Thursday, November 04, 2010

Happy Feet


I have all kinds of random thoughts floating around but can’t seem to put them in any kind of order. This calls for bullet points!

* Climbing! LOVE. We’ve gone almost every day since we took the belay class a couple weeks ago. I’m all over it! It feels really natural and fun but challenging too. I’m learning a lot. It’s not like running, there’s not as much “beginner-friendly” info, but people at the gym are cool and I’ve found some good info at So far I love the top rope climbing the most, but Zach’s really into bouldering so I’ve tried that too. It is super hard and I get worn out fast. My hands are getting all calloused and my forearms are going to look like Popeye's soon. Yea!

* Race! Running has been going great lately. We got out for some more trail runs including a long 11 miler on the Wildwood. I have some new trail shoes and they really help my feet on the rocky trails. So…. this Saturday we are doing a trail Half Marathon. We signed up for it a while ago but it kind of snuck up on me. It’ll be my first race since June! I’m excited. It’ll be super hard so my only goal is to finish and have fun. Check it out: I’ll post a little race report I’m sure.

* Weather- we had a really lovely streak of warm weather this week, up to 70 degrees. It was so nice! The leaves are all changed and it was just beautiful. With the time change this weekend and more rain on the way, winter is really on the way.

* Yoga- It's been a little more of an effort to go, what with all the climbing, but I've been keeping up a steady practice. I've been going to a really challenging Power Vinyasa class once a week (in addition to easier classes) and really seeing some progress. I'm super flexy and strong (which helps with the climbing!). I need to get back to more of the meditation classes though. I have some big plans for a yoga weekend coming up but will talk about that in another post.

* Sore! Between climbing and power vinyasa my shoulders and arms are perma-sore. I have considered an upper body equivalent of an ice bath but it is logistically challenging. I'm sore in my fingers, forearms, shoulders, upper back, etc. Everything. Thankfully, my legs have been feeling ok! They are strong from running so the climbing/yoga doesn't affect them much.

* Halloween- We went to a party at Amy's house last weekend and had a great time. Me and the other ladies dressed up as the Spice Girls, and Zach and the men dressed as the Village People. HI- Larious.

Pics of all this stuff- enjoy! Have a great weekend everyone. :)

Climbing Gym:

PRG card    

climbing feet

Trail Running:

running feet


Gorgeous Fall Colors:

 Fall colors 70degrees  Path







Amy said...

so fun! I am excited to hear about your half marathon! One of my favorite races ever was a 20K on Wildwood - so challenging & awesome.

Nice with the climbing & yoga, too! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much!

Ewen said...

I like the look of that wildwood trail. Enjoy the race - looking forward to seeing how you go.

Ah, I think the Village People Indian needs to work on his tan a bit;) The girls do 'Spice' very well!

Marathon Maritza said...

so glad climbing and yoga are still going great!

LOVE the halloween costumes! You are a hot Baby Spice!