Monday, June 16, 2008

Brutal, in a good way!

Last week continued to be hot, but I managed to shake my heavy legs and had some great workouts. The weekend was awesome- a big run and a big ride, and both were awesomely brutal. My sore left leg (hip, knee, ???) is feeling a lot better, I'd say 90-93% ok. Everything else is feeling good as I begin the new week.

Thursday pm: swim
2825 yards/1:03:26

Friday am: run
3.0 miles/26:29/8:51 average pace
Made up for some missed miles earlier in the week on the Iron Horse with Zach

Friday pm: Open Water Swim
1120 yards/24:23
Shadow Cliffs with Zach after work. Did 4 laps (down and back) of the 140 yard swimming lane in my wetsuit. Felt totally comfortable. :) I'm going to try to do this swim once a week from now on, building up to about 2000 yards (the distance of the Half Ironman swim)

Saturday am: run
12.5 miles/1:56:45/9:21 average pace
Stevens Creek Trail with Zach
It was HOT, I was a little tired, I don't know. Something about this run totally kicked my ass. I think I might have been a little cocky about the distance too (Oh, 12 miles is NO problem). We were both a bit dehydrated and totally spent at the end. Beautiful course though.

Sunday am: bike
40.6 miles/2:53:06/14.0 MPH
Downtown Pleasanton to Lake Del Valle with group (inc. Zach). The Sunday group is pretty hard core, so I struggled to keep up with them. Ok, to be honest I struggled to keep them in sight. I was really cruising at about 18-20 MPH for the first several miles, then had a few about 15 MPH. Then we hit the climb. It's significant. We've been up to Del Valle several times (that's where my OWS race was a few weeks ago) and I always noted how insane it would be to ride up there. It's about 3 miles up to the top of the pass, then about 2 miles down to the lake, then you turn around and do it in reverse. OUCH. It was a mental as well as a physical feat. I think I might try wearing my GPS on some of these rides to measure the elevation gain. Anyway, awesome ride. The average speed isn't bad considering I was going like 6 MPH for the 5 climbing miles. I really need to work on my descending skills, I'm a major coward when it comes to downhills. Oh well, it'll come.

Spent the rest of the weekend with my mom who is still in town from Montana. Did a little shopping and went out to dinner in Walnut Creek and otherwise mostly relaxed and did errands. We drove her back down to my brother's in Sunnyvale last night and played Wii for a while. Man that is fun!!

Ok, TOTALS for the week:

24.5 miles Run, 91.2 miles Bike, 6445 yards Swim
TOTAL training time: 12 hours 30 minutes

This week is supposed to be a recovery week, but I think I'll just try to stick to my normal schedule and just rest if I need it. Besides, I'm going to Portland this Friday for my friend's graduation. So, I have shuffled things around a little and won't be doing a big weekend ride, so the total volume will be lower. I'm planning on going for a run in Portland's Forest Park which should be fun. I feel like I'm finally getting in a groove of training. Which is good, because my Half Ironman is less than 7 weeks away. :O

I started this week off right

Monday am: run
4.0 miles/33:49/8:28 average pace
Ran the first mile in a sleepy 9:20-something, and then Zach says "how are you feeling today?" Me: "Oh, allright" Zach: "Want to pick it up a bit?" Me: "Um, no?" Mile 2 was 8:36, mile 3 in 7:57, mile 4 in 7:44. Zach: "See? Like it or not, you ran fast!" :)


*aron* said...

wow what a weekend!!! GREAT JOB!that heat makes the biggest difference, definitely has been kicking my butt!

great job on the run this morning, i thought about getting up but stayed in bed instead... hopefully it wont be so hot this afternoon!

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice week of training there, Jen!

I'm not sure if the cyclists in the Sunday group you mentioned are drafting each other but in my first year of riding I was amazed how fast the slower group rides were (they avg 18-21 mph on mostly flat terrain). Later, I'd discover what a big difference drafting made. Though we can't do it in non-ITU tris, it's a great way to learn to ride faster, much like doing group speed work in running, and it'll improve your bike skills for sure.

Keep up the good work!!

KK said...

Another great training week, Jen, way to go!

And it is so nice that you got some girl time in with your mom, too.

Enjoy your trip to...Oregon was it? Washington? Have fun!

Michele said...

WOW great workouts.
I am a big chicken on the downhills too. The hills I ride often I am getting use to and actually am able to go faster down. New hills, I ride the brakes!!

Ewen said...

That's odd. My bloglines has chucked a nana and doesn't like you.

If you keep responding, Zach will keep pulling the whip out.

Have another Pale Ale (or two) :)

Nitmos said...

Good to have someone pushing you! The only one I have is the voice in my head and it wants me to stop and eat pizza all the time. No help.

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Very nice job with the workouts.

Downhills take some getting used to. Part of it is comfort with the bike and part of it is your own stomach for the speed. Just remember, it's a long, painful walk home if you go too fast. ;-)

Paul said...

Glad to see that your leg is feeling better! You're getting in some solid workouts!

Judi said...

You are doing great Jen! Shirley is right, drafting is what you should learn to do. I am learning now, Dominic has me draft off him a lot, esp if it's really windy.

SJ said...

I just wanted to stop by and say that I've been lurking around, I mean reading your blog for awhile now and you really inspire and motivate me to work hard. I'm just starting out with this running business and although I am really enjoying it, sometimes it is hard to keep going.

I think the fact that you live in Dublin (from what I gather in your posts) makes me feel a tiny bit connected to you. I went to middle school and my freshman year of high school there and my dad still lives there, so reading your blog helps me feel closer to the whole Bay Area.