Friday, June 01, 2007

Progression Run and May totals

Friday 6.0 miles/52:34/8:46 average pace

I got out of the warm bed to run this morning and was rewarded with a nice, cool morning and fresh legs.

Somewhat humorous are my splits. I didn't really try to speed up, but the splits show the range from 'Groggy, 6:45 am, Leave me alone Jen' to 'Warmed up, Chatting with fellow runner who is actually quite fast, Feeling super Jen'


Pretty freaky. I thinky I have multiple runner personalities.

Oh, so I had fun skating yesterday, and it was pretty hard just like Fran said. I felt it especially in my hips. I think it's good for my balance though! I would like to go again sometime.

Last night I hit the gym with Zach and we lifted. Also feeling that today.

I'm really looking forward to our weekend up in Mendocino county - especially the run in Santa Rosa. :) I'll take some pictures, and post them next week. I am heading down to LA Monday for work, and I'll get to run at another of my favorite running spots- the Strand in Hermosa Beach. :)

Almost forgot! Upon realizing it's June 1st, I added up my May totals this morning and we get:

96.7 miles running

11,700 meters swimming (holy mother! That seems wrong, I'll re-add tonight)

46.4 miles biking (some of you do twice that in a day!?!?)

Go me!

Have a great weekend kids!


Bob Gentile said...

Very Nice Jen... I guess it's time for me to GO get my Sat.workout in going to be a long one so I been putting it off--LOL

Great MAY!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the run. Any time you can speed up without trying to speed up, you know you are on to something.

Lance Notstrong said...

Those sound like awesome totals to me!!!

Phil said...

You didn't "mean" to speed up? You've got amazing legs is they'll go from 9;20 to 8:00 on their own over 6 miles.

Great run. Wish I could that.