Thursday, June 07, 2007


Really it was another run swimwich, but I used that one already. First the run:

Wednesday 7.0 miles/1:00:45/8:41 average pace

I ran alone right after work, rather than drive up to the group, because that was the only way I could motivate myself (just get it done asap). I loaded up my iPod with Steve Runner's 100th episode of Phedippidations! Congrats Steve! The podcast is great and Steve is a very nice guy. I always think of him as a running buddy, since he joins me via iPod on lots of runs, and I have actually ran with him in person once- at the Boston Marathon. He puts together a very entertaining and informative podcast- I hope everyone gives it a listen at least once!

Anyway, the run felt great. Here are my splits:


Pretty consistent! It's a given my first mile is slow as I warm up, and I usually try to crank out the last mile, so I really am looking for consistency in those middle miles. Consistency check!

This was my third run in as many days. That is huge for me! I have not run three days in a row this year. :O Seriously! This will be my first week of running 5 days as well since CIM. After my knee injury in December, I trained for Boston on a 4 days a week schedule and I have stuck to that since Boston. I don't plan on running 5 days a week regularly, but it is good to know it can be done. :) After the run I was quite sore, but I feel great today.

Now, for the Kersploosh I mentioned above:

Yesterday I swam 750 meters in 16 minutes. Wow, that's fast for me! I was pretty tired and pressed for time so I just stuck with the 15 laps.

But then today, I had the same pace going and finished with 1000 meters in 22 minutes!! That's 2 full minutes off my best time!! Holy exclamation point usage!!!!! I felt fast and comfortable and didn't need to take any breaks. Yay me.


Bob Gentile said...

Holy exclamation point usage!!!!!--LOLOL

Your STRONG:-)

jahowie said...

Nice job!!!!!!!!!!! It's always exciting when you can see improvements. Exclamation mark away! You deserve it!!!!! :-)

Lance Notstrong said...

Those ARE some nice swim times :-)

GB said...

Hey Jen, great job on your running! You're a negative split kinda runner like I am. Good stuff. This week will also be my first week of running 5 days (since Boston). I'm happy to be close to my pre-marathon training base. I should be up there next week.

You're such a good swimmer too. I'm still struggling with getting the technique down, but trying.

Keep up the great workouts. It'll be nice to have another virtual training 'partner' for the CIM.

petra duguid said...

Hey Jen, just found you over on Kevin's blog. Read your Boston Marathon account - I am so in awe of you! You are incredibly fast! Do you swim because you're training for something like a duathlon or "just" as cross training?