Monday, June 23, 2008


Saturday am: run
10.0 miles/1:28:48/8:53 average pace
Leif Erikson Drive (Forest Park), Portland, Oregon.

I had a blast in Portland celebrating my friend's graduation. It was a crazy couple of days. The only workout I did Friday through Sunday was that run. I had to get up about 5:30 in order to be back in time for pre-graduation breakfast with the family, so that ended up being a loooong day. The trail was really beautiful. It was a gradual uphill for about 1.5-2 miles at first, then it was pretty flat until the turn around. My GPS wasn't getting a signal due to the heavy tree cover, but the trail was marked every quarter mile. Nice! I took a few pictures with my camera phone:

Here's my totals for the week:
TOTAL miles run: 22, miles biked: 39.3, yards swam: 4850
TOTAL training time: 7 hours 40 minutes

The race is 6 weeks away, so I'm entering the "holy shit" phase of my training. That means doubles every day and huge weekend volume. Right now that sounds awful because I'm still wiped out from the weekend, but I know I'll come around. I started the week off with an easy workout:

Monday am: bike
15.5 miles/1:00:54/15.3 MPH
Iron Horse solo
Happy Summer, everyone. :)


Mir said...

Argh! The only problem with having a job is that it's hard to keep up with my blog reader. You have been kicking ass lately--you will be awesome in the half Ironman!

That is a gorgeous trail, thanks for sharing the pics.

D10 said...

Looks like such a peaceful run. Good luck with the final 6 weeks of training.

Petraruns said...

What a gorgeous trail and what a totally buff photo! You're looking fantastic and ready to face your challenge ahead. Rooting for you the whole way!

*aron* said...

awesome job as always on the training! love the pics!

KK said...

What a beautiful trail! I ran at 5:30 am on Saturday morning too and thought what a great time to run, if I were a morning person :).

You look super buff in that picture too. All your hard core training looks good on you!

6 weeks, 6 schmeeps..PLENTY of time left :)

Paul said...

Seriously nice scenery there! Sweet.

P.O.M. said...

That looks pretty. I'm excited that I chose my marathon to be there. Can't wait to check out the area, too.

You're gonna kick butt at your race.

Gotta Run said...

How lucky to run on such a well marked trail. You are a focus chic and you know what needs to happen to get your training right before race day. Funny way to state the phase you have entered. I am be using that myself in a few months :)

Phil was super nice. hope you get to meet him in person one day. This blog world is pretty cool.

KellyH said...

Good luck with the training. I found a flyer for a nearby gym that offers a "masters swim class". And I thought of you. Thanks for the get well wishes, I feel better this week. I'm going to try the first run of the week tomorrow. It's only Tuesday right? That's still early in the week... right? :)

Ewen said...

What an inviting trail!

Be careful not to over-cook things during the HS phase of training or you might end up RS on race day ;)

Debbie said...

Nice pics...looks very pretty!!

jahowie said...

Thanks for posting the pics. I always enjoy seeing where others train. You are doing very well with your training.

The 311 Boys Mom said...


I love the trails. . . .well, the look of them; I've never RAN on them before; I have visoin of doing it!!! :O)

Bob Gentile said...

Nice Trail run pic Jen ...and ya way to get in Holy Shit will keep ya focused!!, I am rolling into that mode now ... ahhhh this is so ummm fun !!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh man, that trail looks soooo nice! I spent a few months up in Oregon (Corvallis) for an internship and it seemed like beautiful trails like that were just everywhere.

Keep up the good work on your training!!

ncrunner12 said...

Great pics with a phone, looks like an amazing place for a morning run. Keep it up and good luck with your training.