Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Go Zach Go- share the love

Monday 5.0 miles/38:10/7:38 average pace

I took Zach with me on my run and he succeeded in completely kicking my ass. It was awesome. Our splits were something like: 8:20 "warm up" mile, then 7:32, 7:29, 7:19, 7:17. Whew! I was wheezing pretty good despite using my inhaler and I felt a little like I could puke after I finished, but it was great. Thanks Zach!

So I didn't mention it yet, because it was not 100% sure and it's not a huge deal, but Zach was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia and he is having it surgically repaired tomorrow morning. He is a little nervous but is looking forward to getting it fixed so we can have a fun active summer together. They said he could wait, but we didn't really see the point. I will be taking him in super early tomorrow morning and will take the day off work to care for him. I think it will take a week or so before he can go back to work and a few weeks before he can return to training, which we can deal with.

So if you would like give a little encouragement please leave a comment on this post or on his blog. Don't worry, if there's no comments I will fabricate some for his benefit ("Look Zach, Chris McCormac left you a get well soon comment!") Hey why not? :P

I also told Zach he might have to wear one of these:

So he doesn't chew on his wound. :)

I will try to get in my medium-long run sometime tomorrow but I'm not stressing it.

Go get em' Zach! :)

UPDATE! Wednesday 11:00 am

We are home from the hospital. Zach's surgery went just fine and he's in bed recovering. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! :)


Danielle said...

Hi, I found your blog on Pieces of Me (POM) Get well Zach! :)
Wow! Those are some fabulous times! Can you come run with me and kick MY butt into shape???

Michele said...

y'all are the such a speedy couple. Hope all goes well for Zach.

21stCenturyMom said...

No worries, Zach. Inguinal hernias are like.. like... like stiching up a cut knee. No biggie. Im sure Jen will take great care of you and remember that ice is your friend.

Good job getting in a fast run before your teeny leetle "it was nothing!" surgery.

GB said...

Great run, Jen! Way to kick butt out there.

Zach, you'll be good as new in no time. In fact, enjoy a few down low days. Watch lotsa good movies, and make Jen wait on you hand and foot. :)

And Jen, Chris McCormack is too busy to leave Zach a message... he's training me for my first triathlon. ;)

lucy said...

Wish you a speedy recovery Zach! Like 21stcenturymom said, inguinal hernia surgeries are no biggie...it's the bread and butter of general surgery so you'll be back running those 8:20 "warm up" miles in no time!

Awesome run Jen!

miss petite america said...

speedy recovery zach! i'm sure you[ll be a very good nursemaid!

Mir said...

Wow, nice run Jen!

Zach, I hope the surgery goes well and I wish you the speediest of recoveries!

jahowie said...

Wow!!! You guys tore that run up!! I hope to be as fast as you someday. :-)

Good luck to Zach on his surgery.

Judi said...

Get better soon Zach!

P.O.M. said...

So glad he's recovering.

Damn woman. You are so fast! Nice job.

ShirleyPerly said...

Heal up fast, Zach or else Jen is gonna start kicking your ass :-)

Ewen said...

A couple of weeks of being waited on hand and foot eh Zach? Enjoy ;)

Work hard in the meantime Jen, so you can kick Zach's ass on his comeback run.

Kevin said...

Great job Studette! Loved the cat pic too!

Glad Zach is on the mend too!