Thursday, June 14, 2007

this is why I'm hot

Tuesday 3.1 miles/26:37/8:36 average pace

I wasn't even scheduled to run, but after work I was bored and so I threw on my shoes and stuff and had a nice run. It was pretty warm- maybe 90.

Wednesday 8.0 miles/1:13:20/9:10 average pace

The weather really settled in and man it's hot. Last night Zach and I went to the group run in Danville and ran our 8 miles in about 97 degrees. I took the opportunity to talk to Zach about the risks of running in hot weather and how to adjust to stay safe. As a new-ish runner, he really didn't know about the stages of heat exhaustion and how to avoid it. We did everything right - kept our pace easy, drank a lot of water, took a couple walking breaks, and really monitored how we were feeling. I sorta dragged through the middle miles but felt pretty good at the end. I'd like to make the 8 miles on Wednesday a habit for the few weeks left before the Half Marathon.

This morning I was *this close* to turning my alarm off, but I got up and went to the pool. I swam 750 meters in about 18 minutes.

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Bob Gentile said...

YA the Heat is on NOW, been hot here...Thick!! Make sure U take ur electrolytes tooo.