Friday, September 11, 2009

quickie pre-race post

I'm heading to bed but wanted to post the training summary from the week before I put up my race report. Tomorrow morning we're heading out to The Dalles, about 90 miles east of Portland, where I'm going to do the Aluminum Man Olympic Tri. Zach is spectating but Alisa will be racing the sprint so I'll have some company. Should be an interesting race. I was excited about it all week, but as of today I think I might officially be coming down with a cold or something... and that is no fun. My throat is just a little sore. I came home after work today and went straight to bed and slept for a few hours, then just got up and got my stuff ready for the race and ate some spaghetti and now back to bed. I guess we'll just see how tomorrow goes- I will tone the effort down accordingly. This isn't a goal race for me and my overall health and strength is obviously more important. I have the next couple of days off so hopefully this will pass and I can be ready to work next week.

Anyhow, here is the recap from Birthday Week. :) What a great week! Until the cold or whatever hit I felt awesome.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: Run
8.6 miles/1:15:24/8:46 average pace
Waterfront with Zach

Tuesday: Swim
2000 yards/:45
Solo straight swim in the gym pool

Wednesday: Bike
21.7 miles/1:28:17/14.7 MPH
Springwater solo ride. Alisa wasn't going to make it to spin class so I rode outside instead.

Wednesday: Swim
2800 yards/1:00

Thursday: Run
13.1 miles/1:48:18/8:16 average pace
Happy Birthday Half Marathon with Emily in Forest Park (see previous post!)

Well, off to bed. I will have a race report up asap! Have a great weekend.


katerina said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Jo Lynn said...

I hope you do well. I look forward to hearing ALL about it. ;)

Petraruns said...

Good luck! Hope you feel better!

Kim said...

GOOD LUCK JEN! you have been training so hard and smart - i have a good feeling about this race for you!

kristen said...

Good luck this weeknd girl. Sounds like it will be a great training day at the very least.

happy birthday too. You have great freinds and family. What a cool idea for a birthday half marathon. And blueberry pancakes. Yummy. What a great hubby!

KK said...

Oh god I soooo feel for you with the sickness thing. You did the right thing by going to bed early and of course eating spaghetti first. I hope you are feeling better today and that you are able to do your race. Even though it's not a goal race it still will provide you with another valuable tri experience before IM that will hopefully build more confidence.

Hope you feel better and I need to go back and read some more reports-Happy late birthday and GOOD LUCK tomorrow!

teacherwoman said...

Good luck tomorrow! I hope you aren't getting sick, or at least it can stay at bay until you finish your race!

I look forward to your race report to follow!

Alisa said...

Well I already know you did great! Your cold didn't seem to bother you too much. Hope you aren't feeling worse today.

Great week...I'll be at spin this wednesday. But if you ever want to do Springwater, I could probably keep up with a 14 MPH pace there since it's flat =).

Cindy said...

i hope all went well (which i'm sure it did, because you are the epitome of rock star). good luck!

Amy said...

I hope the race went well - that stinks about your sore throat.

On to read your report.....