Monday, September 07, 2009

MT Training Camp

We just got back home a couple of hours ago and I'm exhausted. It's about an 11 hour drive from Helena to Portland and we left about 5:00 am this morning. Our time in Montana was great though, totally worth the long drive. We spent time with our family and friends there and I got in a couple great long training sessions.

Long Run
We took off Friday after work and drove until after midnight, making it as far as Missoula (about 100 miles short of Helena). So Saturday morning, after only about 6 hours of sleep, I got up and did my long run in Missoula. Zach dropped me off at the University and he went to breakfast with his buddies that live there. I started off my run heading east on the dirt/gravel trail along the river for about 4 miles, then turned around when the trail appeared to end. Next I headed west along the river, this time on the popular paved path through town. Tons of people were out walking and biking toward the University for the first Griz football game of the season. I saw quite a few runners too. My pace was a little slow, but I was being cautious with my sore foot and I think the elevation made a minor difference too (only about 3200 ft, but that's about 3100 feet higher than Portland). I wasn't worried though and was really feeling good and having fun. I went slightly over my 2 hour plan and met Zach downtown at our favorite bagel place before hitting the road for Helena.

My foot didn't bother me at all but I could kind of feel it that afternoon. I wore my tennis shoes instead of flip flops for better support. The pain went away completely though over the next couple of days and feels 100% better now. Yay!

Long OWS
Saturday night we went to dinner with the families and I went to bed very early and slept like a rock. We got up Sunday morning and loaded Zach's kayak up and headed out to a little pond near my parent's house for some open water swimming. I was hoping to swim in one of the large lakes outside of town but Zach's parents did some recon earlier in the week and all the lakes were filled with algae and unsuitable for swimming. I was also hoping to do a 2 mile+ swim or at least an hour, but I ended up short of that. It was still a great swim though. The swimming itself was no problem, but I admit I did have a couple (OK, several) of freak out moments. The water was very clear and you could see all the seaweed and stuff deep below, and some of the plants were as tall as the surface of the water and it just freaked me out. I had a few gasp/flailing/cussing moments but fewer as the swim went on. Also, the water was cold!! It had to be 5 degrees colder than anything I've been in this year. It is a spring-fed lake and the water was just not that warm. My arms, feet, and face started to get pretty cold and that was mainly why I called it a day after about 50 minutes. Zach kayaked right along with me which was awesome and kept me focused. He also took the Garmin along and measured my distance. My parents came out and watched me too so it was neat finshing up with a little crowd. :)

The weekend training definitely picked me back up after my late-week freak out due to missing a big ride. I'm glad I took the day off though and I know I have the energy and enthusiasm for my final push toward IMAZ. Thanks for all the advice and support. Overall the week was pretty low volume, with zero road miles on my bike, but that's fine. Here are the numbers for the week:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Run
10.0 miles/1:28:19/8:50

Tuesday: Swim
2050 yards/1:10
Masters- the whole hour of class was spent on backstroke drills, I swam a few hundred yards after class to get some freestyle swimming in.

Wednesday: Bike
1:00/spin class

Wednesday: Run
3.6 miles/35:21/9:49 average pace
Met Deana after spinning for a nice run along the waterfront

Wednesday: Swim
3000 yards/1:15
Masters + 15 minutes straight swim after class. My first time hitting 3k in a while!

Thursday: Rest
Unscheduled rest day due to a sore arch in my left foot

Friday: Rest
Travel to MT

Saturday: Run
13.5 miles/2:04:07/9:12 average pace
Solid long run in Missoula, Montana

Sunday: Swim
1.4 miles (2460 yards)/50:00
Open Water Swim at Spring Meadow Lake in Helena, Montana

totals for the week:
swim: 3:15 (7500 yards)
bike: 1:00 (spin class only!)
run: 4:05 (27.1 miles)
total: 8:20

We'll call it a recovery week. Maybe I should get some credit for the 24 hours I spent in the car.

Lots of pics! And a video. Enjoy.

Helena's historic Walking Mall

Helena Cathedral and Mount Helena in the background:

Me and my mom:

Zach and his folks:

Saturday's long run along the Clark Fork River in Missoula:

Sunday Morning's OWS at Spring Meadow Lake in Helena

Getting in the cold lake:

Starting another lap:

A couple pictures and a video from Zach's perspective in the kayak

Starting off:

My support crew watching me head back to shore (Zach's mom and stepdad and my parents)

This is kind of neat. Listen at the end for where I order Zach "Come on!" because I wanted him to stay close to me. Obviously didn't know he was making the video!

