Sunday, October 24, 2010

Climb on

A full and fun weekend. One of those weekends where I really count my  blessings. I love living in Portland, I have great friends, etc..

Stepping back a bit- last week I had some really great runs in the beautiful fall weather. I did the waterfront run with Alisa, I did a fast-ish run with Zach, and we also did a trail run together – probably the last time we’ll get out after work (with the time change coming) and also the last time we’ll run without getting a lower-body mud bath. It was great. I officially like running again.

So this weekend- Saturday Zach and I went to the Portland Rock Gym for an Intro to Climbing class. He’s been going for about a month (plus, he used to go all the time as a kid), but I’d never been. Turns out, I LOVE it! I had a blast. It was a little scary, and definitely tough, but I caught right on. I think all the yoga has given me good upper body strength and great balance, so I did good my first time out. It was awesome. Pics below! We spent the evening over at our friends’ house playing Pictionary and drinking beer and laughing our asses off.

Today we went out to the eastern end of the Springwater trail for a run. It was pouring rain and cold and windy. Booooo! I kept it really easy and managed to finish feeling strong, although thoroughly soaked. I ran 11 miles which is the farthest I’ve run in like 2 months I think. Yay!

We went out to brunch at Besaw’s and then cleaned up and headed back to the climbing gym. I tried some harder stuff and just practiced really  basic movements and tried to get a feel for it. Zach did some really hard routes and I got to test my belaying skills as he fell several times, ha! Good stuff.

Just now got back from yoga, but it was an easy stretching and meditation class- just what I needed.

I’m feeling very versatile. I love it.


Last dry trail run of the year:


 DSCN1911 DSCN1909 

Climbing – my first belay:

DSCN1919 DSCN1927

My first climb:






DSCN1939 DSCN1944 DSCN1948

After the climbing lesson, Bunk Sandwiches!



Finishing long run today in rainy fall weather:


Have a great week gang!


Alisa said...

Looks like a great weekend (despite the crap weather yesterday =)).

You look totally badass in those climbing photos. Climbing scares the crap out of me (I don't like heights).

Amy said...

I did an intro to climbing class YEARS ago, and had a good time, but wasn't very skilled. I wonder now that I'm lighter & stronger - maybe I should give it another go. :)

Sounds like you had some great times! Yay for all the different, fun activities!

Lotusphx said...

Fun weekend! The climbing wall looks great - and also kind of like you are climbing a giant "lite-brite" wall!!! If you turn off the lights does the whole thing glow??

Jo Lynn said...

Oh, I miss the trails SO much! Beautiful pictures. I checked out your hubby's blog - he's FAST. ;)

KK said...

I want your weekend. Fun and yum!

Yoga is sooooooo good-that stretching/meditation class helped me tremendously this summer. Probably should get back there.

Glad to catch up and see you're still kickin ass!

Marya said...

Looks like a wonderful fall weekend! You're definitely staying busy!

Lisa said...

Looks like a great time! I love Washington Park. I've never tried the rock wall though.

Marathon Maritza said...

What beautiful runs and hello! Climbing?? I had no idea but you look like a badass doing it!!! Awesome!!

Ewen said...

Great to see you "officially liking running again" - you have some great trails to enjoy it, but yes, bit of a shame about daylight saving ending. We're just getting into longer hours down here. Watch out for bears and cougars ;)

Anonymous said...

Seriously looking strong climbing up those walls!

Amanda said...

Hey there! Alisa told me about your blog and I'm excited to read more! It is nice connecting with fellow runners, especially in Oregon! :)
Amanda @

Amanda said...

Hey Jen, Thanks so much for the sweet comment. I replied to you on my post but not so sure you will get it...I'm trying to figure out the ways of this blog thing. :) I would love to run together sometime. Right now, I'm way slower than you! I can barely run step at a time. Looking forward to getting to know you. And thanks for the Garmin advice!

Nitmos said...

I don't know what a bunk sandwich is but now I want one. Rock on!