Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Roundup

Saturday 11.0 miles/1:36:15/8:45 average pace

This was a really nice long run with Zach. I felt pretty good the whole time, just maybe kinda hot at times. We finished strong but cut the run a little short (12 was the plan) because we had to pick up Zach's dad.

Besides the long run, I actually got in some miles on my bike this weekend!

Friday night we went out for a fun little ride on my favorite running path- we did about 4 miles, and not fast, but we did ride up a big hill.

Sunday however I got in 16.25 miles! I did 5 on my own while Zach was out with his dad, which took about 25 minutes (12 mph) then I met him at the house and together we rode 11.25 miles in about 1 hour 5 minutes (10 mph). We were just cruising around, not really pushing it, although we rode up a couple really big hills. I know I bike nice and slow, and I know that's not really training for a race, but at this point it is very valuable as I still feel like a beginner on the bike. The more I just ride around, the more comfortable I get. Even things like changing gears, turning corners, riding up (ugh!), and down (dear god!!) hills are somewhat intimidating to me. I need a little more skill, and confidence in my skill, to actually do some road biking. Shouldn't be too long! I figure I'll stick with easy "base" riding until after the half marathon in July, then try a few long, hard rides to prepare for the triathlons.

Also, Sunday I had a sweet day at the pool. I swam 1000 meters (actually, I lost count, so I may have done a couple extra since I'd rather go over than under!). The sweet part is that I had Zach time me on my final two laps. I was blown away that the first 50 took me 48 seconds! My previous best time was 52. Then I swam the second in 47 seconds! Whoa! So I figured I'd go for broke and tried one more, which I swam in 44 seconds! Yes!! Zach timed himself for one lap and he took 35 seconds. I bet he could have gone even faster, but we'll have to wait till next time since we were in a bit of a hurry. We rushed home and changed and took Zach's dad out to a delicious brunch in Pleasanton. We sat outside on the shady patio and ate a lot of really good food. Gotta love a breakfast that includes champagne and dessert. :)

TOTAL miles for the week: 32.2
PLUS 2750 meters swimming
PLUS 20.25 miles biking (not bad!)
PLUS weight training at home 1 day.

Here's my plan for this week:

Mon: 6 miles (4 miles LT pace)
Tue: swim
Wed: 8 miles
Thu: swim/weights
Fri: 6 miles
Sat: 12 miles
Sun: swim

plus, some biking sometime. :)


jahowie said...

Yes, riding does take some getting used to. Especially learning gearing. You are doing a great job though!! Just stick with it and before you know it you'll be kicking all of our butts. :-)

Lance Notstrong said...

Just take the bike slow and easy. And have fun!!!