Hope everyone has a great week. I have a really fun one coming up myself- my birthday (29!) is Thursday the 10th and I'm doing an Olympic distance tri on Saturday out in the gorge. Will update with lots of pictures asap. Thanks for reading! :)


the gazelle said...

looks like a great week to me! I'm so glad your foot is better & that you got in some good workouts + good family time in MT!

Dragonfly on the Water said...

Great week-end!

Jo Lynn said...

A-HA! Even YOU have those moments in the OW. I thought I had them because it was new to me but I know you are more of a seasoned OW swimmer. Makes me feel a little better. One day last week, I had to go in the lake without a single soul around. Scary! You look so relaxed and smooth swimming in that video.

kelsalynn said...

great recovery week... still intense if you ask me.
The scenery with the water and the mountains- stunning.

Good move on wearing supportive shoes and not flip flops. Hopefully your foot gets better.

Your video is very smooth and you seem at ease, even if you were freaking out at moments. You can't tell! :) Great pics!

Ewen said...

Zach did a great job of keeping the camera steady! Good style - bilateral breathing - impressive. I think you need a full steamer wettie for water that cold.

Top training/family camp weekend - thanks for having a beer (or three) for me. Nice that the foot has done the right thing.

Have a good one on Thursday - and Saturday!

D10 said...

Way to get in all those workouts while visiting family. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

John said...

OMG, we share the same birthday! (okay, so I'm a touch older, but still...). Happy 29th!!!

And congrats on the great training - Montana is beautiful!

Alisa said...

Recovery week? Still looks like a lot of solid workouts to me! I'm so glad to hear that your foot is all better. I was having some weird foot pain too but it seems to be gone.

Awesome run along the river, beautiful!

Sometime we should make a road trip to MT together, my Aunt now lives in Helena. Justin's never been and I've only seen her old house which was in Whitefish. Maybe in the spring!

Can't wait to hear more about your trip and celebrate your birthday--yay!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

I give you total credit for 24 hrs in the car. That is crazy but worth the trip.

Loved the video... nice easy stroke without wasting a lot of energy.

Kelly said...

I'm amazed you go those great workouts in while visiting your family. I love that black and white picture of you swimming. Very cool, and artsy.

Yay for the foot feeling better!

Happy early birthday!

Beth said...

My arms are cold just looking at the photos! It's unlikely that AZ will be cold though! Looks like a good recovery week.

Petraruns said...

I'm so impressed with you - for doing those serious workouts when you were visiting family - but also for seeing that letting yourself off the hook for the bikeride was the right idea. You'll be peaking in time!

Lotusphx said...

If I had read this post in AZ I would have been impressed, but I am in MT - and I just have to say - you get HUGE PROPS!!! for getting that swim done! A. It is freakin' cold here! and I know you were out in the morning when it is even colder!!
B. Zach is riding in a cozy kayak w/ a long sleeve shirt and vest on!! (No offense - Z :) Plus, I know the vest was actually a life jacket, but still... its an extra layer)
C. You looked great!

Great Job!!

aron said...

great job girlie!!! you did awesome getting your planned training in while at home... i know thats not easy. i like to go home and do nothing :) plus you had a monster drive! glad you enjoyed your trip and lots of luck this weekend at your tri!!

Cindy said...

omg, great video of your ows! you look great! i'm just learning how to swim so i was admiring your stroke and breathing. that's so cool that zach is ou there with a kayak. you rock!

ShirleyPerly said...

Such a beautiful place MT is. And so glad to hear your foot is better (sorry just catching up on your posts). Weeds are not much of an issue in the lakes we swim in but I sure do wish I could get Dave to come along with me too (I hate swimming alone after everyone else is done). I'm sure I don't look as smooth as you do in the water, though :-)

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Amy said...

Omg, that video is my favorite. First of all you look great! Great technique and bi-lateral breathing? You go girl! Second, I love the COME ON part. I would SOOOOO do that too. I was laughing through the whole video in anticipation. And I love that you wrote "I order Zach...." So, so funny!

Looked like a fun and productive trip!