Friday, May 23, 2008

Holiday Weekend Plans

Well the holiday weekend is here and guess what I'm doing? That's right, a sh1tload of training!! Weeeee!

But first, here's Thursday for ya:

Thursday am bike: 21.0 miles/1 :20:02/15.7 MPH- This is the first time I ever got up and rode my bike in the morning and it was awesome! It gets light here at like 5:45 so we were out by 6:00. And way less traffic = way faster Jen. Zach and I rode a 14 mile loop together, then he went off to do a brick run and I added a few miles to the bike. The only bad thing about biking in the morning is that it takes a long time and makes you late for work. Oops!

Thursday pm swim: 2450 y/54:59- Ya, so Wednesday night I played the "recovery week" card again and skipped my swim class. And when I skip a workout, I do it right- I ate half a pizza and didn't leave the couch all night. It was fabulous! But it wasn't really a skip after all, because I made it up by shuffling my Thursday workouts around. The class last night was very fun, we did drills, kick sets, and easy swimming to warm up. Our main set was really fun- we did 50s as a group on 2 minutes. The coach would start the clock and we went in little waves and then recovered until the next interval. We did a variety of strokes and my lane (the slow lane) was having a little competition with the next-to-slow lane (which didn't include Zach, did I mention he's now two lanes over! And to think I knew him when). Of course we were slower but not by much, and I annihilated my competition in the breastroke one time! He was a freakishly slow breaststroker, but still. Fun stuff. We also talked about an upcoming Open Water Swim event next weekend that TVM is putting on. I'm doing it! I'm doing the 3/4 mile race (ha ha, race!). This is real swimming too- NO wetsuits people! Should be interesting. This is a really fun group so I'm looking forward to it. There's a bbq after and goodie bags and everything. :)

So back to the 3 day weekend. Lots of training and a few fun things going on. First, tonight after work we are going to Sports Basement in Walnut Creek to pick up a few new tri and bike things. Tomorrow I'm doing the group ride (30 miles ish) and then a brick run (3 miles). Zach will be going to the morning master's class but we're meeting after for some farmer's market-ing and breakfast in Pleasanton. Then we're going into San Francisco to hang out, maybe go to the beach, and get dinner.

Sunday we're going to do an OWS without wetsuits to prepare for next weekend. Then I'm going down to visit my sister-in-law who is in the hospital recovering from major back surgery. She's had a degenerated disc problem for a long time now and had a whole reconstruction thing done involving screws and bone grafts. This girl has been through a lot of pain but has been hangin' tough (haha). I'm so glad she's finally on her way to recovery and will finally get her life back. She told me she has so much pent up energy from being basically on bed rest for months now that she just wants to get out and run. Hehe... well probably not run, but I'm going to hold her to that! A few months from now when she is fully recovered we're going to do something really cool like a big hike or bike ride or something. I can't wait. :)

Monday we're going to a special-edition master's class from 8:00-9:30, then we are going to do a trail run somewhere cool (I have 6 miles on the schedule). Then I think we're going to a bbq party with a coworker of Zach's.

Unfortunately, it's not really that warm here, but I think we'll manage. There's plenty of 100+ days coming up this summer so might as well enjoy the mild temps while they are here. Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend!


Judi said...

You are doing really well! Esp eating that half pizza! YUM! Training makes me so freaking hungry and I pee 20 x's a day!

Mir said...

Cool, it sounds like an action-packed weekend! Good times. Mine will not be quite as exciting, but I might be getting a bike (not a road bike, probably a hybrid for commuting and errands, etc.)...we'll see. The gas prices are starting to get to me.

Have a great weekend and keep up the great work on the training!

*aron* said...

busy weekend!!!! you are doing so great in your tri training :) impressive!!! have a great weekend!

and yes lets enjoy these mild temps while we have them.

Ewen said...

It's in a lake! C'mon Jen, you need to HTFU and swim off Ocean Beach without a wettie!

Petraruns said...

Have a great weekend - it sounds like you will... And keep enjoying the pizza as well. Love, petra

Donald said...

No wetsuits in open water? I hope that water is warm. I'd probably wimp out.

KK said...

Good choice on skipping your workout in style. Eating pizza on the couch is one of the finer things in life!

I too love those 50s sets where you sprint and then have loads of time to recover. Way to go on crushing the competition on the breaststroke (is that spelled correctly?!).

I hope your sister in law is doing better and has a speedy recovery!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

Steve Stenzel said...

Wow! Heck of a "holiday weekend!" Enjoy your swim class tomorrow!

kelsalynn said...

You are such a trooper--- sounds like a great, albeit busy, weekend! Keep up with the training!! Do you ever sleep by the way? LOL

jahowie said...

You are doing very well with your training. I hope that you had a great weekend!!