to cook in the time I had.

kelsalynn said...

Happy New Year to you Jen! Love the summary of the evening with the pictures- very funny!

Good luck on the job hunt. Don't give up.

aron said...

great pics :)

hope the job situation changes soon... i know its not fun :(

happy new year!!!

Girl on Top said...

Hope you find a job soon! It's hard now but it will get better!

Happy new year!

KK said...

Happy New year, Jen! Funny pictures from NYE a while back. Hope you guys had fun this year.

And I really hope 2009 brings you better luck on the job front. And good luck in all your races-looks like a solid list. And Hagg Lake is mucky at first but then awesome after that. But the mucky and rocky bottom in the shallow parts was definitely disgusting. Cheers!

Amy said...

Those pictures look like Katie and I this past NYE. Ha. I'm sorry about the job but I have confidence something will come around. Good luck!

Judi said...

i used to live in north beach! (i danced up there too, lol) which place did you party at? the last time i was there was with people from work, we went to a show put on by a gay show group.

i hope you find a job soon. times are tough. dominic just went back to restaurant work (no tile business). sucks.

i hope 2009 is great!

INga said...

Thanks for the bday shout-out :) I remember those pics...too funny!

Melissa said...

Hahaha! I am cracking up over the last two BART photos...classic timeline photo sequence.

Good luck with the job hunt, it's a new year and clean-slate, right? Hopefully jobs will pick up in the next few months, fingers crossed.

Eric said...

Looks like a pretty crazy new years eve!!!

Arcane said...

Looks like you had a great new year!
Good luck with the job search in 2009.