Wednesday, June 25, 2008


That picture is actually from last summer, but it's that bad if not worse. There are hundreds of wildfires burning in California resulting in some really yucky air. They are recommending that children, elderly people, and people with heart and lung problems stay indoors and they suggest everyone avoid exercising outdoors for now. :( Here's a handy website I've been checking a lot this week: Bay Area Air Quality Management District. It predicts an improvement later this week. I really hope so. Because I actually haven't stopped exercising outdoors. What am I supposed to do! I did one run on the treadmill, but that's it. Honestly, I can't shake the "I'm from Montana, this is nothing" attitude that applies to most nature-related things here, but I am probably being stupid. For real though people, the summer of 2001 (?) half the state was in flames and the air was worse than this for the entire summer. So, I will suck it up and damage my lungs a little.

For dramatic effect, here's a famous wildfire picture from Montana.

Seriously though, I know a lot of people have lost their homes and the firefighters are putting their lives on the line every day, so I don't mean to diminish the situation our state is in right now. My dad was a volunteer firefighter for many years, and in MT that pretty much always means wildland fires, so I know what those guys and their families go through. My sister-in-law's family is in the helicopter business, which in MT pretty much means fighting wildland fires (see a trend here?), and when I was at the U of Montana, tons of kids fought fires for summer jobs. Ya. So thanks to everyone who is working on this. :)

Anyway, here's what I've been ruining my lungs for so far this week:


Monday am: bike (see last post)


Monday pm: run

3.0 miles/28:10/9:23 average pace

Treadmill. It's been a while, wtf is with these things? It's just not natural.


Tuesday am: bike

14.0 miles/54:26/15.4 MPH

Road loop with Zach, sleepy


Tuesday pm: swim

2400 y/55:05

Master's class


Wednesday am: run

10.0 miles/1:32:20/9:14 average pace

Iron Horse solo, felt easy


*aron* said...

YUCK is right. i just couldnt bear the smell this morning :( its so gross. you hit it right on too with the TM, unnatural... i just run "weird" on it. no more!!!!!

GREAT job on the workouts this week... you rock!

Petraruns said...

I like "it felt easy" - there's nothing like a dreadmill run to make you appreciate the road (or trail). You continue to amaze - keep it up!

21stCenturyMom said...

I ran today after swimming. I rode yesterday. The sun was a big red ball just like in your picture but it didn't seem that bad.

I worry for the state, though. These fires are sadly probably just the tip of the iceberg.

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

God bless those firefighters. I hope it settles down soon.

ShirleyPerly said...

Yuck is right! I remember when Central FL had some bad wildfires a couple years ago. The smell and poor air quality was giving me headaches and really made working out outdoors hard. Hope they are able to contain those fires near you soon!

Mir said...

I wish I could let you have some of our water! :(

That wildfire picture is amazing.

KK said...

I actually thought of you and all your training when I heard on NPR this morning about all the wildfires plagueing (sp?) the bay area-yuck is right!

Those pictures are astounding- definitely puts me in my place on this earth.

Here's to hoping things get better there, and QUICK!

Ewen said...

It looks pretty bad - I've heard the WS100 may be cancelled.

Maybe try and do some sessions near the coast when there's a westerly breeze blowing. Good luck!

Gotta Run said...

I will wish for CLEAN air to be sent your way!! Not surprised that you are still training outdoors... I would do the same. One can only train so much indoors.

Love that your solo Iron Horse run felt easy. Sweet words!!!!

Nitmos said...

I don't believe we are allowed (or able) to dump our Great Lakes on your state. That stinks. Good luck with all that.

*aron* said...

i just sent you an advice needed email... THANK YOU for always helping me and SORRY if i bug :)

ncrunner12 said...

Thanks for stopping by my site, I'm new to this blogging stuff so I really appreciate it when people leave comments.

I can’t believe that MT pic, I never knew it could be so bad… good luck with your training and I hope things get better soon.

N.D. said...

That makes it so hard to workout, damn!! You are really fast! I have similar 5k and 10k times but I can't hold the pace. Any tips?

Paul said...

I feel your pain after going through this last fall. Hopefully it will get resolved soon!!