Friday, June 06, 2008

Brick House

Thursday pm: bike
20.1 miles/1:20:02/14.8 MPH
Iron Horse Trail solo

Plus brick run
2.0 miles/13:58/6:59 average pace
Dougherty Road

Yay! I hope I still have some energy left for the tri this weekend! I took it pretty easy on the bike and had a pretty good headwind for several miles (headwind is the Iron Horse's middle name. Iron"Headwind" Horse). Then I practiced a quick T2 including dismounting my bike about 50 feet from my garage and running along in my bike shoes holding onto the handlebars. When I watched Zach's Napa Tri a few weeks ago I saw several people struggling to control their bike as they hurried along, so I knew I should practice it. Then I "racked" my bike (leaned it against the wall) and changed into my running shoes. Easy Laces are awesome! They are basically elastic laces so you just slip your foot in and the shoe is tight and ready to go. I started my run and immediately had some near-cramps in my left calf. I kept running, focusing on short even steps. By 1/4 mile I was fine. I cranked out the first mile in 7:04 and the second in 6:54. :O To be honest, I did stop a couple times. I had to wait to cross a street twice, and I had to stop to type in the code to get into my apt complex. And I needed those breaks! Still, cool. :) Hope I can manage something close to that tomorrow! We'll see though.

Oh, also, my left leg is really sore today. It's been kinda bothering a me little all week but more today. It's in the quad/hip flexor area. I think it's from cycling, because I really noticed it on the ride last night. It hurts to go up stairs, and to, um, bear weight. Not too bad but noticeable. Today I'll rest and I'm taking Sunday (the day after the race) off too, then I'll see how I feel early next week. It's been a while since I had a pain/injury but I know the drill. For now, I'm putting it out of my mind and thinking positive about my race! :) Thanks for reading.


21stCenturyMom said...

The Stick is your friend. Or your husband and his big man hands applying massage.

I'm seriously considering doing this race. It sounds like fun. It sort of sounds like a really expensive pair of socks but what a great opportunity to race and practice transitions and just have fun! So I may see you there!

Nitmos said...

That's a solid 2 mile time especially on the heels (or wheels?) of the bike. Nice job.

KellyH said...

Can I ask you a question? I've been reading your blog and I know you're taking your masters swim class which is really cool. I've started "swimming" and I'm having trouble breathing while I swim. Would you recommend a nose plug? Is there a certain rhythm you swim with in regards to breathing, like 4 strokes per breath or something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much, and good luck with the Tri coming up.

*aron* said...

great job!! SO much to think of and do for a tri... good luck this weekend!

Mir said...

Good luck at the tri this weekend, and I hope the quad/hip flexor issue does not bother you!

Judi said...

Good luck tomorrow. You will pass everyone on the run! Rock it!

Michael said...

Listen to your body, Jen...good luck on the race this weekend, but take it easy afterwards! Like you said, you know the drill. By the way -- AWESOME run times!!

Ewen said...

That's a pretty speedy 2 miles off the bike! Good luck on Saturday. I hope your mum inherited some of your talent for photography :)

I'm curious about running in bike shoes to the transition. What we do down here is slip our feet out of the bike shoes during the last k or so of the ride and pedal with our feet on top of the shoes... then we jump off and run bare-footed holding the bike - much faster!

Petraruns said...

OH ! I'm late to this party! Sorry I hope it went well? Take it easy on your leg - take a break after the race. And nice splits! Can't wait for the race report!

Gotta Run said...

Your running pace is freaking fast girl!! Great job!

KK said...

kpaI'm late too, I hope your race went well!

I also hope your injury subsides. I was having soreness on the outside of my left knee (it only hurt when I was riding, was fine when I was running or doing anything else) and I adjusted the cleat on the bottom of my shoe and now it's gone. Maybe your positioning on your bike is a little off? But then again, if it hurts when you aren't riding it could be overuse related. Just some thoughts.

Great run splits, too, yowzers you are fast!