Monday, May 12, 2008

Brick Weekend

Finishing off last week's workout report:

Thursday BIKE 24.4 miles/1:44:27/14 MPH
Zach and I did a loop around our area: Dublin, San Ramon, Danville. There were nice bike lanes most of the way, but the traffic made me nervous anyway. I was even more nervous on the descents... to be honest, I was kind of a baby about it. I am thinking of getting a mirror because part of the anxiety is not knowing where the cars are behind me. But mostly, I need to keep getting out there and generally HTFU.

Friday I took completely off. Ahhhh.

Saturday I went back to the group ride at Cyclepath and this time Zach joined me. We rode a much flatter and more bike-friendly route this time. This route, plus having Zach with me, lead to a fun and comfortable ride. I was cruising too! I kind of lead the way back and we were doing 18-20 MPH for long stretches. We met a few more new people including a girl who also ran Boston and is thinking of doing her first tri this summer. :) Here's the stats: Saturday BIKE 28.8 miles/1:51:34/15.4 MPH

Then it was brick time. I quickly changed shoes and put on a hat and headed out. Zach took care of loading my bike up on the car which was nice. I didn't bring my GPS (plus it would have taken a few minutes to locate a signal anyway) and just ran for time. I think I was robbed though because I estimated 9:00 miles and I know I was running faster than that! I felt pretty good- legs were strong and not too wobbly/crampy or anything from the bike. I did get hot because I was wearing black capri-length bike pants. Next time I'm going with my tri shorts. Here's the run stats: Brick 3.0 miles/27:00/9:00 (estimate)

Right after finishing we walked through the Pleasanton Farmer's Market and I scored a free orange. It was just like the finish area of a race! First brick workout is in the books and it was a success.

Sunday's swim/run brick, however, I kinda blew off. Well, I blew off the swim. It was cloudy and windy when we got up, and I was NOT feeling the open water swim (yes, yes, HTFU... I'm working on it.). I did some errands and hoped it would warm up, but by the time it was warm I wasn't motivated. I did get out for my run though, and I did a little extra to make up for the non-swim. I listened to Steve Runner's latest podcast and heard my Boston race report! Awesome!! It was interesting to hear others' reports too. It made me feel better about my time hearing how hard everyone thought it was (which it obviously was!). Run stats: Sunday 4.0 miles/35:37/8:55 average pace

Zach made steaks on the grill and we caught up on a few episodes of Jeopardy, then went to bed early. Here's the summary of my week:

18.15 miles RUN

63.2 miles BIKE
3250 yards SWIM

TOTAL training time: approximately 8 hours


This morning Zach and I got up for the first workout of the week:

Monday 5.0 miles/43:34/8:43 average pace

I would have totally phoned this one in with 9:00+ recovery pace but Zach was all "Let's pick it up for the last miles!" Ugh. I wanted to strangle him at the time (Pick it up? At 6:30 am on a freaking Monday? Please.) but I'm glad he pushed me. I'm not going to get faster running slow. Did the last two miles in 8:25 and 8:02.

Here's the rest of the week's schedule:

Monday am: run 5 (done)
Monday pm: Master's Swim Class (yay!)

Tuesday: bike 25 miles - we're trying a new group ride nearby. We're such group people lately!

Wednesday am: run 6 miles with 4 @ tempo pace
Wednesday pm: Master's

Thursday: bike 25 miles (solo, Zach has to do a hard ride and I don't want to hold him back)

Friday: rest, sweet rest

Saturday: Triathlon Skills Clinic in the morning out at Shadow Cliffs Lake
followed immediately by: run 8 miles Long Run

Sunday: 40+ miles group ride- first time with the Sunday group, should be interesting. The Saturday ride I've been doing is a "beginner's" ride. :O

One final note: CONGRATULATIONS to Francis for his Boston Qualifying marathon this weekend!! He's worked hard for this and deserves a big shout out. Well done my friend!!


Zach said...

You did awesome on the ride this weekend!

The run this morning was fun - that was pretty cool when we ran right by the owl.

Judi said...

Jen, you are doing it! When is your half IM? Mine is Aug 24th. We can compare training.

I am doing a century ride tomorrow (not on the training schedule but I need to get in a long ride for stress).

Yes you need to HTFU, yes you do. :) Wait till those early race times. Standing around at 6-7am ready to jump in the open water. Yea you are cold, but pumped.

I am so excited! Tri-season is here.

Ewen said...

Great weekend of training there! I'm not sure if HTFU will do any good if someone is out to get you, like what happened in Sydney recently. At least if you had one of those helmet mirrors, you'd see them coming ;)

Take care.

KK said...

Awesome workouts Jen, you are crushing it!

HTFU must be PRETTY bad because my school computer denied me access to the link...But I have some ideas. :)

Also, I soooo would have been on the "no thank you to the 6:30 am speed workout" bandwagon but I'm glad you pushed yourself through it. But seriously, 6:30 am? On a MONDAY? I admire you guys!

ShirleyPerly said...

Great job on the bike and bricks! Except in time trial races, I always wear a ThirdEye rearview mirror that attaches to my sunglasses (much less bouncing than on a helmet). I know it looks dorky, like I'm a commuter or something, but it really helps me deal with the fear of cars coming up from behind me and I love not having to turn my head so much when passing other riders in a race (I tend to swerve when doing so). I even use it to see if anyone is catching up to me on a training ride and it often pushes me a little harder too :-)

As for going downhill, I do better if I don't look at the speedometer. If I see that thing go over 35 mph, I kind of get freaked out =8O

Arcane said...

thanks for the shout out. Guess I have to start looking into the tri things now.

Michael said...

Great workouts, and congrats on the free orange! Little things like that can sometimes just make your whole day...

Petraruns said...

I think you HTFU this week plenty - good going there girl, especially on the brick workout! And that was a great report on Phedippidations - really enjoyed hearing that (again!). Have a good week's training..