Thursday, June 21, 2007

8 & 8

Tuesday 8.0 miles/1:12:16/9:02 average pace

I took Monday off because my foot was still sore from "stubbing my toe" (that phrase isn't nearly as awful-sounding as it should be!) on the vacuum Sunday. But I made up for it by running 8 miles Tuesday. The run felt pretty easy and relaxed. It was a little warm -not bad though- so I stopped for water a couple times. Foot felt fine.

Wednesday 8.0 miles/1:09:28/8:41 average pace

This was the best run I've had in a while! First of all, Zach was awarded his "100 mile club" t-shirt for logging that many miles on Wednesday nights with the group. Yay Zach! (I have 266 miles, in case you were wondering, but I've been going a lot longer than him. Unfortunately the next milestone that you get a prize for is 500 miles.) Riding the high of Zach's achievement (hee hee) we took off at a strong pace and I was on CRUISE CONTROL baby! I felt like I was floating, exerting very little energy at all. I didn't want to or need to stop for a break the entire time- I usually will stop and walk at least once on a longer run like this, to get a drink or cross a street, or something. Not this time! I was flying. Love, love, love that feeling. That feeling is why I run. :)

Got up this morning and went to the pool where I was also feeling very efficient and strong. I thought I might get a personal training record for my 1000 meters, but ended up just tying it with a time of 22 minutes. My stroke count was good and my reaching and rolling was good. Fun stuff.

I have decided to do my long run tomorrow (Friday) night rather than trying to fit it in before I leave for San Diego Saturday. My flexibility this week is unprecedented. Unprecedented!! I am planning on doing 14 miles tomorrow night (Zach will do 12) after work. Should be interesting. As long as I make wise food choices for the day and hydrate well it should be fine. And having the weekend off (except swimming in Mission bay!) will be cool.

Have a great day everyone!


jahowie said...

There are very few things that are worse than stubbing a toe. Plus, you get to walk around in circles after you do it trying not to swear at the object that you just hit. Damn vacuum cleaner...get the bleep out of the bleeping way next time!!! :-)

Have a great run!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the run and swim. Sounds like you are really finding a zone.

Good luck with the Mission Bay swim this weekend. Want to hear all about it.

Bob Gentile said...


that is something I am working on getting ... my running flow is a bit sputtered still---lol oh well it will only get better~

Have a great open swim this weekend!

Fran said...

I hope the toe stubbing thing hasn't taken away the joys of vacuuming for you!

Lance Notstrong said...

Everytime I hear someone say "I stubbed my toe" all I can think of is Sarah Silverman says she stubbed her vagina LOL!!!