Wednesday, May 28, 2008

500th Post: me me me me

Thanks for the feedback on potentially changing my blog a little, you guys are so nice. :) I changed my template and added a couple new pictures, whopee. I lack the technical knowledge to do anything cooler. And I think I'll slightly alter the way I post my workouts but I'll still post them and talk about them. I think I'll just try to not talk so much about the boring ones.

So I'll start all that with my next post because this (doo doo doooo!) 500TH (cue confetti, streamers) post is all about meeeeeeeeeeeee. Not just triathlete/runner me, but real me! Surprisingly, I have other stuff going on in my life! Let's get to it.

100 things about me

10 things about my past:

- I was born on September 10, 1980.
- I spent the first 21 years of my life in Montana.
- I am still best friends with girls I met at ages 4 and 10.
- I danced in the Pro Bowl halftime show in 1997 with some of the dance team I was on in high school. The main act was Montel Jordan singing "This is how we do it" Aww ya.
- I was kicked off the dance team for, um, breaking the law.
- I was kind of a bad kid in high school.
- I feel really bad about the way I treated my parents and brother in high school.
- I turned out allright though, and graduated college with honors with a degree in Geography.
- I was voted "Most Changed in 4 Years" by my senior classmates. My brother earned the same distinction when he graduated high school.
- I suffered with depression for a few years in high school/college and was on an anti-depressant for some time.

10 things about my personality:

- I think I'm hilarious.
- I think I'm gorgeous.
- I have a really fragile ego.
- I'm a whiny bratty baby.
- I'm bossy.
- I'm really generous and love helping people.
- I'm obsessively organized/particular.
- I cry really easily and often.
- I'm annoyingly positive.
- I love to talk.

10 random things I love:

- trivia games
- comedies
- lists
- salt
- running
- singing
- my brother's sense of humor
- being alone in the outdoors
- jazz music
- booze

10 things I dislike/pet-peeves

- when people say "give 110%" or any figure over 100%. It only goes to 100. (also: giving things an 11 on a scale of 1-10)
- the phrase "know-how"
- people who interrupt
- exceedingly hot weather
- traffic
- talking about politics
- working
- bad customer service
- being told what to do
- swallowing large pills

10 cool places I've been:

- Yellowstone National Park
- California Redwood forests
- New York City
- Boston
- Seattle
- Beach cities of southern California
- Hawaii
- British Columbia
- Arizona desert
- Las Vegas

10 dreams/goals:

- Ironman
- spend time in Europe (more than a couple weeks)
- live in another city
- be in a local play
- place well in my hometown marathon
- have a baby/babies
- live in a secluded rural place and be semi self sufficient.
- have a nice home and work with my two best friends who are architects/designers to make it beautiful.
- start a business with Zach doing something we enjoy
- space travel

10 "favorites":

- favorite movie: The Jerk
- favorite food: fried stuff
- favorite drink: three way tie between Moose Drool beer, Riesling wine, and Grey Goose Martini. In the non-alcoholic category: Chocolate milkshakes.
- favorite color: blue
- favorite number: 4
- favorite season: fall
- favorite smell: lavender
- favorite cookie: double chocolate chip
- favorite clothing item: comfy pants
- favorite animal: gotta go with bunny

10 things I'm proud of doing:

- completing 6 marathons
- getting through all the rough times with Zach
- quitting smoking/drugs
- having been at my job 5 years
- trying new things when they seem scary
- travelling alone for work a lot
- continuing to learn and challenge myself when stuff interests me
- being a good wife, daughter, friend, sister
- having a blog that people actually read!
- being healthy

Um, this is getting hard. Maybe I should just do 80 things about me...

Oh I know!

10 pictures I love:

and we'll end with something useful for the folks at home:
10 fun websites:
- everyone's blog (see sidebar)
Allright, so, this post took a looooong time and started feeling disgustingly self-indulgent. But isn't that pretty much what having a blog is all about?
That's all for me! Thank you and good night!


Judi said...

So tell me more about your addictions. How and why you quit.

Arcane said...

breaking the law?
Bad ass?
who would have thunk? i can't believe it.

Donald said...

I love this post! Happy 500!

Phil said...

Fabulous lists! I almost cried when you listed your birth date. I started with my current employer on July 1st, 1980. This was my 2nd significant job after graduating from UCLA.

Great 500th post.

Ewen said...

Happy 500th Jen. 1980! I was training for my first marathon in 1980 :)

We have a few things in common - Moose Drool (first sampled in Coeur d'Alene), Autumn, colour blue. By the way, I like how you've matched your bike to the blue at the top of your blog.

