Monday, May 19, 2008

Tri Practice

Lots of catching up as usual!

Wednesday Swim (Master's Class) 2800 yards in approximately 1 hour (forgot watch). I won't list the sets but it included some kicking, some pulling, and a long set where I just worked on my technique. Specifically, she had me focus on rolling my body and high elbows. It went allright, I haven't had the "aha" moment everyone talks about with swimming, but it'll happen.

Thursday Bike 24.6 miles/1:56:55/12.6 MPH- It was super hot, about 100, so I convinced Zach to join me on the Iron Horse for a leisurely ride. We got the miles in, so I'm happy with it.

Friday: Off

Saturday Run 7.0 miles/1:02:58/9:00 average pace- I was supposed to do 8 miles but we had a Tri Skills clinic at 9:00 and didn't get going early enough, so we cut it short. We ran the first 3.5 together, then Zach went on ahead and I finished at my own pace. It was already very warm out, about 80 degrees. We had about 5 minutes to change into our tri clothes, grab our stuff, load up our bikes, and eat something. I made a chocolate protein shake while Zach did the bikes and we shared it onto the way to the Tri clinic.

The triathlon skills class was lead by Kate Samuelson and Lee Canon from the Forward Motion Elite team. It was pretty beginner-oriented, but I'm pretty much a beginner, so it was ok. I did pick up a few good tips and got a good review of what I already knew. The first half was the discussion/lecture. Then we spent about an hour doing some open water swimming drills and practicing transitions. We swam about 600 yards (yes, I'm logging it!) while working on drafting, sighting, mass starts, and beach starts. Then, after the last practice start, we basically did a mini practice triathlon. We ran out of the water to our transition stations (which we set up before the swim) and went through T1 then out for a little bike loop (1/2 mile maybe), then a quick T2 and a short run (same loop). Pretty fun. :)
Here's a pic from the FMRC website: Zach is the giant tall dude in the dead center and I'm off to the far left with my hand on my hip. Ain't I spunky!

Sunday Bike 40.4 miles/2:56:57/13.6 MPH. This was my first time with the Sunday group, which is noticeably more serious than the Saturday newbie ride. I had Zach with me so I knew I wouldn't end up totally alone. The group quickly left me (us, although Zach could have easily kept up) in the dust, but the group split up after a few miles and we found ourselves a nice pack of similar-paced riders. We went out Caleveras Road and paused at about 12.5 miles, which was where I turned around at my first group ride a couple weeks ago. Not this time though, this time we were going on. This time we were climbing. It was about 3 mile climb and I wish I knew how much elevation we gained.. I'll estimate 15,000 feet (hehe). Actually, it wasn't that bad. Sure, we were going about 8 MPH for most of it, but we were keeping up with the group and it never felt too hard. Once at the top, we decided to go on a few more miles and that included quite bit more climbing. It was so worth it though- the views of Caleveras Reservoir and the golden hills were amazing! Zach and I turned around at the 20 mile mark and made our way back. I found the descending to be pretty scary at first, but I think even by the bottom of the hill I'd gotten a little better. It occurred to me during this ride that it's really more of a Practice then a Training ride. My focus is on the skills and techniques that are involved with cycling, and the actual physical conditioning is kind of secondary. Unlike running, in which the skills are pretty non-existent and it's all about the physical conditioning. I thought that was interesting. I'm sure I'll start pushing myself more and improving my cycling strength and endurance, but I have to master a lot of skills before I can do that.

Big week for me!
TOTAL distance covered: 18 miles run, 82 miles bike, and 6100 yards swim
TOTAL training time: 10.5 hours.

This morning I got up and ran. Here is that workout and the rest of the week schedule:

Monday Run 4.0 miles/35:33/8:54 average pace
Monday pm: Master's Class

Tuesday: 20 miles bike

Wednesday am: 6 miles run
Wednesday pm: Master's Class

Thursday: 20 miles bike

Friday: off

Saturday: 30 miles bike + 3 miles brick run

Sunday: Open Water Swim + 2 miles brick run

Hope everyone had a good weekend! :)


Debbie said... have been busy!! Great job!

Nitmos said...

Good luck on your big week. I will trust you that there is more technique involved in biking and swimming.

21stCenturyMom said...

I'm really glad you went to that clinic - it looked like it was fun. I did it last year and although it was very newbie oriented I learned some great stuff and have a lot of fun doing the swim. Kate and Lee are awesome!

KK said...

Wow, you must be exhausted! Glad you enjoyed the tri clinic and way to push yourself on the bike, too. I'm with you, I hate the downhill way more than the uphills.

Looks like summer is here with these soaring temps. eeegads.

ShirleyPerly said...

I think you're making great progress on the bike. Bike handling skills just takes practice and your endurance level will let you do a whole lot more than others who are relatively new to riding. At least that's what I've found out.

100 degrees is brutal!

soleslide said...

Just going through the numbers on that post had me sweating. Reaching for the Gatorade now... 'My' pool is still closed for repairs :(

Ewen said...

Of course you are. That's why I read this blog ;)

Walk out of the water, T1, bike 1/2 mile, T2, 1/2 mile run... if only they had triathlons like that I might take them up again!

Jen, you've fired me up about "the skills [in running] are pretty non-existent". The coach of one group I run with spends most of his time teaching kids "how to run". When the right technique becomes 'natural', they all run much faster than they did previously :)

Bob Gentile said...

Way to get on that road towards Mastering ur skillzzzz's :-)

Great pic! U guys look like u own that lake !

Michael said...

Congrats on a great week -- wish I had your swimming gift!

Petraruns said...

Wow girl - that's amazing! All in one week? You're very impressive - quite something to follow..

And I love the photo - good for you for making it to the clinic..

Gotta Run said...

Alright I seem to be hanging gin with your run and bike distance but you are crushing me with the swim!!

Great job on a solid week.

*aron* said...

WOW what a week!!! that is BUSY! great job on all the workouts! i heard we missed the heat wave last week... ekkk. not looking forward to june! love the pic too - i always have my hand on my hip too!

Marathon Maritza said...

I liked the 'ain't I spunky?' made me giggle for some reason! :)

Great job on a great week!