Friday, June 08, 2007

Happy Friday 10k

Friday 6.2 miles/54:51/8:51 average pace

Really nice run this morning. I felt really good and the run was easy, the temp was cool and I had good music on my iPod. Yay friday.

Zach's dad is coming to town for a few days, so we will be doing some fun things while he's here. For one, going to a fabulous Champagne brunch in a historic hotel on Sunday. Also maybe going out in the city or eating at home (Zach's dad is a chef) and just visiting. :) We're getting lots of guests lately!

We'll get our long run in tomorrow morning before his plane arrives, and we'll go for an early swim before brunch on Sunday. Still slacking on the bike (thanks for reminding me Chad! hehe). I know I'll focus on that after the half marathon, but that won't be enough, so I have to get cracking. Starting next week I suppose. :P


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Ryan said...

Nice Friday 10k. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Looking forward to tracking your progress toward your half next month.