Your blog is far from boring. Keep going in much the same way - it'll be a great record down the track. I like how you don't write 5,000 words about every training session. Keep the photos coming - and the odd, interesting things that happen.

You are hilarious and gorgeous - not sure about bossy - I'll have to ask Zach about that.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I really liked your 10things you are proud of, each one is certainly an accomplishment and something to be proud of. Keep up all your good work.

Sarah said...

giving things an 11 on a scale of 1-10

But everyone knows that some amps go up to 11...

Jon said...

Very nice list. I forgot that you got "Most Changed in 4 Years" too. It is by far the best of absurd senior vote awards. Much better than the coveted "Most likely to be stabbed in the kidney while making porn."

Chris said...

The most important of those 100: "spent the first 21 years of my life in Montana" !! ;)

To quote Norman Maclean: "The world is full of bastards, the number steadily increasing the further one gets from Missoula, Montana!!"

Bob Gentile said...

ahhhh now that is an awesome 500th post, thanks for sharing some insight into Jen's World...good stuff!

just to mention a few that stand out talking politics---so agree, you know what politics stands for?

meaning Many

and TICS -- Ticks are blood-feeding parasites--LOL

also BAD Customer Service---OHH how that drives me nuts, I think that is WHY I order so much more on-line cause I hate going into a retail store and getting the "tudes" from the reps (sigh)))

Love the Airtime on the trampoline!!

Happy 500th & MANY More!

Zach said...

Great 500th! You've really got the know-how to make a good post! Seems like you always give 110% on everything you do; and how about that local politician, what a great job they have done on the issues! :P

Anyway - I'm really proud of all that you have done and who you have become in the nearly 11 years I have known you. Holy crap, that's more than 1/3 of your life!

And for those of you who couldn't believe it, Yes she is bossy but it's in a very cute adorable way.

*aron* said...

i love this post!!! i might have to steal this idea for my 100th :) thanks for sharing!

The 311 Boys Mom said...


I loved the old look

Great job on 500!~~

I'm also of stealing the "100" idea....I've done similar, more of answering questions.....but blogger may not like me anymore if I tell them about 20-26yrs old me......

Chris Rumble said...

That was a fun post! I've been reading since CIM last year and have borrowed ideas for my own blog.

I totally agree on "The Jerk", chocolate shakes, the color blue, and trivia games. Good luck transitioning from DINKs (Dual-Income-No-Kids) to married w/ children.

Congratulations on substituting previous addictions with your new, healthier addictions. :-)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Well there's your problem... ;-)

Very nice job with the 500th post. I sure learned some things about you I didn't know. It sounds like your life has gone so well during the first 500 posts. Here is to the next 500 posts!

miss petite america said...

so what law did you break? :)

love this post! and you! learned many new things about you!

Nitmos said...

Happy 500th! This is a post I will never write. Cool lists. I still randomly think of "he hates these cans...get away from the cans everyone" and chuckle whenever I see a stack of cans.

21stCenturyMom said...

Excellent 500th post - on a scale of 1-10 I give it a.... 10! (I really wanted to give it a 12 but you know...)

I was also a total bad ass in high school. Turns out those little blips in life just serve to make us more interesting.

I also almost cried at your birthday. That was less than a month after I got married (and about 11 years before I got unmarried). Anyhow- rock on! I love it that you listed so many strong, good feelings about yourself. Totall deserved!

KK said...

What a creative and awesome 500th post! I learned a lot about you and, interestingly enough, I had a very similar high school experience (depression and doing "bad" things, including breaking the law) and have since learned to "better" myself. Thanks for sharing all this personal stuff, it is not easy to do but I admire how you took the risk.

I look forward to reading more tales of your training. You are VERY inspiring, so thank you.

Have a great weekend.

kelsalynn said...

I wish we lived closer to each other. I have never met anyone w/ the same pet peeves as me! And so much of your past (how you were) is scarily similar. I totally loved reading this entry! Thanks for sharing!

I also agree w/ some of the other comments- I enjoy reading your "boring" blog as you call it. I like the formatting changes but I think you should stick w/ what you've been doing!


The re-awakening of an Athlete said...

Just stumbled across your blog.

Congrats on the 500th. I am getting pretty close myself.

Nice read on what I have read so far

Michael said...

Awesome post, Jen! Keep it up...and don't change your blog too much, I love it just how it is.

P.O.M. said...

We have a lot in common (current and PAST). Except you run a heck of a lot more.

Congrats on your 500th!

Ryan said...

There is a lot here! Wow, I feel like i know you for real now. Bossy? yikes