Monday, September 03, 2012

Out and About

One thing that really worried me about having a kid is that I would become homebound. I know that to some extent it is unavoidable, clearly things are going to change and many activities will be cut back. But I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to go out and do anything EVER. I thought my friendships would suffer, I would be incredibly bored all the time, only ever speak in baby-talk, and Zach and I would go insane and murder each other.

I am relieved to say, it has not turned out that way.

Since Penelope was a few days old, we’ve been out and about. We went out for coffee her first full day home from the hospital. We hit up the farmer’s market when she was 5 days old. And so on, and so on… Last weekend we took her to an outdoor concert. This weekend we spent three days in Bend for a friend’s wedding.

It’s not easy- but it is getting easier. She can be unpredictable. She can be fussy! And I am not 100% comfortable breastfeeding in public. But we have figured out how to make it work. We are learning better how to sooth her when she cries. We bring a bottle so I don’t have to whip out the boob in a crowded place. Zach and I team up to handle her and that makes it much easier. I do go out during the day by myself quite often too- usually shorter outings though. I often hang out with Emily, who also has a wee one, and that gives me confidence.

We like hanging out at people’s houses especially, it’s much easier to handle the baby in someone’s home than a restaurant. I am fine feeding her around my friends, so nursing is no issue. And also, our friends love to hold her so we get a break!

Another fun thing we do a lot is go for walks, hikes, or hang out in the park. Wide open public spaces are easier than committing to a restaurant or coffee shop setting. Then if she gets loud, no one notices. Also, it’s cheaper!

This weekend’s trip to Bend was awesome. It was not only a really fun mini-vacation and the wedding was so special, but it was also a huge confidence booster as parents. Penny was incredible! She slept in the car the entire way there and home (3 1/2 hours!), she was a doll at all the parties and the wedding, she even slept longer than ever in the pack-n-play at the hotel. She knocked it out of the park! It’s fantastic to see how far we have come as parents in just 6 short weeks.

Week 1 going for a walk:

week 1 family stroll

Hiking in Forest Park:

Wildwood Ergo 8-18

Baby friends at the park:

Freye Pen Es 

Picnic time:


At a friend’s house:

Dad and Penny

Avett Brothers at the Edgefield:


Wedding this weekend:

Zach and Penny standing in the baby section during the ceremony:

photo 20 

Cocktail hour:

photo 24a

Killer view of Broken Top:

 photo 24d

She was cozy in the ergo as we partied late in the evening:

photo 24f

Happy Baby on the Go!

photo 2

Thanks for reading!! Next time, running update!


Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

That's awesome that she seems fairly happy and allows you guys to do a lot of stuff. I can totally understand your fear of thinking you might get stuck at home for a few years. Glad that is not the case. :)

Carolina John said...

it can be hard to get out there so soon after giving birth. Especially getting out without taking the baby with you. Looks like you're still out there having tons of fun! And I'm sure it helps that you have so many friends with newborns as well.

Amy said...

Yay for being oot and aboot! Also, you have the benefit of being naturally awesome & active, which I think helps immensely.

Susan - Nurse on the Run said...

I'm nowhere close to having kids, but this post is great in showing that you can still go out (within reason!) and not be "stuck" at home just because you have a new little one at home. Also have loved following all your running because I think you had a very reasonable outlook on running while pregnant.

Ewen said...

I'm always 'knocking it out of the park' when it comes to sleeping and napping ;) That was sneaky to introduce Penny to Forest Park - I suspect a future trail runner!

pay per head said...

It is great that you don't have to cut down most of your activities outdoors and it is nice that you are getting used to go out with your daughter.