Thursday, September 03, 2009

Stubborn, Crazy

Another mid-week random post coming atcha. Very suggestive that perhaps I need less training and more therapy.

This is going to be brief and if it sounds like I’m giving myself a pep talk that is because I am. Something about typing it out and sharing it with you all makes it more likely to stick.

This week is going to be a big compromise training-wise because we are driving up to Montana for the long Labor Day weekend. We planned this months ago and I included it in my schedule. It was a little stressful to schedule a bazillion hours of training into my limited time and it turns out executing the plan is even more stressful. I’m going to get in a long run and a long swim up there, which is great. But, basically, there is no time for a long bike ride. Whatever, that’s fine. Except that next week I’m doing an Olympic distance tri and therefore won’t be doing a long ride next week either. Fine, fine, lots of time for long rides. I’m missing a few other workouts too but it’s cool. There is plenty of room in this 30 week plan for a couple of adjusted weeks! I’m fit as a fiddle and a couple days off isn’t going to hurt.

So hypothetically let’s say I buy into that, and just bang out the few workouts I have scheduled this week with focus and purpose. Well that would be just great. Except one tiny thing… my foot hurts!! GAH!!!!!!!!!! Just a little arch/sole of the foot pain that I get from time to time that usually lasts just one day. Well, it’s been two days. TWO! Two days people! Yes I’m overemphasizing this because I’m trying to point out to myself that I’m totally overreacting. I know a little pain now and then is normal. I’ve trained for 7 marathons for Cripes sake! And I know for a fact I have had this exact same conversation every. Single. Time I’ve done a hard-core training program and I know exactly what you are all going to say. I know what I would say to you! Aron, Maritza, you guys know we all have this freak-out at least once per training cycle and we email each other and give each other the exact same pep talk. Hilarious! Well, here I am. Whiny, nervous, anxious, overreacting.

I know the worst thing that can happen is that I am too stubborn to take a day off and I push through and I get a serious injury. Instead of it being a day off, it becomes a week off, or more. I know I just should rest. I’m skipping the semi-long-compromise ride and icing my foot and taking the day off.

One final complaint that maybe you triathletes can identify with is that in tri training, you can almost always do something… it’s hard to really truly give yourself a pass. If it is primarily a running injury, why don’t I just go swim? The bike would probably be fine, right? A little strength training? Some yoga? Sure, I don’t actually do yoga but maybe today I will start. Then I start in with the chores and untouched to-do list… well haven’t I been to busy to attend to many things and shouldn’t I take advantage and do that stuff tonight? Clean, laundry, errands, call my mom, my brother, Maritza, Inga, Grandma? Why don’t I go do all the fun stuff I feel like I’ve been missing out on?! Happy hour? Farmers Market? Art galleries?? Maybe I should price tickets to Europe? There's got to be something I can accomplish!!! AAAAAHHHHH.

So, I’m just off work and the night looms ahead of me and we’ll just have to see how it pans out. I'm not going to do any training because I think complete rest is best in this case. My guess is I will do nothing constructive and I will be a huge intolerable bitch to Zach. I will have at least one beer and I will honestly try to relax.

There’s a lot of weeks to go, my friends. God help us all.


the gazelle said...

I completely understand the pain/frustration - and like you said, it will be FINE. You will rest. You will have at least one beer. You will not be too much of a bitch, I'm sure. :)

Take care & have a good holiday weekend - and do remember (this is for me, too) - this is supposed to be fun, right?

Emily (for some reason I can't log in?) said...

I'd love to come over and watch the show go down tonight. Man, this is great!

You'll be okay, you know that. It is just a sudden shift that you didn't expect and people like us don't like that. Not one little bit. Remember that in the end it all works out and you're happy and healthy and probably a lot cooler and smarter than everyone else and that counts for something.

Jo Lynn said...

Take a deep breath, my dear. ;)

D10 said...

Hang in there. Hope your foot feels better. Since you are having problems, do you think you could switch out your long run with a long ride? That may help with your foot.

Keep us posted. Enjoy the long weekend.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

do you feel better now.... lol.. not funny but funny because I get where you are coming from.

aron said...

i was reading this post and immediately started smiling because it reminded me of the email chain from CIM... then you mentioned it :)

you know what to do girl and you know you will be fine, just take it easy like you are, dont stress, and move on. you are an AMAZING athlete and just are hitting a tiny bump, but it will be over soon. have a great weekend and trip home!!

Molly said...

I totally understand the frustration. I started seeing someone to get ART (Active Release) this month because I was so fearful that the little twinges in my calf/shin would lead to injury and derail the journey to AZ. Rest up and good luck in your race next week!

kristen said...

These freakouts are totally rational!! Your pouring your heart and sole into this trianing and I have no doubt your going to come out of this expereince ahead. You gotta give yourself a break, which it sounds like your doing. In the big picutre, taking a few unscheduled days off is waaaay better than the alternative wich I'm not even going to say because we both know it's not going to come to that!!

Take a deep breath and trust your judgement that will get to to the start line and ulitmatly the finish line safely!! Have several beers if needed.

kristen said...

did you see that...."sole" :)

Ewen said...

Poor Zach ;)

Foot injuries can hang around (e.g. the dreaded plantar fascitis), so you're doing the right thing to catch it early.

Don't stress about a little missed training. The rest will do you good. Hit it again when you get back from Hannah Montana.

Petraruns said...

oh honey. By this stage I've seen your pictures from MT and you look like you're enjoying yourself and I'm hoping this means the freakout has been and gone. ice on your foot and beer in your stomach will help with it all. You will be fine. You cannot - absolutely CANNOT - do a 30 week training program without a compromise, a skipped workout, a niggle here or there. It's called life! You are doing a great job sticking with it but look at this training cycle as a step up in your life - not just 30 weeks till Ironman. You are training to the best of your ability - that is all you can do and sometimes that's not perfect. Enjoy MT and relax. Try it! Otherwise book a ticket to Europe and come and see me!

Alisa said...

I hope your weekend was amazing and I hope your foot is feeling better.

I soooooo understand your mini freak out. I think EVERYONE gets those. And honestly, I feel when my training is going really well something usually comes up a blister, a cold, an old nagging injury---but you know what? It's never prevented me from finishing a race and it's not going to prevent you from it either!

You're doing so great with your training, I'm always so amazed at what you fit into one week.

Amy said...

Price tickets to Eurpoe. LOL. Oh how this post is sooooo true. But reading it WEEKS after it was written and after your trip and Oly tri, you did great! Breaks are needed every once in a while especially when you're lingering on injury. Glad you listened.