Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whattta Summa

I love this time of year. Being a September baby I guess makes me partial to this late summer/early fall stuff. The weather continues to be gorgeous with just a little bite in the air in the mornings. It’s beautiful and easily my favorite time of year for running.

Speaking of running- it’s happening and it’s going good. Up to nearly 20 miles a week these last couple weeks and feeling like my old self. Running has been my escape. When I’m running, I daydream about all kinds of stuff, but mostly I think about running. I calculate paces, I fantasize about qualifying for Boston, I plan training schedules, etc. It’s a great break from thinking about naps, poop, breastfeeding. Mentally, I feel like my old self. Pace-wise, I’m getting there.

There’s more to say, but Penelope needs to eat and I need to change her and get her to bed. Naps, poop, breastfeeding. Etc.

Here are a few pictures of my summer baby welcoming the fall. We spent the day out in Hood River running (me), hiking (Zach and Penny), picking apples (all of us), tasting wine (Zach), and being adorable (Penelope).


HR hike HR Apples 4 HR Apples 5

HR Apple Harvest


HR wine tasting

 HR Flowers 5 HR Flowers (3)   HR Pumpkin HR Pumpkin 5

Happy Fall!


Lisa said...

Adorable pictures! She looks just like you, too!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

AH, I want to visit Hood River!

Ewen said...

She's cute as a pumpkin. Great shot of Zach on the trail with the sun streaming down. Love that time of year too, but April/May for us - maybe 'cause I'm an April baby - hadn't thought about that!

pay per head said...

One of the perk of running that you can distract or think more deep into your life and Some times it makes easier to think about problems